ODroid eMMC SD Card Reader – Is your SD Card Reader Compatible with the eMMC?

hello everybody its the techtipsta here, and
I wanted to quickly talk about the eMMC modules and some issues they can potentially have
with SD card readers. If you have been having trouble with your eMMC, watch on to determine
if the problem is actually your reader. Now infront of me I have an emmc module, an
emmc SD card adapter, and 2 sd card readers. Unfortunately, only one of these SD readers
can access the eMMC module and that is this black one on the right, a cheap insignia reader
from bestbuy. Now why this kingston reader on the left cannot
read the emmc I am unsure, but if you hand around on the Odroid forums I am sure you
will hear a few explanations. How do you know if your SD reader is compaitble
with the emmc? I will show you that right now. Before we do that though, there is a
great thread coming together which covers peoples experience with various card readers,
I choose to buy my insignia reader based on a recomendation from here, and suggest you
do also. You can find the link to this post in the description. To start, I have connected the emmc to the
sd adapter and inserted this in to my SD card reader. I will first show you a non working
SD card reader, and then a working one. Open up my computer and connect your SD card reader
to your PC. Now my reader is connected windows has loaded
up two additional drives shown here as j and K. Now neither of these driv es have a size
associated with them, I cannot format them, and if I look at them in diskmanager there
is no information about them. If you are experience symptoms like this then unfortunately your
card reader is not compatible with the emmc Sd adapter. Now I am going to do the same thign again,
but this time use my insignia SD card reader. You can see as soon as we connect it to windows
we have a drive show up that we can open, read and format. Disk manager also shows our
drive with two partitions, the second is a linux partition that is unreadable by windows.
That does not matter though as with this SD card reader we are able to write images to
the emmc, and load new software for our odroid So that covers SD card readers, make sure
you check out the forum linked in the description for more info, and if you cannot access your
emmc you now know why. thanks again for watching. make sure you head over to my channel for
more odroid videos and tutorials

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9 thoughts on “ODroid eMMC SD Card Reader – Is your SD Card Reader Compatible with the eMMC?

  1. omg, I tried every reader in the house and was anyone that no reader works because the card doesnt fit in… but I didnt no that you can just rotate der adapter… lol

  2. Does this eMMC Module Reader + an eMMC Module work in a Raspberry Pi 3 and can the Raspberry Pi 3 boot from it, if you install the OS on that eMMC Module?

  3. What is the storage chip that I need for the rock chip PC it has a emmc you did not go see you used a adapter or something that connect it to the card reader chip and I need to know what that is I need to know the chip that connected to the chip reader

  4. Wow, thanks for this video. It helped me a lot, though not in the way you intended. I was putting my emmc drive onto the adapter backwards. I even modified my sd card reader to allow the emmc to fit, only to have it not work. Once I turned it around as you show in this video, everything worked perfectly.

  5. Can I use the eMMC with the Raspberry Pi 4 using that SD to eMMC adapter for booting? I'd be really happy if I could just throw away these slow SDs…

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