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Aren’t you people
going to office today? Sunday is a holiday Sunday? Today is Tuesday, right? My joining date. Yes, today is Tuesday only. OK, then today is Tuesday. Yes, that’s right. Today is Tuesday only. What’s time is it? 08:40 18 missed calls. Da Da, Sanju We are late for the meeting. Then?
Then, aren’t you the one who set alarm? PM changed to AM Sorry, AM Changed to PM AM, PM. Go get ready. So today also fresh scolding from office. Who are these people? These are the people
who got Full A+ in Plus-Two. You are kidding me, right? Go and sit somewhere else, man Go get ready (from other side) Where? To take bath. You take bath in
the other bathroom. Ouch!! First impression is
the best impression. Good Morning Sir Oh, that’s bad Good morning Sir
That’s also not good. Good Morning Sir
That’s more like it. What are you doing? To take bath Don’t I have to go outside? No, you stay here and watch. Man!! I am not like that. Go out, you idiot. Close the door. Wet towel like this
on top of Ironed shirt. Lord, this is the first job in my life. Don’t be upset as I am
lighting using Lighter. Everything is fire only, right? Lord help me.
Let this be a good start. What is this?
Jilebi? I removed it while bathing. Don’t repeat things like this. That Antappan is highly
OCD about cleanliness You should tell me before no? There are rules here
you should know about. He doesn’t like someone
else using his things. Don’t make a mess in this house.
He doesn’t like it. Don’t spit in the kitchen sink What else? Don’t make fun of Manchester United. Who is that? Don’t even ask that question to him. I will take care. Where are you going? To pee. He doesn’t like that also? Peeing is OK but don’t come
without flushing. That I don’t like. Rules!!!! This is not underwear.
This is Hand Towel. You don’t like that also? I understand, I will
take care from now on. Now I will take a pee
in the toilet and flush. Da, Sanju. Coming Going empty stomach
to hear scolding is tough. Milk powder… Da Sanju, come fast man. Coming (inaudible) Have you seen my socks? Socks and all is not needed.
To hear scolding only, no? We will get what we deserve.
Don’t get panic. Why are you wearing my shirt? We are late to Meeting.
Total scene in the office. Still you are
concerned about shirt. OK, Don’t forget to Wash and
Iron the shirt. Come let’s go. Shirt is nice. But didn’t you tell me he
doesn’t like someone taking his things? That’s for you.
He likes me. He also doesn’t like you. So, you started taking
over from a side, Ah? [Talking Inaudibly] What are you guys doing, man? Your TL is getting nicely from GM. Go fast. What time I told you both to come? Not me. Him. What happened
was, A changed to P This idiot set the alarm wrong. I don’t want to
hear any stories. Forget yesterdays mistake. I had told
you today’s meeting is important, right? GM is blaming me.
He says I am incompetent because of you. Nothing left for him to say to me. We are humans right?
Humans make mistakes. Nothing big we have made, right? Nothing you are making also. What is the status
of tomorrow’s project? Will submit. Will finish So not completed then. Do you know what is the future
for both of you in this company? There is only one client
left using your old tech. Once they go new tech, you both
are not needed in this company. No growth, No Appraisal,
No On Site as well. On site? Yes, second stage of
this project is in Canada I don’t suppose you will have
the opportunity to go there. Also, that loan you applied?
That will also get denied. What? Won’t get the loan? Haven’t I told you to take
the course of new tech? Then you have to start business We got into job because
we didn’t want to study. Here again asking to
study what can we do? Somehow to escape this, we wanted to start
business and now you are not giving loan. We didn’t denied loan. You will get loan only if you
complete the current project. So try to finish it and submit I have somehow managed to extent
the deadline to day after tomorrow. That we were anyhow planning
to submit day after tomorrow only. What you said? We will submit on time, Sure. So get it done.
I have some work. I don’t have any business plan. I have to make my earning
through this work itself. We are starting a new turf after some days. You can sit in cash there. Take
some salary at the end of the month. You don’t have to hear
any scolding like here also. For that you have to
submit your project first. So at least for my future
please complete that project. OK Then move on. God. Bless me. Excuse me.
HR Manager? He is there. Good Morning Sir. Yes, Good Morning. Yes. Yes.
Come Sit. Today you are joining? Yes Sir, Today. Slowly, my hand has some issue. See Mr. Pilakandi. Kandithara. Syam Kandithara. Oh Yes Yes Yes.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Actually, what I wanted to say is. 1000+ application came in for the job. Do you know why I selected
you without any tests? Why Sir? Because you are brilliant.
I knew it once I looked at your CV. Applicants like you who are
smart, handsmo.. hands .. Sorry. Handsmo..
.hands.. ha. .ha .. Handsome. Yes, Handsome. We want people like you. Again Thank you Sir. So we can move on to
the joining formalities. I will give you the joining kit. Joining Kit.
I have kept it somewhere here. Yes, Got it. You are lucky. Sign these forms please. Just for formalities. Pen?
Here it is. Don’t tear the paper.
Just sign it. Then Mr. Tharakandi.
Do one thing. Kandithara. Sir. Oh Again mistake.
Sorry. Go to the next cabin. Sales head Nidheesh sir will
come and explain your work. Hand… Hand.. Hand Dey, come. We will have a tea. I am fed up. Is that stupid boss gone? Yes, he is gone. Then come. Antappa, let me guess
what are you thinking? It’s about our on-site, right? No, never. There was a match between
Manchester and PSU. There was a penalty in
the 94th minute by rash ford. That is called the real comeback. See. See the goose
bumps just thinking about it. I am talking about
Canada and you about hair. We have to plan
something about this on-site. That’s for sure. I have to go
there and call my father from there. Let him know I have reached Canada because I
didn’t helped him in his workshop business. You and your punch dialogue. That is not important you idiot.
We will get salary hike when on-site right? Sure. Salary here +
Daily salary + Allowances. How much is Canadian Dollars in INR? Around Rs. 55/- Right? We will go for part time
job without company knowledge. Do you know how much
dollars we will get for small jobs like picking
apple and swiveling snow? How much? I also don’t know exactly.
But I will ask my cousin sister there. Also we can stay in some cheap hotel and eat cheap food for saving more money. We will make several lacs
with the on-site program. What are you talking about lacs?
What’s the plan? We were talking about
saving money by going on-site. Oh, you people are going for on-site,
right? Alright, where’s the location? Canada. You have gone there, right? Two times. I enjoyed. How much we can earn/hour
for part-time job there? Easily 10-15$/Hour you can earn. I told you no?
How much is that in total? Leave the money.
This is about experience. You people go and enjoy. I have some work. I will take a coffee. Don’t waste time. We have to go
and look for a plot in the evening. We should keep a tea
vending machine in our turf. Why there is no vending
machine for Lime Soda I wonder. Nobody wants it, that’s why. So buddies, this is the place
that Manoharan Uncle told. Awesome plot, right? You can setup stage for any game here.
Cricket, Football, Basketball anything. Place is good.
Isn’t it Antappa? Plot is good.
But what is the asking rate? 5 years lease. 30 cents.
How about 30? How much?
30 Lac rupees? What is this? Adjust something
before telling the rate, no? I know you will tell this. That’s why I already had a discussion with
the party and reduced it to 30 from 32. I wanted this deal to get settled.
That’s why I am doing all this. Damn Since when I am showing
you plot in Kochi to you? This for a business. We can’t
take just like that. We have to plan. My dear, besides cab
driving in your company. I am doing these small scale
real estate to reduce my burden But you people are my largest burden. But 30 lacs is high. But this is a prime spot. See. That’s the thing. Rate will increase more. There is no
place left in Kochi for me to show you. But 30 lacs is more only.
Give us some time. Let us think and we will inform you. Now I understood one thing. I have to drop the idea of earning
something from selling this plot. This is a deal of 30 lacs. You
can eat biriyani if this deal happens Biriyani?
OK, then give me 300 for a biryani. 300, right?
I will transfer to the account. What about last week? Ho much I have to give you? 300+200=400
400+200=500, right? 500 I will transfer to the account, OK? No, this 500+200???? My dear Manoharan uncle, I will transfer.
Give us some time to think. I think this is a good spot. What about we forward with this? What are you talking about. Including our savings,
office loan, personal loan loan on-site savings we
can manage only 30 lacs We also have to build
a turf on this plot, right? Where is the money for that? But they have agreed for
installment payment, right? That’s after the down payment of 10 Lacs. You come. This is
not going to work. [Music from other Apartment] I am hungry. Have you noticed? There are lots of houses and
apartments around that plot. At least 200 children will be around. There are no open grounds nearby also. So If we raise some money to set a
turf there, we can double the money. But from where? Do you have? You do one thing. Ask
your father some money That’s not going to happen. Same situation with me. They are earning Rs.9000 pension.
They will embarrass me if ask them Lacs. 4 egg and 250g Cocunut oil. Dear, that plot is good. We won’t get a plot
like that inside the city. You have to forget it.
That’s not affordable for us. We will see somewhere else. Tomorrow no Bike.
We have to take cab. What happens to bike? Giving it for service. I have asked manoharan uncle to
spare two seats in cab tomorrow. So we have to wake
up on time tomorrow. If you don’t trust me.
You set the alarm. That’s good. I will Se the alarm. See Open Door. Da Shyam. Da Shyam.
Shyam. Shyam. Shyam. Call the ambulance.

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