Motorola Moto G – How to change the SIM card

Take off the back cover Press the centre and grip the bottom edge Lift up from the bottom With the gold contacts facing down, Push in the micro SIM until it clicks Replace the cover To remove the SIM card, Take off the back cover Push and take out the SIM card Replace the cover

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52 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G – How to change the SIM card

  1. I literally just bought the Moto G (20 mins ago) but the SIM of my Galaxy Ace Plus is too big!
    I haven't seen any warnings that all SIMs wouldn't fit, plus the fact I assume all SIM were standard. I'm in the UK. How come no one mentions these things?
    What to do now, cut the bits or give it back? I am pissed off tbh.

  2. i need help i put my microsim but it says "theres no sim card" but i put it well! and i dont know where to put my pin, my microsim was a normal sim i cut it by mysefl HELP

  3. My Moto G sim card slot is not working. I have dual sim version. So both the slot is not working after my sim card adapter got stuck on it while trying to remove from the phone. Then the sim card pin is brokebn I think. Can I replace the sim port with new one? How can I replace it? Is it possible? Please help me.

  4. @Horatio Tolatop, it's really easy to just talk to your phone company and order a micro-sim, u won't have to change your contract or buy a new sim hopefully as the same thing happened to my brother with this phone and it all worked smoothly!

  5. Yay! Thank you so much for this video. I feel worlds better about buying a Moto G now that I know I can transfer the SIM card over 🙂

  6. Great clip. Shame there is no message informing buyers they need a micro SIM. Now I shall have to wait to use the new phone.

  7. Hey can you help me? I just insert the micro sim in to my new moto g and it get stuck, i cant remove it, what can i do? PLEASE HELP ME!!

  8. I just purchased a Verizon 'Moto G' from Amazon. It appears that the Sim card  slot is covered and not accessible. Would you know anything about that? 

  9. I rlly need help. There are silver things in the slot already and I don't know what they are or why I can't remove it. Plz help

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