Most Popular Credit Cards

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’ll go over what you need to know
about the most popular credit cards, including how to decide whether or not one of them is
right for you. WalletHub’s editors constantly review over
a thousand credit card offers and companies to see which are the most popular. You can see their latest findings by clicking
this button. Out of over 1,000 credit card offers, some
are definitely more searched for than others. Major retailers’ store cards tend to be
among the most popular credit cards because the stores themselves already have a loyal
following. But the cards in your wallet shouldn’t be
there because they won a popularity contest! Keep the following tips in mind to find the
right credit card for you, regardless of who else is searching for it. If you’re new to credit or have bad credit,
you’ll want to put popularity aside and look for a card with no annual fee and high
approval odds, so that you can build credit at the lowest cost. If you have good or excellent credit, think
about whether or not you’ll be able to pay your monthly credit card bills in full. Those who should focus on maximizing their
net rewards earnings – meaning your rewards minus annual fees – even if the best option
happens to be from a smaller credit card company without celebrity endorsers or other popular
marketing campaigns. Similarly, if you plan on carrying a balance
from month to month, or you already are, go with whichever card will make you pay the
least in interest and fees. Again, just remember that popularity isn’t
everything. And the most popular credit cards aren’t
always the best credit cards. With that being said, you can learn more about
the most popular cards in the most popular categories by clicking the link here.

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