Middle management bank promotion examination

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that is scale 1 to scale 2, scale 2 to scale 3 public bank promotion examination. Before starting the video if you like our
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Promotion Process for each scale is different and involves different challenges and requires
a different level of preparation. We at Institute of Banking Excellence (IBEX)
understand this very well and have designed study material for each scale differently. The IBEX Study material is different for each
category of promotion. Lets understand the categories of Internal
Promotion in banks. Categories of promotion in public banks
1 Clerical to Officer Cadre Promotion 2 Middle Management Promotions that is Scale
1 to 2 and Scale 2 to 3 3 Senior Management Promotions that is Scale
3 to 4 and Scale 4 to 5 The promotion of scales higher than 5 is predominantly
based on internal assessment and Interview, though some banks have lately started taking
Tests for Promotion from 5 to 6 also. Middle management that is scale 1-2 and scale
2 to 3 • The promotion test is conducted for most
of the Public Sector Banks by IBPS. • The promotion exam sets to test:
• Your banking knowledge • General awareness and
• Your ability to understand and analyse situations particularly related with economy
and commerce Syllabus
• Banking – conventional as well as modern • Knowledge about Bank and Bank related
products • Current Technological developments particularly
which affect banking, commerce and economy • Current Economic and Financial Affairs
How to succeed • To succeed in promotion you need to prepare
at following levels: • Knowledge about your own bank and Banking
products • General Banking – covering all bank related
topics and current financial and economic developments
• Regulatory guidelines and statutory guidelines and its effect on banking
• Technological advancement affecting banking landscape
• To success you need to have knowledge of previous pattern of exam
Do it regularly • Visit www.rbi.org.in
• Read important circulars of your bank for at lest 10 to 12 months. • Go through important policies of your
bank. • IBEX study material for meritorious success. IBEX giving wings to dreams
• Institute of Banking Excellence (IBEX) the only Institute providing Study material
especially designed for Senior Management Promotions. • Based on IBPS pattern. • Previous Test Papers
• Fully Updated – on fortnightly basis. • The study material is provided in four
booklets • General Banking
• Economic and Banking Concepts • Sample Test Papers (Consisting solved
Previous Test Papers) • Current Financial and Economic Affairs
– including technological advancements • General Banking: Coverage on all important
General Banking Topics including • Banking Regulation Act,
• Negotiable Instrument Act, • Know You Customer,
• Deposits and Advances including • Balance Sheet Analysis,
• Charging of securities, • documentation,
• Monitoring of Advances and recovery action like SARFAESI, NCLT, Restructuring
• Prudential Guidelines Economic and financial concepts:- these concepts
gained lot of importance due to changing economic conditions
Coverage on economic concepts like:- • Inflation, Money Aggregates
• Options and Futures • National Income, GDP and GVA etc. • Know Your Customer
• Foreign Exchange • Digital Banking
• BCSBI • Day NULM and Day NRLM
• Treasury Functions • RBI regulatory and SEBI guidelines
Major highlights • Regulatory guidelines and its implications
on banking sector • Each descriptive chapter followed by Multiple
Answer Questions • Questions on decision making and Problem
solving under given regulatory and Statutory guidelines
Previous test papers • You get to know the pattern of exam through
our solved previous papers. • Previous Solved Papers and Sample Test
Papers • 16 Sample Test Papers based on IBPS pattern
and previous exams • Consists questions based on Regulatory
Guidelines Current financial and economic affairs
• Substantial questions asked from current economic and financial affairs
• The booklet consist of:- • Updated Regulatory guidelines
• All Technical advancements related with banking incorporated
• Economic events affecting banking • Financial current affairs
• Fortnightly updation of all current economic and financial affairs
How to obtain  The cost of Study Material is only Rupees
2075  For more information you can visit our
website www.ibexindia.co.in Or www.excelbanking.co.in  Call us on 9463360038
 You can also try our online test series on our website. This is it for this video. Thank you so much for your love and support. Stay tuned for the next one. Till then bye and stay blessed.

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