Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Credit Card Setup, Processing and Payment

hello everyone this is Kyle Malone from
Alacarte GP .com welcome today we’re going to talk about the payables credit
card setup in processing within Dynamics GP 2018 most of what you see today will
apply to pretty much every GP version in existence I think most people are using
at least hopefully but there are some new features pertaining to credit cards
with 2018 that we would definitely touch on today the credit card processing GP
once you get it set up I think it’s pretty straightforward but there are a
couple hidden setup options and a couple things that are nice to know before you
get in there start setting things up save you a lot of time so without
further ado we’ll go ahead and dive right in here we go alright so here we
are I’m in 2018 have Dynamics GP the credit card setup actually goes under
the administration tab under to be setup under company and under credit cards so
of course we’re going to set for credit cards before we can start processing
with credit cards in the system so here’s my credit card window I’m
actually going to select a card that I’ve already set up here I’m one out
here called Kyle visa Chase the reason I have that up is you have a couple
different options when you’re setting up credit cards I could set up just one
credit card to say I have well I mean I could real like you just set up one
credit card in the system and basically denote with the vouchers I’m going to
process so for Amazon for example I can just denote that I paid this invoice
with a credit card I can also go a step further and I could say I paid this
invoice with Kyle’s Visa Chase credit card so that’s why I added a little bit
additional detail in the card name there and we’ll kind of take a look at that as
we get through this process so when you are setting up a credit card here you
have two different options for starters accepted by customers used by company so
there is the ability to set up credit cards in the system for receiving
customer payments we’re not going to talk about that today we’re going to
talk about using credit cards for purchasing so I’m going to select that
used by company and then you’ll notice after I selected
youth by company I have two different options here one is credit card one is
check card the credit card option here you’ll notice that it makes the vendor
ID option available what this essentially does is when I pay Amazon in
the system it is going to say okay I just paid Amazon but I paid it with my
Chase this is actually my chase vendor I paid
it with my Chase credit card so it pays Amazon and then it creates a subsequent
voucher to chase so that way I can turn out the end of this process and cut my
payment to Chase for my entire credit card statement and then your other
option here is a cheque card and the cheque card option that’s where you
actually just set it up and basically every transaction that you process goes
to a checkbook so as I pay him is on in the system I basically in taking a
amount out of a certain checkbook I have set for my credit cards and that’s kind
of denoting that I’ve made the payment to chase when he actually make the
payment to chase you can do a bank transaction you could do a manual
payment but it doesn’t go through the payables module at that time so I prefer
the credit card setup with the vendor being chase that the person I’m going to
pay in the end all right so enough talking about that I
have my credit card set up Kyle visa chase so let’s go to our purchasing
module here transactions we’re gonna go ahead and process a voucher so I keep
saying Amazon will get with that so I have a computer purchase here and my
vendor is Amazon invoice number whatever might that be and then my computer is
for $1000 so typically when I’m processing the voucher the system that’s
it well you probably are aware that there is a field here called credit card
so I am actually going to say that I paid this entire invoice with a credit
card and when I tap out I’m prompted with the credit card information you
guessed it I’m gonna get on here and select my Kyle Visa credit card if I had
additional information if we know when I made that credit card payment or maybe
what the statement number was if I look my statement I can add add additional
information here we’re gonna go ahead and select okay and we’ll take a quick
look at the distributions because they are interesting here so of course I have
my expense you’ll see my type is a cash and that doesn’t really make a whole lot
of sense but there’s not an option here that says credit card so it just gives
you cash by default but notice that it is going to the accounts payable this
accounts payable account is actually pulling from the Chase Bank vendor that
we have set up so kind of an important note if you were to give it in this
without knowing that you might spend some time figuring out why you can’t
find your correct distributions so the accounts payable is actually coming from
the chase vendor here so what’s going to happen when I post this transaction it’s
going to mark this voucher to Amazon paid and then you’ll see that it creates
a subsequent voucher to chase so it do just that waiver $1000 invoice I hit
post alright so let’s take a look at our vendor here Amazon will take a look at
there’s our $1,000 voucher you see the unapplied amount is zero so it has been
fully applied and if you scroll on here a little bit further you say I have a
thousand dollar payment transaction and so here you have it so I have my Amazon
vendor here and it’s denoting that I have a thousand dollar payment via
credit card with Mike I’ll be so chase credit card so as far as anyone is
concerned they are done they are processed they are paid in the system so
I select ok here so on the other hand let’s go take a look at Chase so you
recall when we set up the actual credit card at the beginning of this we select
a Chase as the vendor look here so now I have a thousand dollar voucher thousand
none applied to Chase Bank alright so throughout the month I’ve
added all the my transactions for my credit card processing and
last thing I would have to do here is either build a batch or I’m just going
to do this quickly just go ahead and do chase we’ll do a thousand dollar payment and I can just select my vouchers post
now I’ve paid my credit card bill so let’s look at the second option I
mentioned what 2018 you get a few additional options in the system so we
just paid one transaction and as we were entering in that voucher frame is on we
denote it at that time that it was already paid via credit card well so
what happens if we’ve actually entered the vouchers already in the system and
at the end of the month we’re like oh hey we paid this one with the credit
card we pay this ones credit card etc or if we just want to put in all we’re
vouchers and then just denote that all of them were paid via credit cards at
the same time well with 2018 you now have that ability to basically build a
batch select credit card as a payment option and then select all of your
vouchers so I’m gonna start with billed payment batch let’s do monthly credit
card I’m gonna go ahead and select credit cards my payment option my card
name copies of Chase and then here I’m actually just gonna pick up everything
in the system so I’m gonna put in no filters that’s going to select
everything by default you wave your magic wand there it is I’ve selected
every outstanding voucher of the system I gotta edit payment batch you’ll see
that all of the outstanding vouchers that are not EFT are the ones that
weren’t selected here the ones that are not EFT and selected automatically so
in many situations I wouldn’t want to just select them all so I’m gonna go
ahead and peel back a few I’ll just say I’m paying the rest of my Amazon
vouchers with the credit card process my batch here and now that I have to know to the
invoices being paid by credit card as you would imagine if I go back and take
a look at Amazon Amazon here it’s paid and then if we look at chase chase now
has some new unapplied vouchers so that’s it everyone I appreciate you
sticking with me today that is processing credit cards within Dynamics
GP 2018 talking about a little bit of the new features there stay tuned for
future posts please subscribe take a look at us on Facebook check out
the website and if you like give me a shout on LinkedIn thanks

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