Mavic Air vs Inspire 2 Comparison – $6,000 drone vs $800 drone

this is whatIt looks like transporting the inspire 2 It looks like the Mavic hair Mavic air versity inspire I mean we’re talking about really expensive large Not portable drone like this versus something like this This comparison is not intended at all To make either drones seem like it’s the only option Or the best option for all people It’s literally just something I figured I’d take advantage of simply because I have them both Oh First let’s talk about getting it ready to fly this is how long it takes the Maverick air to get ready to do its thing? Open you put the phone into the controller the cables built-in ready to go pick up the antennas You open the Mavic case? It is one two three four And you’re ready to fly so uh it’s pretty quick pretty pretty quick now the inspire on the other hands I will say the case that I have here is designed for what they call ready to fly mode or I believe I Won’t I don’t know what they call it, but whole point being This is a very large case because it actually allows me to keep it kind of ready to rock so I can take it out And only have to put props on that’s a huge advantage to me because if you take it out of landing mode you have to Take the gimbal off you have to put the gimbal away if they do a lot of things that make it not as convenient This case while very big very bulky. It is very quick to actually put this together unlike the other cases so it’s as simple as Taking it out ready to rock there and all you got to do Is put props on which is as simple as one? Two Three four So four own being as massive as it is pretty good setup the controllers obviously much much bigger requires a cable That is not permanently attached, which I kind of can keep attached. They want big huge difference in size huge difference and portability That goes my backpack that is a little too large for the backpack when it comes to cameras night and day difference Micro Four Thirds sensor, this is actually the same size Sensor as what is on my GH five it can have Different lenses, this is a 15 millimeter 1.7. So it’s equivalent of a 30 I also can put a 15 millimeter on it. It just gives tons of flexibility the Mavic air Obviously fixed lens fixed gimble no sort of adjustments you just basically use What’s on it? So let us get the mattock up in the air here now one thing about the Mavic is the Mavic is a fixed focus fixed lens so there’s no sort of ever having to tap the focus and very similar to kind of what the phantom 3 did back in the day the Maverick Pro actually was more of a tap the focus which I didn’t really like because He would actually have a lot of things that missed focus and I really didn’t have any depth of field anyway So kind of seemed pointless but this is fixed focus so there’s zero tapping the focus everything’s always in focus and I kind of for a quick drone and actually prefer that because I found myself comple missing focus with other things And that’s not really what I want to worry about be inspired on the other hand. That’s crazy Shallow doesn’t feel if you want it, so you really gotta be careful here We go so one thing without question that I definitely notice with the Mavic And I know I’ve read about this a little bit as well, but the range from the mafic is Significantly less and I understand that the antennas are smaller on that the remote antennas are smaller So I know that’s kind of part of it, but I think they claim It’s two and a half miles or something of range But I would be absolutely shocked if you get anywhere near there unless you’re in the middle of Montana and there’s zero people or civilization near you That’s okay, for kind of what I would use the drone for it’s in the most part But something to keep in mind luckily it has obviously returned to home and all that which is an Amazing thing because you don’t have to worry about it too much. I still for the most part Just use my phone if we were doing an all-day job and doing lots of drone stuff I would I would use an iPad but for this stuff I Tend not to let’s get her going here Such a monster When you first start flying the inspired it’s like Somewhat scary not from the standpoint of that It’s hard to fly but more of the standpoint of its obviously a lot of money that you have in the air But there’s also almost the other side of it too that I feel like I feel like I trust the inspire More than any other Jone because of just its its raw capability just the fact that it has Even better sensors it has even better. Just overall just stability I feel like when you’re flying it It’s this weird feeling even though you just have a remote in your hands. There’s this natural sense of just it’s so under control It’s almost like When you drive a really big car like those big outie a AIT’s the boats it just kind of got get this gets this feeling that it just Just looks really it’s just smooth just smooth so here We go same shot, so you’re looking at now are the SteelStacks, which actually were part of the opening scene of the Transformers 2 movie Which I’ve talked about in a vlog before but They’re pretty awesome looking Pretty cool that they were able to manage to keep them Existing so right now about 1600 feet out and not a single drop whatsoever in in interference in vision it’s just night and day difference in terms of range Which should be we’re talking eight times the cost here So by no means in anything that I’m doing here will I try to discredit the Maverick? I’d be kind of disappointed if I spent the mana money. I did for this and had the same quality All right, so now we’re gonna Just try tracking mood Which active track for the most part should be identical on both there should not be like a better than the other But what this one does is? That a pass mode, so it’ll be interesting to see if it is better because of that But I’m gonna have you stand right here and just film this and let this follow me in a circle and come back so Give it a shot. Okay, so this is me not touching the controller at all holding the controller just for the sake of Just in case here we go Pretty good not bad I stopped that short. I don’t want to scare the dog but it was doing great the reason I was looking back at him aureus I Don’t want to just for the sake of having a fun test running into the trees The only thing you got to watch on any of these tracking modes is the fact that? It’ll see big obstacles without any problem whatsoever but little tiny branches and things the things that could possibly just completely derail the flight It sometimes doesn’t see those that well, so I’m just always cautious of that but they both work the Inspire actually has to be further away which I noticed because Because of how it uses the camera because it’s more of a thirty millimeter lens it has to be further away from the subject to actually track it because It has to have at a start up certain like bit in frame so It was kind of higher than the other one needed to be which was why I was a little bit more cautious of in hitting Trees because there’s a lot of trees But it still is the same tracking mode the inspire has sensors on the top bottom front and back which is awesome and the Mavic air has front and back front back and bottom this also has top which is really nice because When you’re flying underneath something it’ll detect the top as well and kind of keep its balance Which is which is really nice to have so what have we learned about this Inspire tubers Mavic air comparison well like I said in the beginning this video This really didn’t have a real purpose The inspire 2 is not supposed to compete with the Mavic air and vice versa they are entirely different Jones for entirely different people in situations I think the awesome thing that I brought out of this is the fact that the Maverick air for $800 is an incredible little drone the image quality from it is outstanding and yes if we punch into 300% the inspire to is is better in all terms of quality and sharpness and in Dynamic range and everything it’s a better drone, which it should be for the cost But I think that that should not Discourage you at all that if you’re flying a maverick air even a phantom 4 which obviously is even better than the Maverick air you? Have an outstanding Drone now the one thing to know about the inspire 2 is that there are tons of things outside of just straight-up image quality that Make this a drone that no other drone can actually compete with being able to operate it with two different control Being able to get a 360 view entirely where the drone can continue a really natural flight and you could have the camera turn and look the opposite direction to get these really outstanding shots that you can’t get with a Phantom 4 or a maverick unless you are doing some sort of 360 rotation, and then you’re going backwards It’s not easy. There are other things about the inspired to like having wrong capability where you can plug in SSDs and record raw an Incredible incredible quality, which really matches up with your cinema cameras that you’re using like reds or Ari’s or all those things There is a reason that this drone is used on a film set not just because of a micro four-thirds camera But the comparison I was showing you is a very very compressed image built-in on the micro SD card Which is not nearly the capability of what the actual? SSDs rahl capability can do so by no means that I even show you the full capability of the inspire 2 But that wasn’t the point of it the point is there’s a huge use for something like the inspire to if you or someone in The market for a really high-end aerial drone that has incredible and limitless capabilities Something to really keep in mind being able to fly in near freezing and below freezing temperatures and extreme heat it just can last in a lot of Environments that nothing else could if you’re an environment with crazy winds the inspire 2 is gonna Handle it without any problem whatsoever and just give you rock-solid footage It’s just there’s a lot of things that make it better But the point of this review is more to just show you straight up comparison in a non-technical way What’s the cameras look like? What are the main things that separate these two tones, but whether you have the Mavic air for? $799 or you have the inspire 2 which is around $7,000 the point is DVI is doing some incredible things these are amazing amazing drones the technology we have in our hands is just Ridiculous, and I’m just excited to own two of these pieces of gear But I’m even more excited to know like what the future holds for drones and this capability in general the fact that we can fly these cameras with the capabilities that they have is just Ridiculous, but anyway, thanks so much for watching it is your first time here Would you consider subscribing liking this video comment below tell me you’re new here Hopefully this review was as fun to watch as it was for me to make I want to do more of these so if you Have any good ideas of some videos You’d like to see that are outside of my daily vlogs we’d love to hear from you. I will see you tomorrow You

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