MAKE MORE THAN P300 Weekly with a New Social Media App! Paano Kumita ng Lyka Gem!

Don’t worry, this app is 100% legit and we can absolutely earn here no money capital included and without investment! Have you tried making money online using a same app like Facebook? Hello future millionares Welcome back again to Earn Money with Aiza and my name is Aiza Mercado. In this video, i will be teaching you how to earn online its 100% free just by posting pictures, videos, by following users of this app and by reposting post content. If this is your 1st time in my channel help me reached 300,000 subscribers by subscribing now to Earn Money with Aiza and if you like to join us on 500 pesos Gcash ampao start liking this video now and fill up the form founded on the comment section. Let me share you this Lyka Gem App basically this is a social media application where we can post our photo activities daily. What i like about this app its available on IOS and Android devices! What we do here is to post photos or videos, you can also check gallery and follow people we can also send and receive Lyka gems! Its a wallet and good thing it’s free! Our Lyka gems can purchase items like iPhone, AirPods, Watches, Bag or you can cash it out via Local Banks. When you signed up and make a lyka wallet you need to verify your mobile number. Tap the “gems” then you will be asked for your mobile number and just enter your digits and verify the code right away. Next thing to do is to set up your profile. Tap “profile” then set up your profile picture (to make it attractive) your name as well and username. Once setup your profile, we can now proceed with 4 ways of earnings! 1) Gain followers Each people who will follow you, you will earn 0.10 Lyka Gems! Before each follower, you will earn 1 Lyka Gems now, they change it to 0.10 Lyka Gems coz some used to create dummy accounts and cheat that is why they decided to lower down the price. So yeah, you can see here that im earning 0.10 Lyka Gems per followers. Now, how to follow people? Here in my profile please search for my username “aizamercado” and you will see my profile and i do auto follow to people who will follow me. Now, lets see my followers. Then here just follow them as well. To all who will follow me, i will follow you guys back lets follow each other, give and take. I will follow all you guys later coz im doing the demo now. You can also search user here in explore you can follow trending people or you wanted to follow a person just search him/her in explore like for example, search aizamercado you will find me easily. click my profile and follow. Don’t worry about followers coz i already made a facebook group for Lyka Gems follow for follow and you can post here your profile screen shot, your username, qr code and we can follow one another! 2) Post photos and videos How to upload? Just tap this camera. You can use your camera to capture photo or select photo from your library. So lets try. There you go, then select filter if you want. Then next, enter here your title like “My Hobby”. And captions like “I love rubix cube”. And share! Take note: its really get hard sometimes to post at times it does not upload or appear this im telling you coz at times, the app was so laggy and it needs to be improve. But anyway, thats how you post pictures and videos. The twist here, whenever you uploaded your pics like when you click your post you need to earn gems. Here you can see how many gems you are earning. Let me show you how people needs to vote or rate your picture. Like for this post, you can see here “5 gems” 5 ratings, from rate 1 to 5 every rate you send is 0.01 lyka gem so if a person rate you 5 diamond star, you will earn how much? 0.05 lyka gems. Now lets try to vote, lets pick star 5 diamond of course There you go, we already give him 0.05 lyka gem! 3) People repost on your post. I preferred to post meaningful pictures or videos so everyone can relate and tendency, they will repost your photo or pictures. Like here, i will repost his post. Tap repost then you can say something about this post! There you go, it will be reposted on your profile too Sadly, the app really needs improvement. Just wait for it, you can restart the app or close/open. Once people repost, you will earn 0.05 lyka gems. 4) Be a merchant and get paid. When you own physical store and you accept lyka you just need to set up your account as a merchant and your shop can be explore by many people. Tap explore earlier ive search for my name, but now, proceed searching for a merchant. You can use this app so people may able to pay you coz you are accepting lyka gems as your payment. For now, we have 4 ways of earnings and please do comment down below if i miss any ways to earn in Lyka. Once you make gems now i will be teaching you now how to cash out and purchase items. In your wallet, you can send lyke gems to other user just select user or scan their qr code enter amount then send. Receive lyka gems by sharing your username or you can share your lyka gem wallet address as well. You can cashout via shop now or via banks. Here in “shop now”, you can use lyka gem to shop items. Like this slippers, gadgets, i will give away the gadgets when i make many lyka gem more bags and more gadgets. Next, how to cash out via banks and make this money tap this option with 3 dots on upper right corner. then sell your gems into gift card on electronic mode. Min. cashout is 300 gems 300 gems=300 pesos i still dont have enough gem to make a payment maybe i will make a 2nd video review again to let you see my live proof of withdrawal. Just continue proceeding and they will ask for you bank account name and number. It will take 2 to 3 days until they release the payment. You can purchase gem as well buy gems if you want to purchase items and they will give you more bonus gems like in 1000, you will get 50 lyka gem bonus. Purchase using your debit or credit card enter your details and buy. For now, this is my video presentation about Lyka Gems and i hope this video helps you make money using this new social media app like facebook! Please like now this video if this helps you and help me reached 300,000 subscribers by subscribing now to my channel and to my telegram channel for more apps and sites where we can make money online. Please fill up your gcash number in our google form in the comment section as well. Then again, thanks again for watching stay cool, stay payaman my name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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