Magicard Rio Pro 360 ID Card Printer Review (In-depth Review + Rating)

In today’s video, we’re going to be reviewing the new Magicard Rio Pro 360 ID card printer. Now this printer is developed and manufactured right here in the UK, and we’re super excited about the launch of this printer. It’s everything users love about the original Rio Pro but just a lot better. The Rio Pro 360 is the first desktop ID card printer with an embedded Linux-based CPU. In simple terms, the printer has it’s own brain onboard. It helps with simple tasks and has a wider colour spectrum. Which means that each card is much more vibrant and colour-rich in print. Now, when we look at more advanced tasks, again the 360 steps in with the custom HoloKote design, the user can now choose one of ten designs where the previous Rio Pro could only choose one of four. As I just mentioned the new Lynx CPU has a wider colour spectrum which means your prints are much more vibrant. Now, what’s even better with the new Rio Pro 360 is it delivers a much more vibrant print in a fraction of the time. From pressing click to print, you’ll have a full colour, vibrant card that’s ready to to issue in just 18 seconds. Visual ID card security is a must have and this is where the Rio Pro 360 excels itself. The user can choose from one of ten built-in HoloKote watermark designs and the best thing about it all is that it comes as standard with every printer. So no additional costs to you the customer. Now, we see this as a massive benefit when choosing a printer because if you compare it to a custom holographic overlaminates it can be completed in a fraction of the time and also at a fraction of the cost. Now, if your printing requirements do ever change, so does the printer. Being extremely versatile there’s now the option to add a 100 or 200 input card hopper to the machine. Now what this means is that you, the user can increase the number of cards printed in each run at any given time. Now, the only down-side we see to the machine is that the output card hopper, seen here at the front, remains at 70 cards and can not be increased. Now, it wouldn’t be a Magicard printer if it didn’t come complete with Magicard’s UltraCoverPlus three-year warranty. It’s a fully comprehensive warranty package that includes email and telephone support, on-site printer maintenance and also a hot-swap loan service. Now what that means is if the printer can not be fixed over the phone, on-site Magicard will send a replacement printer to you while yours is returned the HQ to be fixed. Next up, it’s the expert verdict. So, we’ve tested the Rio Pro 360 and we’re extremely impressed with the overall quality of the machine. The increased print speed from 24 seconds down to 18 seconds is really impressive. And with the new Lynx based CPU what we’re seeing is a much more crisp, detailed and vibrant printed card. Now, as a result of our testing, we’ve decided to award the Rio Pro 360 five stars out of five. Now that’s the end of our video. We hope you found it useful. And thanks again for watching, we’ll see you soon.

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