Lost Credit card overseas?…You Need Western Union | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Dan: Hey peeps, so you’ve lost your credit
card, it’s been stolen, sucked into a machine, or anywhere in the world for that matter.
What do you do? How do you actually get money back into your hands? Well, first of all,
you wanna go and cancel to at least block that credit card. Then, you’re going to
wanna call a loved one back home. Call your mom, your dad, you mate, your girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend.
You wanna get money from them. You tell them to go down to Australia Post and tell them
to do a Western Union transfer. Now, there’s 500,000 Western Unions all over the world.
They’re in 200 countries and locations. So, pretty much anywhere you are, you can
get money. Now, what your friends or family member has to do is go fill in the paperwork,
send the money, they’ll email you a security code. You just go to the local Western Union
branch wherever you, you hand over that code and voila! You have bling in your hand to
survive the rest of your trip. So, don’t freak out if you lose your card. It’s not
the end of the world. Your trip is not over and done with. Keep on travelling, have fun,
be safe, and if you ever need any help or advice, please call this number. Uh, like
I always say, please subscribe to the channel below, leave a comment, like the video, and
I’ll see you in another country, another time.

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