Lodging your PAYG payment summary annual report online

If you are an employer you need to lodge a
PAYG payment summary annual report with the ATO each year. Your annual report includes all the payments
you made to your employees and the tax which was withheld. Lodging your payment summary annual report
online is the quickest and most secure way to meet your obligation. All you need to lodge your report online through
the ATO Business Portal are: •an Australian business number
•compatible payroll software, and •an AUSkey If you don’t have an ABN, you can apply
for one online at the Australian Business Register at abr.gov.au. You must have payroll software that can create
an annual report file. If you are not sure whether your software is able to generate
an annual report, you need to contact your software provider. Create your file by following your software
instructions to generate and save the annual report file. Record the file name and location
as you will need to find it later on. You will also need an AUSkey. This is your secure online identification
for your business to deal with us online. If you don’t have an AUSkey, you can apply
for one at abr.gov.au/AUSkey. Once you have installed your AUSkey onto your
computer, you can go to ato.gov.au and log into the Business Portal to lodge online. You then select your AUSkey and enter your
password, then click on continue. Under the file transfer tab on the left-hand
side of the screen select lodge file We recommend you test your file before lodging
to make sure there are no errors. •click on the test file button
•click on the browse button to locate the file you created and saved earlier (in your
payroll software) •add your email address in case the ATO
needs to contact you Here is a tip: you can test your files at
any time you do not have to wait until you are ready to lodge. This way, if there are
errors, you have got time to fix them before the due date for lodgment.
•click on the submit button. To check if there are any errors in your test
file click on the link to the validation report. The results are displayed in the status column. If the status shows test successful, you are
ready to lodge. If the status shows test failed, download
the validation report which shows the errors that need correcting before lodging. Once you know there are no errors, you can
lodge your file: •click on lodge
•locate your file •enter your email address if it is not already
there •click on the box next to the declaration
statement •click submit on the right-hand side. A progress indicator displays while the file
is transferred to the ATO. You will receive a reference number and then
click on the link to the validation report to check the status of your lodgment. This screen shows whether or not your lodgment
has been successful. If the status shows lodge failed, you will
need to correct the errors before resubmitting the file. If there are no errors, the status will show
lodge successful. Lodging your PAYG payment summary annual report
online is a better way of doing business with us. And lodging your report earlier will also
help your employees to lodge their tax return. For more information go to ato.gov.au/helpyouremployees If you would like more information about our
online services, including what other reports you can lodge online, go to ato.gov.au/onlineservices If you would like more information about your
PAYG withholding reporting obligations, go to ato.gov.au/paygw

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