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100 thoughts on “Linus got hacked!?!?!? – Honest Answers Episode 3

  1. What a coincidence, right before I saw this video, I was watching H3H3… Great, now I am going to get replies on how I should kill my self.

  2. This just makes me not want to use Amazon links because other people get booted but you know a guy who knows a guy so you can go around their rules… seems fair…

  3. those hackers were not professionals, but script kiddies and fools. a professional could've robbed you blind having multiple people working on it so fast locating all the passwords rather than waste time posting as you. they were attention seeking whores, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. what would they have stolen from you servers a copy of all you videos hey maybe ill hack ya for that NOW im giving you a Nintendo recommendation could you open all your ports on your router

  5. So how does it go, they're just like "hey yeah I am linus give me the password" and the service provider just hands it out gracefully asks if they want a bonus with it?

  6. But I forget my passwords every few months. If it weren’t as simple as a text verification then I’d be s****ed! 🙀
    That’s super harsh! What ID did they have to get a sim in your name? 🙀🙀 Pretty sure here a passport is among one of the requirements!

  7. You know what's weird. master hackers never do anything stupid or fuck with people. it's people who just started code breaking and the like that starts doing annoying shit like this. spaghetti

  8. It is very frustrating having your systems violated. My mac is currently sitting untouched because I was infected with a cryptolocker virus and don't have the money to pay to unlock it. I would like to think that even if I did I wouldn't because it only makes the problem worse. Instead it sits as a brick because the replacement ssd is almost the same price as paying to have it unlocked and as I said before I don't have that much. Well done on getting on top of everything fast with your issue. I think that is the key to any theft base crime.

  9. DO NOT USE SMS as 2FA ! DO NOT ! The government has full access to your cell phone communications. For Telegram, Outlook, Facebook, Google, anything. Use real 2FA with an app and "remove" phone security, because with it, the government or any person with access to your "cell line" would be able to change your password and hack into your account easily.

  10. You keep saying that you can't discuss the security steps publicly and i respect that. But security by obscurity is not a secure system.

  11. Maybe if you do another tunnel bear commercial you won't be able to get hacked again, oh wait tunnel bear doesn't actually DO anything except expose your data to MORE people. Your ISP can still see where you're going, the sites you visit can still identify your PC, ect. ect. The only thing you can do with it other than slow down your internet is to remove regional restrictions.

  12. honestly at one point it was possible to get anyone's info on certain services/companies (will not list) by simply changing a certain (Not Stated). Disclaimer i have never done this or any Hacking Activity i am just aware of the processes for my own protection.

  13. Bell tend to be very backward when it comes to security. Provider I'm with, in Canada, would have made them come to location in person and show Government ID. Still, most people seem to use personal email account and personal cell for EVERYTHING, and that is huge vulnerability that can easily be prevented by using a dual sim cellphone, requesting your cell provider keep any changes to your account locked with extra keyphrase, and same for hosting provider and ISP. As far as Twitter/Facebook/Google, its actually more secure to NOT link ANY phone # to any of them as all of them (and Yandex, and Steam, and many other places) have system in place where all you need is phone # to receive SMS and you can reset password in few minutes without knowing anything else.

  14. I know i'm coming late to the party. But what do you mean with "not permitted to disclose how their referral fees will be used"?

  15. I see this all the time. Thanks to the FCC and well whatever you want to call them in CA, they open up networks all the time. this has been happening forever, ask Kevin Mitchnic about this. He will tell you in person. This is very common.

  16. Bell doesnt give a fuuuuuck about security, you could probably ask the operator for their personal info and they'd give it to you lol.

  17. Next time use "LastPass"! You advertise that garbage, you shove it down our throats…. Why not use that garbage?!?!?!?!?!? If you had LastPass all your passwords would have been save and secure!!!! Use LastPass today! For 30 percent off use to "Linus tech tips" at check out! LastPass!

  18. I still reference this video as proof that sms 2FA is simply garbage and should be scrapped altogether. RSA or google auth is more trustworthy.

    As for "lost password" gibberish, sending password recovery email to another email address (which also requires 2FA) to me is safer than just letting some single point of failure SMS/authentication call (i'm looking at you, paypal) resolve the issue.

    I also hope that whoever screwed up by handing over a sim card to a random third party got fired

  19. "Same with e-bay… You'd invest your time in and then someone else from a trusted link would make you see a screen with your friendly zero refunds. Okay, then?! Is online investment a thing once you're quoted environment goes off?!" 🗨😏💻⛳📧〽️

  20. This makes me glad I've never trusted SMS as an authentication factor. I've always used TOTP (Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Sophos Authenticator, etc.), which doesn't send anything from the server to your phone during login. (You can get a code anytime and the server won't even know until you type it in.) TOTP was available earlier than SMS on most websites, and it's no less convenient once you've set it up (which is simple). Unfortunately, some websites (including a bank I have to deal with) only support (and force!) SMS, not TOTP, which is an even bigger inconvenience than just not trusting it, because I don't have a phone with phone service currently, so I can't receive text messages.

  21. So basically you got hacked because you're just too lazy to use a VoIP phone number( Try Google Voice, it's free) and someone did a SIM swapping? Jesus least use a burner

  22. you should do a video on how to make lemons from lemonade cause I really want to know how you manage to turn a liquid into a solid fruit 😛 just saying

  23. Get a Fido2/U2F key and quit using your fucking cell phone…. YOU'RE A TECH VIDEO GUY. Why the hell you using old tech? lol It's been known for two years that a phone isn't an appropriate safeguard anymore. So you DIDN'T have appropriate safeguards in place.

  24. I just found the old one that was Linus got hacked!
    Look at this site :

  25. Over 3 years later and SIM swapping attacks are still prominent…don't use SMS as your multi-factor auth, folks!

  26. I know this video is a little old but cell phone fraud like this happens a lot, and I work in a phone. if I ever get uneasy feeling about someone trying to get phones I turn them away, but the amount of fraud case I have handled in terms of directing them to the appropriate people is insane.

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