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– [Narrator] If you want
more time in your life, it helps to know a few shortcuts. That’s why we’ve created easy to use tools that let you manage most
of your account tasks quickly and easily. Here we’re going to help
you understand your balance and bill screens on your smartphone. First, be sure you’ve downloaded
the American Express app on your smartphone. Open the app, and log in to you account. On your homepage, you will see an overview of your account balance. The total balance here
shows the statement balance plus any additional
charges that you’ve made since the end of the last billing period. For more details, tap on statements at the bottom of your screen. Here you’ll see your remaining
statement balance due, which includes any recent
payments you’ve made, and any credits you’ve received. Or you may see the words
adjusted balance here. Or below this amount, you can find your minimum payment due. From here you can choose
to make a payment. Additionally, you can also see a PDF, which looks like a paper version of your statement, by
tapping on transactions and statements, and choosing the date of the statement you want to review. Then tap on statement PDF. Just keep in mind that the
statement balance amount on the PDF may be different
than the statement balance you just saw on your
screen, because the PDF may not reflect any recent
payments you’ve made. Okay, you’re all set. Want to know more? Check out our other videos about managing your American Express account
from your phone or the web. American Express, don’t
live life without it.

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