Justin Bieber’s Endorses Ripoff Teen Debit Card

just when you thought justin bieber
couldn’t possibly exert anymore and influence over gostin fan base it was
announced that the little pop princes encouraging miners to spend more of
their parents cast with a new prepaid debit card arguments perkin great indirectly dislike like you you’re a parent you can deal
with this in knowing kids screaming yelling in in in the background of everything and
rajasthan beaver any part of your daughter is in the
justin beaver you focus at this time and then she said they become you know i
got an antihistamine was as easy by getting this credit card out so it doesn’t mean we’re those back a look at alive today who regarded as a beer is
that what happened in the days of my favorite celebrity michael tell me
about this the real not get that prepaid uh… credit card that has a fifty
dollar annual fee active title nine for credit or debit about seventy five cents
from a checking or savings account loss card replacement the seven ninety five a_t_m_ fees fifty cents per balance
enquiry a dollar fifty everytime clashes with john and i three dollar charge of
the card is inactive for got beat angle on that last one because i’ve been using
karti story on all these fees if you don’t use a cart this three other visa
anyway happy can leave it at to use it what is fair but what i
believe had believed on the whole school head of
the big cash sake if i can make it twenty bucks i’ve
activated with regards to didn’t wait out yet has given to trouble-free are debating like i’ve been in view of
credit card into i’m gonna pay all these fees on a hundred billion dollars a
month and might say that people in the why don’t i just had to and you know how much little justin gets
for this to you this is going to be good alright beat her and this is to build my parents
by the way that’s the name of the company but they have not just for the
democrats nor my client once again like bill milk spelman and all the has to spends smarts seems a little tolerance you would have
to and he supported the made three point seven five million dollars forty fourteen month
contract plus one of these plus an option to buy two million spends smart
shares so that this is a little standing right
and and it’s it’s a bad deal for everybody seems like it’s about over the cardiac shes got in trouble for
similar credit card had actual card with a k comedy club so and then the its losses as there is a but on the other hand finally through
lower existed you’re just in beaver fourteen months three point seven five
million dollars now you know a lot of passes a novella needless charges measures the right thing to do but
strict survive without i mean he must me so much money as a b as it is like disney really municipal
one seven million dollar i wouldn’t do it comments on what’s my team have
you’re of felony the elf so you think you-know-what it’s tumchya like if you are a susan
they came to you might think that you know but in the just let me bring your doctor
may find it in a twenty million a year whenever they don’t need extra three
point seven five extra cheese japanese he’s nineteen years old any all here’s
is want more money he doesn’t know understanding doesn’t
care whatever he doesn’t have the the the background that an adult as they’re
taking all he knows the if you sign this you’re going to another four million
dollars snow i hear you know what to be fair on addiction is a lot of adults
around him for perjury to do it yes hallandale money but the ages the
manages a center they only got a percentage so that they get grabbing grabbing yes
eighty s all just as a great deal don’t worry new thinking on trying to say that
my temper some of that deal so he’s probably of people surrounding
him not to be in the best of bus stops once they got the wrong financial sense so doggone bill your parents of case
called an allowance look into it did some like greenbacks had and learn how like spend money like human beings so did you go home give the
catch is waiting money

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100 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Endorses Ripoff Teen Debit Card

  1. So student finance is giving me just enough money to pay rent and £20 a semester to live on but kids in America can get in debt before they even leave high school? Seems legit.

  2. Not all beliebers are dumbasses who are gonna buy this stupid card. There will definitely be some girls who will get it. But that'll only be a minority because some people simply can't afford it. Others will have parents who will simply say no. Then there are some like me who know better.

  3. I'm with Cenk, cash is the way to go. Credit should only be used for emergencies or large purchases that you might make once in a blue moon. it's not supposed to be used for buying gum

  4. Does anyone remember when Rob Dyrdek did a commercial for this? He sponsored this company along with his cousin, Mom, and Chris Boykin. It was a great commercial, but I dont think anybody said anything about Rob endorsing a money wasting product and getting paid for it. I'm not supporting JB, I'm just saying he's not the first popular person to do a commercial/endorsement for this crap.

  5. I believe in saying NO. If I had kids I would never buy them this garbage in the first place, let alone getting near asking for some fucking card. Cenk just tell your daughters NO to everything Justin Beiber, and anything remotely as shitty as his ilk. So what if their friends leave them, they're shit friends to begin with.

  6. Good GOD that woman has a massive chest. It's not even sexual attraction that drew me to it, it's just… Good lord those are massive. Her back must hurt SO freaking bad.

  7. I bet it is worse than this. The fans probably get a "discount" on Justin Bieber crap if they use the card to purchase on line.
    Take your kid to the bank, help them set up a real prepaid credit card with no fees. Teach them to do on line banking, then give them cash. If they want to buy stuff on line, they have to march the cash down to the bank and feel the pain of paying.
    Credit available in two days.
    Teach them if they want to impulse buy, they have to keep a balance.

  8. because he represents everything wrong with the music industry, and everything he does is actually purely deserving of criticism

  9. This is basically why celebrities are always under a huge amount of stress and saying things they don't actually want to say.

    …Maybe probably possibly.

  10. If Bieber endorsed a product, it probably has "stupid" or "bankruptcy" written all over it. Case in point, didn't Bieber own and drove around in Fisker Karma (the car company that is in near bankruptcy despite with all of our tax payer money)?

  11. Wow Bieber, I did respect you since you were not originally manufactured and worked hard to get noticed despite sucking. Now you have lost it.

  12. 0:20 I can't possibly be the only one that realized that "UNBELIEVABLE" was spelled wrong, you'd think something like this wouldn't go unnoticed by whoever made that image.

  13. I somehow don't think anyone had to "trick" him into getting $3.7 million for doing almost nothing. Also, if a parent is so stupid that they'll get their kid a rip-off credit card just because the kid asks for it, they'll also continue to hand their kid money for his next albums and other merchandise. I don't see where Beiber is losing in this deal.

  14. Wonder if TJ will cover this . He's been chosen to talk about his downfal after all .

  15. I'm really liking this new chubby chick.
    She's logical, has a fantastic rack, sticks to the topic and isn't a moron like Anna.
    Hope things go well for her.

  16. Way back when, they had lunch boxes, posters, and cereal… harmless consumer items. Now they're peddling predatory financial products to kids? Consumerism just jumped the shark.

  17. So Justin Bieber is "singing" in Copenhagen. They showed a clip on the news which demonstrated to me that many of the parents of these kids actually encourage the kids. There was a mom who was like "I love that my daughter is into Justin Bieber because he worked SO hard and there is nothing he wont do to be the best etc". I nearly spit out my glass of scotch. Seriously, there are grown people who are retarded enough to like him ? This world is evil.

  18. Any kid that asks their parents for this card is an ungrateful bastard.
    Any parent who buys their kid this card is a moronic, inbred yokel.
    Justin Bieber needs to OD on ketamine.

  19. If I was Justin Beiber…
    I'm selling shitty CDs and laughing all the way to the bank. I could fart in the mic and make gold and stupid brats buy into it.
    I've made a bunch of little shits what paedophilic relationships.
    I think I'm okay with trolling the world a little more with "Bill My Parents".

  20. Cenk hit it on the button when he said it's not just the trashbag bieber, it's the entire entourage that is leeching off cash from this mistake of a performer…my advice? Just ignore him and those like him, and the problem will take care of itself.

  21. …or to quote Genesis;
    And she dreamed that every time that she performed
    Everyone would cry for more,
    That all she had to do was step into the light,
    And everyone would start to roar.
    But now everytime that she performed
    Oh everybody cried for more,
    Soon all she had to do was step into the light,
    For everyone to start to roar.
    And all the people cried, youre the one weve waited for.

  22. Oh but time went by
    It wasnt so easy now, all uphill, and not feeling so strong.
    Yes times were hard,
    Too much thinking bout the future and what people might want.

    An then there was the time that she performed
    When nobody called for more
    And soon everytime she stepped into the light,
    They really let her know the score.

  23. My kids aren't getting anything like that when they get older. They'll be lucky to have a cell phone come high school. I'm still pretty unconvinced I'll give them that much. If they want that sort of thing they can get a job for it.

  24. Unless someone starts demanding by law that our children own these cards, I don't give a fuck. Kids own ipads these days – I'd have been lucky to get a game boy when I was a kid. No one's forcing parents to buy their kids ipads either, yet they're available.

  25. I don't believe for a second that Jesus wouldn't take the 3.75 million. If anything, I'd do it and donate the money to something.

  26. Holy crap American credit card fees are insane! What ever happened to the price of a service reflecting the cost!?

  27. The idea of the card isn't a bad idea its the fees that go along with it. the parents will be able to see what the kids spent the money on. also they can use it online without having to bug the parents.

  28. He is, but I am betting that if you were you in the same circumstances as he was you would be just as much of a twat. (or anyone for that matter)

  29. I don't think kids should be given that responsibility with a credit card online. The internet is a dangerous place and combined with instant purchasing power it gets worse.

  30. He has no sense of moral responsibility, because he's a CHILD. Morals and respect is something that's instilled in you during teenage hood, he was pretty much deprived of that. Not trying to satisfy this, just sayin…he's gonna grow up to be a piece of shit….sadly :/

  31. Ok i just tried to show bieber the smallest bit of sympathy on the last tyt video i saw covering him, but then he did this. One word FUCKWIT

  32. Yes, but he deserves culpability. He doesn't get to just say, "oh it was x and y's fault for convincing me".

    On TYT they make out like a 19 year old is a complete idiot. Actually, in my country a 19 year old is given some respect and responsibility – this guy should know better.

  33. This is terrible and just goes to show how awful and self involved all the celebrities have become. Even just ten years ago we had celebrities that actually cared about the people of the world. People keep saying Justin is the new Michael Jackson? That claim is so ridiculous. Michael Jackson did everything he could to help change the consciousness of the world to one of love. These celebrities are making the younger generation self involved as well. We all losing our true values.

  34. Girl host should try and engage with the audience… Great delivery but really needs to work on engaging with us. Anybody else notice?

  35. Totally disagree with TYT on the point that a 19 year old isn't able to weigh up the pros and cons of an actions.

  36. They say that a 19 year old cant handle any money but they say that they can make the right decisions if they want to with cigarettes.lol.

  37. What would my age matter? Some people far older than 19 are unable to fully weigh out the pros and cons of an argument, just as some people under the age of 19 are unable to weigh out an argument. What's your point?

  38. We all look forward to Justin Bieber' future irrellevance, watching him all washed up on daytime talkshows complaining about how he owes so much in taxes and that his accountant screwed him.

  39. I have a pre-paid debit card… but it's because I drive and my parents were really cool about it too and gave me a card I can only use for gas

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