Judge Faith – Harleys, Loans and Stolen Booze (Season 1: Episode #121)

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100 thoughts on “Judge Faith – Harleys, Loans and Stolen Booze (Season 1: Episode #121)


  2. They went to court for what exactly? Her past? Or because she lent him money… Up to this moment.. I ain't hearing nothing about the money… 😂😂😂😂 until she said it just now… "we're here for 7500 I thought"… 😂😂😭 n I don't believe this man… 🤔 …

  3. I don’t like how they brought up her past and used it against her in this proceeding. The son did that because he knew he would get out of paying her. Yes she made mistakes but he is not innocent either. He took money from her and I believe she loaned it to him. Ruling was very wrong here…

  4. He took her money and Is lying
    All the other stuff has nothing to do with the fact that he took money from her
    If you hate her so much why take her money

  5. WORSE case Judge Faith ever did. They drugggg this lady in the court room based on her past and for what? She wanted her damn money and he used her on purpose because he felt he deserved it due to her not being there and being in jail smh. Weak ass dude

  6. This upsets me. If she's such a terrible person , why would he go to her for money. Shame on him… He's just as much a user. He's just throwing dirt out there on his mom and didn't just address the issue they were in court for. He's a pig.

  7. Oh judge Faith. I love you but I disagree with this whole thing. That was NOT FAIR to talk about and dig through her past when that wasn't what she was there for. Oh.. how upsetting. Then to award him MORE money. Wrong. Just wrong.

  8. I dont blame the mother for walking out. The Judge instantly looked down on the mother and prejudged her from the start. The son is a user and owes the money.

  9. I'm confused at how everyone is saying things like "why did he take the money?" and that he was wrong for it…it's because he has a kid on the way now. A kid he kept from this horrible woman. So what, he shouldn't take an opportunity to increase his ability to give his family and kids a better life? Because he should be too proud to turn down aid?

    And on a more cynical note, I believe in punishing bad people. That little lump sum is not even quantifiable to the debt this monster owes her child regardless.

  10. I am so disappointed in this case, the son is a liar, he may not have like his mother and she may have even been a bad mother but he took the money and now you get in court and through her past in  her face, You say you wont let your kids or your wife have anything to do with her but you took her money, you are a scum bag and you look like your were lying to me, Judge Faith was wrong in this ruling for sure, you focused on him more than you did the mother, and then you awarded him pain and suffering, wow. didn't like this case at all. it was not fair.

  11. He knew she had a bad name and used that against her. Her rap sheet has NOTHING to do with this case. This was about a LOAN.

  12. If the sun doesn't want to be around her and doesn't want his children to be around her then why is she good enough to give him money? I don't like him. He has a sense of entitlement and I don't like him. She's not perfect obviously but he feels like she's paying him back for the mistakes that she made and I feel like he just doesn't want to pay her back. But she certainly was good enough or at least her money was good enough


  14. If I had $75000 or whatever the amount was I would have bought my son the motorcycle and I would have given my other children the amount it cost. My aunt once told me never to lend money to my children because it causes ill will if they don't repay so I don't lend. If I have it I give it.

  15. I have been an absolute supporter of Judge Faith until this case. This was down right a poor judgement. This son is down right a manipulator and he did just that to Judge Faith. The first thing he did was consecutively ask to present the rap sheet. He wanted Judge faith to see the rap sheet so that she could have a negative picture against the woman. He knew that his mother needed to right some wrongs so in doing so he borrowed the money from her he used her. Judge Faith has FAILED to analyse the true case and has FAILED to allow the mother to present her case in a fair manner. Instead has her son dancing his mother's past in the court room. He cheated his way out of paying his mother money he actually borrowed and Judge Faith allowed it to happen. JUDGE FAITH I REALLY HOPE YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

    Your ruling was bias and misguided by the wrong facts. Your judgement was blind and injustice was served and the wrong person paid.

  16. I don’t think the money was a gift🤔 that’s just sad he got out of it without paying her🤦🏽‍♀️he just look guilty

  17. I think he borrowed this money for a motorcycle and he told himself she is paying back as she was never around. No one gets angry like that on the phone when there is no story. It's a pity she walked out I think eventually judge Faith was going to see this.

  18. Jason as much as you pretend to not like your mum in this clip, you are just as bad as her and even more in the sense that you come and steal from your mum in daylight in front of the television. You are stealing the 7500$, you are also stealing this award. It is not yours. You know it. You also said if you ask other family members they will go to her side because they are scared of her. You know they will come and say we were never given money like you are saying and that makes you a liar. You are just as bad as your mother and worse. Worse because you steal from your mother. No matter how good you want to present yourself you are worse than your mother. Worse. You steal exactly like this from people and you dont leave a trail. Just because you play the innocent card , doesn't mean you are innocent. You are a thief. Worse than your mum. Get it!

  19. Your wife did not come because you never told her about it. You are lying and you do not want her to hear this. I pity that woman

  20. So many people talking about how the son is the crook. Should he have taken the money, no, he should not. I think we all can agree on that. But I think she was trying to buy her way back in. To me, she is obviously a manipulative b** who will resort to whatever she wants if she doesn't get her way. She's been in and out of jail and no one gets a false hit because of their sister. She might be trying to get her life together but I don't believe for a second she's not doing this to get at him. She wants to have him jump when she says jump and he won't do it. The reason I think all of this, my own dad is the same way. Offers money ("oh, its a loan so you'll pay it back" a month after he gives it. In a card, in front of people as a gift), fakes medical emergencies, has me followed, and all in the sake of keeping me under him. I finally got away but I can see him doing this in a heartbeat. She's a b** plain and simple who can't even pronounce MOTORCYCLE right!

  21. From the beginning the judge was judgemental about the mom. He owed the money and u decided to take her past and use it against her. If he hated his mom y would he take the money. Judge Faith you are full of shit

  22. He should pay the money back. Her past is irrelevant. It's not fair. You forced her to leave the court.

  23. The woman didn't come for judge Faith to judge her because of her past , that's wrong! He don't want to be around his mother except when he wants her money. You are a liar judge Faith, your attitude, and your prejudice was very clear! That bastard son did not go down the wrong past, he's a thief!

  24. Childhood trauma, those sons endured who knows what. Stop putting him down, he knew it could have been a start if she had really cared. Humanity People!!! Apathy makes numbness. It is a great thing that she is clean of meth, amazing, alcohol is such a downer/ harmful drug…

  25. 14:50 I just loved Judge Faith's indifferent attitude when the lowlife crackhead plaintiff walked out like the little baby she is. Judge Faith was probably thinking in her head, "well she made my job a lot easier" lol she was probably glad she didn't have to listen to that scumbag for another second. I feel bad for Jason. I hope he has nothing to do with that mess of a woman. Be careful who you trust, and THAT goes for family too!

  26. He is an an ENTITLED ASSHOLE. Who just don't want to pay that money back he is using HIS MAMA PAST AGAINST HER.

  27. Watching this: i dont like how Judge Faith handled this case, a lot was brought up that didnt have to do with the actual case. I think she was incredibly biased 😒

  28. She literally said her side, you just didn’t want to listen, and honed in on her past 😾 never seen u being unfair judge, im disappointed, but i know u r human….

  29. This is the only time that I dont agree with Judge Faith on this one. I really don't think she listened to the mom at all. The son lied his butt off. He hates his mom and I can see that. He feels like she owes him and he took the money then get a $1000.

  30. The only reason mother and son stood here before Judge Faith was because the mother had received a large sum of money and the son had smelled it. Anyone who follows this knows that she had lent him money to buy that motorcycle. It was a gift, he claimed. A gift for what? She may not even know that his wife is expecting. She was nailed to the pole because of her past and the money that the son had to give her back for honesty was not even mentioned. Still, he is rewarded to humiliate his mother for what did not matter here. So unjust and I fully understand that it suddenly became too much for her. I want to tell the mother this: "Never lend money to such children because they feel so much better and will always use their "unhappy childhood" to play the idiot so they don't have to pay back your money. What childhood the mother had didn't care for anyone !!
    I believe judge,you made a mistake here !!

  31. This kind of mess makes me want to run straight to my mother and hug and kiss her for hours on end for being the amazing women and mother she is

  32. Judge Faithfailed on this case , the man owes his mother and try to use her past to blackmail her and is unfortunate Hon. judge faith failed for this fraud so sad case.

  33. Judge Faith was so sad about the deep damage this mother has caused to her kids. I haven’t seen her this humbled by the wreckage of someone’s addiction. I loved what she said to him at the end. There is no monetary value for the harm she has caused…. devastating

  34. Judge Faith shame on you for treating her like that because of her past!!! Your true colors started to show 🤦‍♀️

  35. What got me in this case is the Judge asks if the Mom is still using drugs and alcohol. She says she's off the drugs and you hear the very beginnings of applause. Then she's like "I still drink here and there." Immediately those few people starting to clap stop and you hear nothing but awkward chuckles. I'm dead. 😂

  36. clearly none of these people have dealt with drug parents. well for one. i believe him when he says she gave him money to forgive him .. now he probably told her i'm gonna buy a bike with it. now because she is mad she wants it back. ALLLLL DRUG PARENTS DO THIS !!!!!!! my dad is a crackhead & does the same shit gave me money to spend on my son , now he wants me to pay him back!! it's a drug parent thing !!!! they do it cause they are mad.

  37. My mother did 10 years. I was raised by my grandmother and for that, I am the person that I am today. I have a very slim relationship with my mother; although she is still my mother I would never take money nor accept money from her. I think it was wrong of the son, he shouldn’t have accepted the money from her. Then act like she owed him, yet still want nothing to do with her? That’s just shitty because he probably made her believe that the money would severe their relationship. That’s why I would never accept money like this from my mother, because I know that she would believe that would make up for everything. And I hold no grudges. It wasn’t a perfect childhood but it could’ve been so much worse. I’m not a victim and the world doesn’t owe me anything and I would never accept money from my mother to make up for her decision not to be a mother.

  38. I feel so bad for the friend who had to witness this. She probably had no idea all of this was going on behind closed doors.

  39. I feel for this man dealing with a toxic parent. And any adult who's had to grow up in the type of home he did will.have a wounded child deep.inside of them that needs to be healed. Of course if he heard his mother say that she wanted to give the money to make up for all that she's done that wounded child inside would jump at the chance to have parental support.
    Unfortunately when you have a toxic parent borrowing money especially under the guise of "starting over" or repairing the relationship is a horrible idea. Boundaries are the only thing that will heal his inner child and bring peace to his life. He should not be held accountable for his mother's dysfunction, regardless of whether money was gifted. I think Judge Faith's ruling was absolutely justified and I hope he has the strength to set even more boundaries and stick to them.

  40. Of all the episodes I’ve watched this is in the top 3 of the saddest. I hope God blesses that man and his family. 1 bad 🍎 did not spoil the bunch thankfully. 🙏🏾

  41. His mom is a typical junkie mom. I’ve seen plenty before. And why is it that so many dead beat losers get settlements bc they are scammers and will do anything lol and then they piss away all the money super quick. This woman needs to grow up she is worse than a child. And I believe that the mom loaned him the money but she fucked it up for herself

  42. I watched numerous episodes of Judge Faith and I always used to think how prudent and confident she is in ruling these cases. But after watching this episode I was completely dishearten with the way the Plaintiff is cornered. The actual issue here is bypassed by all the unnecessary allegations that the Plaintiff is subjected to. Its clearly evident that her 34 year old son borrowed $7500 for his lavish expenses and now when it is time to return the money he started exploiting her past. I'm completely disappointed with the way Judge Faith has dealt with this case. All she did was going through her history and never bothered to understand her part of the story.
    Everybody passes through difficult phases of their life. It doesn't mean that they still remain the same. In this case all I see is a mother trusting her dear son and lending some money to make her son happy. If she was a bad women she wouldn't have lend the money in first place. It is very clear that her son is making use of her for money and he even threw bricks on her (How cruel to do that to your mom?) I can truly understand when she left the court room abruptly because she was so much pressurized and frustrated irrespective of the fact that she was clean from late nineties and the actual issue is not addressed. I wish her son will learn a lesson in due course of time.

  43. I can't stand freeloaders like this! I really don't care how bad her rap sheet is, it had nothing to do with this case and this clown owes his mother money. I don't loan money to my kids unless i wanna lose them. Karma will get him!

  44. And your son went think you would do what you did to him by leaving him while he was in prison and being on meth and having him being raised by grandparents

  45. I believe that he did borrow the money but just based on the lifestyle she caused him to endure he could have just called it a lost and let him have it

  46. She is probably still on drugs that's the reason why he hurry up and took a piece of the pie before she could spend it all and not give them any

  47. Judge Faith was really wrong on this one – she made her decision within first 2 minutes based on moral perspective and didn't care about what she said (I know she said sth different at the end, but words mean nothing, when you have actions speaking so loudly). Also it's not ridiculous for someone going down for someone else's crime – on Judge Judy there were at least 3 cases that I remember, where defendants used plaintiff's name when arrested, so it went on their record. In one case it went so far that plaintiff's name was used so many times by defendant, that it was considered by the police one of the defendant's aliases and everytime she got arrested, it went on plaintiff's record (making it unable for her to get a job because of background checks). As for this case… Bad mother? Definitely, but that's not what the case was about and it was what JF made it about.

  48. Is it just me or does she judge people on their past and words that they use? She is supposed to remain partial and only focused on the case. She judged the mom on her past from the beginning instead of the case at hand. That is just wrong. Judge faith needs to stop judging people on her belifes

  49. Hes a fucking asshole he talks shit on her but hell go to her money…honey when he comes for money again which he will tell him no

  50. Stop defending the mom!
    It's not about shaming her.
    Just before the judge talked about her past I already knew she probably wasn't in his life because only parents that were never in their kids lifes sue their kids when they're grown like that, theres exceptions but I've seen people live that kind of life and their body language screams resentment from the man. Everybody is quick to defend her because shes a woman and nobody likes it when women are shamed but some people dont get it. He did wrong also by taking her money, if you do not support someone or something just dont give or take from them, that's how you get involved with people and end up on court this is why money cant make up for lost time.

    He sued for pain and suffering so it all had to be brought up, you dont like it? This is why you always try to stay away from trouble because you'll always carry it with you wherever you go. Every time a wanted serial killer tries to enter a foreign country hell be denied entry no matter how long ago you did it because why would I think you would change and are suddenly this new person who wont be tempted to make the same mistakes.

  51. I applaud the son for going a different route than his mother, I do think she loaned the money to him but he took it as a "compensation" for all she put him through. The mom shouldn't had left that voicemail either the smartest thing was to take him to court. She was too frustrated and walked out.

  52. judge faith failed in this case…she did not give the mother a chance..that son blatantly lied about borrowing the money..judge faith felt shame because the mom left..it was an unfair case..the son is pretending that he doesn't want her around but as she came into money he was there..smh

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