Ismart Shankar Theatrical Trailer | Ram Pothineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh | Puri Jagannadh

Say yes ,I will repair Golkonda fort and give it to you as a gift I will make you the queen of my kingdom Haa Haaa. What did you say? aaaa hey, In Warangal collage I have made boys pee in their pants. It is like saying “If the cat is blind then the rat is the boss” my stick in your breed ……..********* [music] I am not a mental patient to leave you and go I will leave everything and let’s jump [gun shot] [bro] resound. The police have inserted a sim card in your brain What’s this pattern in the head!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! My mind fells like a dual sim phone. [music] dishaa dishaa dishaaaaaaaa This guy is out of his mind. He is half mental and half bhojupuri villan. [music] I have not escaped from the prison for eating barkas biriyani, but to slaughter ahaaa…… hey you… i have a wish for a long time my sacrificial animal is none other you [music] [music] USTAD ISMART SHANKAR …………….. HEY COPS Don’t mess with me just go to your respective homes and have a nice sleep beside your wife JULY 18

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67 thoughts on “Ismart Shankar Theatrical Trailer | Ram Pothineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh | Puri Jagannadh

  1. Ismart shankar movie super hit
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    iSmart Shankar Telugu Version HD
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  3. Hi puri can i use this movie fir my youtube channel becous i have movie for another langeuge
    Iw ent use please don't give copyright strike

  4. just saw this movie… it's a copy of hollywood movie "Criminal" acted by Kevin Costner..
    Although it's a copy, the way poori did is good

  5. Telugu filmmakers, why is it so hard for you to respect women?

    Imagine this: a boy from Hyderabad sees the picture of a girl from Delhi on Facebook. He falls in love with her, and hopes to meet her some day. He works hard, saves money, goes through a lot of hardships to travel to Delhi. On going there, he finds out that she is an officer in the Indian Army, she wears the army uniform. He is disappointed. In his imagination, she always wore a sari or a langa voni! So, in broad daylight he decides to disrobe her; he strips her off her uniform and drapes her in a sari, just so she becomes the woman of his dreams. Tell me, how many of you think this is okay? Do you find it romantic? And if this happened to a woman in your family, would you then think it like that? Telugu movies are crap, will remain crap

  6. సినిమా భారీ లొలి రా స్వామి ఇలాంటివి ఇంకా తీయదు

  7. babooooiiiiiii, what the fuck is this movie, total disaster from Puri…. Never expected a movie like this in film Industry.

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