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38 thoughts on “Introducing T-Mobile MONEY – A Better Way to Bank

  1. The struggle is real! T-Mobile you guys are always impressing me. I'm going to have to give this a shot. Thank you guys, all of you from the top to the bottom. You all are so hard working and so caring it means the world to me. Thanks for never giving up on us and for always trying your best to make us all feel loved. #TMobileWins #IloveTmobile #DesIsStillAmazing #Family #KeepItUp #EveryOneShouldJoinTheMagentaSide #HardestWorkingPeopleEver

  2. Next: home route "in process" Tmobile Car "coming soon" busses, and taking the whole world 😱🤩🤩😍😍

  3. At this rate we'll soon have T-Mobile cars and heath insurance, etc.! Watch out Aetna, Tesla, Ford and GM. T-Mobile is coming for you!

  4. Okay this sounds too good to be true waiting to see what happens with other people's money first before we jump into the water

  5. Is this card useful anywhere? Online shopping to Actual places. Also No monthmy maintenance fee and Or Any other fees At ALL? Hmm I'm considering this. Out of all does it have a chip reader?

  6. I dont know anything about banking but i am at least a T-Mobile customer. Dont have tmobile money yet but i will check it out soon once i get a job

  7. Don't miss out on free money! Checking account dont usually earn high interest and tmobile money offer that! No overdraft fees and atm fees! Why not try it out? What you guys waiting for? Cant be worse than wells Fargo and u.s banks

  8. Hi, would we be able to make cash deposits? I'd like to see a neutral testing group to add a thorough review about this new entity and service. Thanks.

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