HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Changing your secure key to a new device with your old device

– [Narrator] To get started, read through, and accept the Terms and
Conditions, and click Continue. Select Log on now and enter your username. Then click on Continue. To activate your digital
secure key on your new device, select Activate on this device. If not, select Don’t activate, log on now. If you have your previous device, select I have my DSK device. If not, select I don’t have my DSK device. Next, enter the answer to
your memorable question. Now, generate a code from
your previous or old device and enter it into your new device. Then select Continue. You’ll receive an activation code through your selected method. Enter the activation
code that you received, then select Continue. Now create your digital
secure key password, then select Confirm. Confirm your digital secure key password, then select Complete Activation. Now select Go to Mobile Banking. Enter your digital secure key password. For information on how to stay safe online please visit our security centre, which can be accessed via
our contact and support page. Secure, convenient, mobile banking.

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