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50 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Mind from an Enemy to an Ally

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  2. fact check ???
    proof robert frost said
    if we couldnt laugh we would go insane ???
    jimmy buffet did say it
    what about frost ???
    source ???

  3. I sure appreciate your carefully crafted messages. You've helped me understand myself and the crazy world we live in from a useful viewpoint. I've probably watched all your videos give or take. I always get a deeper understanding of life in general which is always the point. You seem to have developed a skill that must be based on a very diverse and thorough knowledge and practical thinking viewpoint as I almost always see ways to apply the data you provide. Thanks a bunch fellas!

  4. That first Jung quote perfectly encapsulated how I began to feel about 5 years ago. Since that point my self development has grown exponentially. How uncanny.

  5. this is the wrong grammar to postulate the analysis of the modern problems in.
    obfuscation, confusion and paralysis is what you can get out of this.
    for those that want to act, a language of agency is used.

  6. Anybody have tools that work for them? I tend to take things very personally so something that helped me is repeating to myself in my mind "It's not even that serious" or "don't give up" until I start to feel it in my body. Helped me get through acute anxiety. But I believed it to be true in my mind first before I embodied it. Don't know if it will work with something I don't believe.

  7. I was a miserable, snivelling wretch. Then I found The Academy.
    Other things that have helped immeasurably have been t’ai chi, vipassana and iboga. I wouldn’t recommend any of them. Especially if you’re planning on staying Exactly As You Are (rising organ music . .)

  8. I don't remember if it always in this channel that I've heard about stoicism, but thanks. Really a big thank you from me, learning stoicism has drastically change my day way of life.

  9. Thank you for your videos 🙏🏼 I think I’m in a stage where I’m trying to figure myself out and even though I think my external world is going pretty well, I still need to figure my internal world a lot more. Or maybe I’m taking my life too seriously.

  10. Midlife is great for psychic cleansing, discovering a suitable path and blazing a trail. It's taken me decades to awaken, but I'm excited about the future for the first time in a long time.

  11. Yeah , I realized that self-help books, motivational quotes and inspiring stories won't work out until you work hard for yourself to get out of anxiety and depression. They're helpful but you're the only one who can save yourself.

  12. Your content helps me and those I love.

    I’d love it if you invested in a new microphone, I play all audio at 3 and you can really notice the audio quality at that speed

  13. I legitimately just wrote a paper for a psych class with this same premise.

    Life is weird.

    Either way, I really like your work. It's helped me a lot.
    So thank you, and keep doing your thing.

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