How To THROW Playing Cards FAST!

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100 thoughts on “How To THROW Playing Cards FAST!

  1. Going to my friends for Christmas, this will surely be part of our games night, apple chop, candle extinguish and finally the beer bottle top remove (obviously previously removed then sat back on the bottle)…..thanks man !

  2. You are incredible dude. I literally learn almost everything from you – i know this is an old video but I am just learning magic and you're truly talented (entertaining and knowledgeable and researched.) Thank you for your time and commitment to magic and helping others learn.

  3. i completely fluked it first time and i was looking in my mirror and hit straight in my forehead and it made a massive bang

  4. I tried this and I wanted to show my teacher and the one time I showed her it went really well and it stuck into the paper map that was laminated so it went through plastic and paper and perfectly was in the corner and she was really impressed

  5. How to hit bullseye
    Step 1: grab the deck of cards
    STEP 3: really, throw it at a bull’s eye

  6. Tried this in physics class a few years ago. Ended up hitting the whiteboard right next to my teacher from the back of the room. Was awesome but there were better ways to spend my lunchtime right afterwards.

  7. Question, what kind of playing cards you use??? Any kind of cards or it has to be specific thats freaking dope by the way

  8. I was so good at this in public school back in the 60s. Only we were using hockey cards. I developed that first technique you showed and became the champ carder at my school in Brampton.

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