How to setup the Opencockpits USB Expansion and Master Card

connect the master card to usb expansion card connect the input card to master card connect the output card to master card connect the 5V power to master card connect the usb cable to usb expansion card open the SIOC program open the sioc.ini file type MASTER=2, 4, 1, 49 Device index is IDX you can select unique number. Type number is 4 that means USB Expansion card. Type number “2” that means number of cards. Type number “49” that means USB ID number provided by your pc environment save ini file Reload the script then SIOC recognize the card. open SIOC monitor The first, test the switch. You can see the No.0 is input and the No.9 is ground. connect the cable to No.0 and No.9 connecter You can see the light of No.0 on SIOC monitor when touch the cable. Next LED test. prepare the led and CRD on the bread board. You have to see the inside text when the card is output. No.2 is ground and next No.11 is output. connect the cable to N0.2 and No.11 connect the cable to the bread board. You can see the light when click the No.11 of SIOC output.

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6 thoughts on “How to setup the Opencockpits USB Expansion and Master Card

  1. Hi! I like your vidoes and how to interfacing opencockpits! But I'm a little confused about whats common and what is switching the outputs with this kind of setup from opencockpits. Is it common GND or commons anode? Is it gound that are switching the LED or is it the +5V?

  2. Hello, Could you please tell me what is the capacitor on the master card? How many farads is it? I do not have it on my previous generation master card. Thank you.

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