How to Set Up a Credit Card Direct Debit for Min, Full or Fixed Repayments with the Royal Bank App

How to set up a credit card direct debit to make minimum,
full or fixed repayments on the Royal Bank app Safely create a Direct Debit for any credit
card repayments using your Royal Bank app Log in and select your credit card account Tap ‘Pay credit card’ Then ‘Set up a Direct Debit’ And ‘Set Direct Debit’ Next, choose the account you’d
like the Direct Debit to come from Choose between ‘Minimum payment’,
‘Full statement balance’ or ‘Other amount’ And how much you’d like
it to be for Tick your authorisation Finally tap ‘Confirm’ and you’re done But remember you’ll still need to make this
month’s payment if you haven’t already App available to customers with Digital Banking,
compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international
mobile number in specific countries.

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