How to purchase apps in Play Store without Credit Card

Assalamualaikum Friends my name is Unusual Hacker If you want to buy anything from play store then you need a credit card for example if you want to buy “RP” in PUBG which means royal pass then you nees a credit card or if you want to buy coins in 8 ball pool or wanna buy coins in 3 patti or in Clash of Clans or any other app. if you want to buy something then you need a credit card if you don’t have a credit card then you can’t buy. BUT… in this video unusual hacker which means I will teach you how you can make in app purchases without your credit card so the question is if you don’t have a credit card then what will be your payment method and how your are going to pay for it so in this video the method i’m gonna teach will help you make in app purchases with your sim card credit or sim card balance for example if you have 100 rupees of credit on your sim then you can purchase from play store anything which worth 100 rupees if you wanna buy anything then you must install the amount of credit on your phone equalent to the price of the purchase you want which means your bank account will not used only your sim card credit is going to be used you can buy stuff in pubg or anything you want from any app you want so if you have jazz or warid or mobilink sim then it will 100% work. maybe it also works on telenore or zong, I haven’t tried on them yet so you can try it yourself but I’ve tried in Ufone, this feature is not available in Ufone I Don’t know which Indian Sims have this feature( IT WORKS IN “IDEA” SIM) As I live in Pakistan so I could only tell you about Pakistani sims first of all i will tell you which payment option I have right now for example i have opened an app and i’ll click to buy it as you can see i’m gonna click on payment options here I only have credit card or paypal option only So if you want to turn on jazz billing then you have to do these steps If you have a phone with a Dual sim support then you must make sure that your warid/jazz sim must be insterted in the Slot 1/main slot then what you have to do is to clear the data of you google play store when you’re done clearing the data then turn off your phone when your phone restarts then first of all turn off the wifi of your phone you have to make sure that you are not connected to your wifi when you’ll turn your wifi off then turn on the 4g data of your phone after turning on 4g data then open play store on your 4g data/mobile data then swipe right and select payment options then here you’ll see a new option called jazz billing click on jazz billing option then here it will ask for your personal information like name & address just fill the form and click on the tick mark when you’ll click ok then you will have a new payment option called jazz billing from now on if you’ll buy anything from playstore or make in app purchase then such amount of credit will deduct from your sim credit let me show you a working demo here let me show you by purchasing RP in PUBG. as i opened PUBG I have selected this option in PUBG to buy as you can see now i have an option to pay with jazz billing by using this method i can purchase coins in 3 patti or buy coins in 8 ball pool or diamonds in game or if I wanna buy anything in clash of clans then i can buy it no matter how many apps are there. i can make in app purchases in them and I can also buy any app from google play store your credit card will not be used. the only thing which will be used is your sim card balance some people also asked me how to buy pubg rp in pakistan maybe i’ve answered that question in this video well those people who don’t have warid/jazz sim, i know they are going to dislike this video what is my mistake in this situation or what i’ve done wrong if you don’t have these sims? if you have these sims then you can try it. i have tried on 3 seperate phone and it works 100% fine on all of em then it will also InshaAllah work also on your phone if you are new to my channel then do like the video and if you haven’t liked yet then do give a thumbs up and also share with your those friends who own Warid/Jazz sim maybe it helps them so i’ll meet you guys in the next video….till then Allah Hafiz

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89 thoughts on “How to purchase apps in Play Store without Credit Card

  1. Hi. Bhie ismy jo balance ha wo jazzcash mobile account me hona chahiye ya sim me jese balance call k lea hota ha wo wla balance?

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  3. Does this still work ? And does this work on online games In-App purchases ? I want to buy stuff from the game called March of Empires, but it cost alot of money ! $100 or more. Will this trick help me to get those products without spending so much money ? I also live in Europe, were can i get this Jazz sim ?

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