How to Pump Gas : How to Use a Gas Pump

Hi! This is Dan Wolstenholme on behalf of
Expert Village and I am going to show you how to pump gas. Okay in this scene we are
going to pull the car up to the pump and start to pump the gas. So we are going to show you
how to activate the pump, how to insert the nozzle and how to start pumping gas. First
thing when you pull up to the pump is to always remember to shut off your engine for safety
reasons. Okay and we get out of the car. As we showed you before, always remember to release
your fuel pump, shut the car door and open the gas cap. Now for some of you who don’t
like to experience everybody else’s used the gas pump before you that day, you can always
use a rubber glove for your sanitization protection. Okay we are at the pump. What we want to do
first is to authorize the pump. This particular one is asking if we have a discount ticket.
We don’t so press no. We are going to pay with the debit card outside. So we are going
to insert the card into the card reader. Always remember to use for gasoline the black handle,
the green handle over here is for diesel fuel. Believe it or not, people have put diesel
in their car. So you want to take a look at the fuel receptacle. It is the nozzle there
again. A standard gasoline nozzle is made to fit right into that hole so we go ahead
and do that now. We are going to select a grade which is 85 and then we are going to
insert the nozzle and start to pump. If you noticed it has a little trigger here that
we could profit on to automatically fill and then we go ahead and fill or dispense to the
level that we want to. When the tank is full, the back pressure will kick back into the
nozzle. To release the pressure on the nozzle, you will hear click and that means that the
tank is full.

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100 thoughts on “How to Pump Gas : How to Use a Gas Pump

  1. Using a debit card at gas island is a dumb choice. The station will put an automatic hold on the card of $100. or more that might screw up your next use and the simplest type of ATM skimmer uses a little camera to record you putting in your PIN. With that and the card number the thief can drain your account to nothing.
    Better to use a credit card – preferably a rewards card that gives you back a percentage of your purchase.

  2. 1st time going to pump by myself today and the pump had a lever you needed to push down in order to pump…i sat there for 15 minutes pumping imaginary gas fml.

  3. This is different to Britain, you can literally go to a petrol station (gas station) and pump out gas then drive off. Obviously, you're going to get caught, but it's still possible 😛

  4. this helps the Oregon snowflakes since they are allowing them to finally pump their own gas in about 20 years.

  5. Why am I watching this? I've known how to pump gas no less than 6 days. Count em 6. I also like the way insert the nozzzzle, like he heard the sexual entendres in his head whilst saying it.

  6. In Europe we have Black for Diesel and Green for Petrol (gas) and some pumps have 2 grades of each type of fuel , it's too easy to put the more expensive grade in because it's not labelled "premium" the companies use names like "excellium diesel" as a marketing technique to confuse the issue.

  7. Hey Oregon – this is for you! But you probably need to review the "How to swipe a debit/credit card; Using an debit/credit card reader" first.

  8. U dun fuked up!! EVERYBODY knows you never choose the "Debit" option, to pay. Always "Credit". smh #PrayForOregon

  9. now this is going to get a lot of hits from folks in Oregon. A few tips that this guy didn't mention:
    Take your keys out of the ignition before pumping gas!
    Afraid of someone stealing your car while pumping gas? Take keys out of car and lock the doors.
    If you are afraid of causing an explosion: NEVER EVER use your cell/mobile phone while you are pumping gas or around someone pumping gas.
    Believe it or not, video maker, some cars run on diesel.
    Believe it or not, the gas gauge on your vehicle tell you which side of the car the tank cap is on (the little arrow next to the gas pump symbol points to the side of the vehicle its on, every time).
    Assume that the grade you need for your vehicle is always 85. Check your manual, check with your mechanic, sometimes the info panel on the door has it as well (where, surprise! the psi for your tires are as well).
    And finally, if this is too confusing, well, you need to rethink your need to drive an object that you can kill with.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I am from Oregon and had no idea how to do it! Now I can do it by myself! Please make more videos like how to tie shoes and put food in my mouth!

  11. Will you please post a video showing me how to pump premium unleaded, instead of regular unleaded? Also, I'm having trouble remembering how to drink a glass of water and could use your help. Thanks.

  12. Thanks I start work in the morning with pumping gas and stacking food. And stuff cargo and cash register I don’t even know how to use a cash register too

  13. I'm 22, I've never driven before and I just got a job at a gas station and i needed this video to make sure i don't embarrass myself/get fired/blow up

  14. I've somehow made it to almost 30 without pumping my own gas. I always just have someone else do it. Thanks for the video…. how do you know which color button to push though?

  15. drivers ed taught me how to put a seat belt on but not how to pump gas. maybe im retarded for not knowing, thanks for the video though. i feel like this should be base 1 lmao

  16. I have know how to pump gases since I was like 11 or 12 who doesn’t know how to do this

  17. omg I just left my money at the pump because I could not get the gas to pump and now I am on E I love that for me

  18. I'm going to be getting gas for the first time tommorow with my liscence ( so no one will be in the car) although I've done it before. I'm still nervous. The vid helps 😃

  19. I thought this was some kind of joke lol. I never met someone who hasn't seen someone use a gas pump 😛 I'm glad I started teaching my kiddo before she was even 10

  20. Guys make sure while you’re at it check you blinker fluid. Just ask the cashier at the front register they can do it for you.

  21. Excellent video. To the point. No minky fucking around by talking about your day, or any unnecessary bullshit of that sort. Good job!
    Thanks. 👍

  22. At our gas station if u use your debit card, then u must pay a .35 cents fee. If u pay cash to the cashier, there's no .35 cents fee. Maybe the cashier complained that she didn't have enough work to do…

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