How to make a student loan repayment from overseas

If you’re overseas for more than six
months the amount you need to repay every year
will generally depend on your student loan balance. For example, Cristina owes fifty thousand
dollars on her student loan. Based on her loan, Cristina’s annual
repayment is four thousand dollars. She must repay two thousand dollars to Inland Revenue by the 30th of September and two thousand dollars by the 31st of March. As an overseas based borrower, you’ll have interest added to your loan balance. By making extra repayments you can save a lot of
money. Cristina prefers making fortnightly repayments. She set up recurring fortnightly repayments with a fee free money transfer company available on our website. Now she has peace of mind knowing everything’s taken care of. It’s easy to manage your student loan with our myIR service. You can check your balance and
payment dates, update your contact details, set up a
nominated person and receive your statements at any time. Go to our website and register now. Most borrowers are up to date with their
payments, but if you fall behind don’t worry. Call us. It’s toll free from
Australia and the UK. our friendly team is standing by ready to help. Take control of your student loan today and you’ll be celebrating in no time.

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