“How To” Lock/Unlock Cards

Did you know that if you misplace your Bank of the West card you can turn your card on and off instantly. It’s easy. In online banking, select services and support from there choose lock/unlock your card under card services. Find the card you want to temporarily lock from the list. Then, use the toggle switch to turn the lock on. While you have the lock toggled in the on position your card can not be used to make purchases providing peace of mind. If the card is stolen call us to cancel the card and have it replaced with a new one. If you find your card you can turn the lock back off. Now it’s ready to be used again. If you’re out and about you have the same control, using our mobile banking app. Select more then card services and lock or unlock your card. Use the toggle switch to control your card from anywhere, anytime. Take control of your Bank of the West card. It’s just that easy.

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