How to Install a Credit Card Reader – VPOS Touch Installation Guide

Congratulations on purchasing the
Nayax VPOS Touch an all-in-one touchscreen card reader and telemetry device. The box contains a Nayax VPOS Touch device with a rear plate attached, an external antenna, an MDB cable and a soft cloth to clean your device. You may also need additional tools like a Philips screwdriver and a swiss spanner
wrench for dismantling purposes. Start by dismantling the window cover
from the machine. Keep the four screws. Now unscrew the back plate from the VPOS Touch. Pull out the rear cover. Make sure that the SIM card is inserted in
the appropriate socket. Then connect the 40-pin connector plug
to the VPOS Touch. Connect the external antenna to the
device. Place the antenna on the machine door. Secure the rear cover. Attach the backplate to the device using the four screws. Close the machine door securely. Now it’s time to test the device and its
configuration. Before performing any tests make sure that the VPOS Touch is assigned and fully configured to a machine in the Management Suite. Once the device is powered up, a self test is automatically initiated that performs a
SIM card and server connectivity check. Perform a cashless transaction to
confirm that the device is installed and configured correctly. Once all the
purchases are successfully completed the device is fully installed and ready for

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