How to get free load in globe smart sun TM in Philippines 2017

The redemption just got posted this is my current balance 189 Points redeem minus 1299 The load came in already 10 pesos load was loaded It’s really redeeming load [music] I will share about PeraSwipe app It’s free from playstore for android only What’s this app? It gives you points every time you unlock your phone Let’s try it Once you unlock it It’ll be like this It shows you advertisements You don’t have to click those I just showed you Unlock it and you’ll get 3 points You can do it multiple times 3 points only per unlock There are bonuses too What are the bonuses 167 times a day you unlocked your phone you’ll get 500 points or 5 pesos the next day It also has events These are just small events 10 points only or 20 points Once you join one yu’ll just type any comment like “friday party” and you’ll get 10 points 10 points per event you can only do it once a day it has that once a day If you swipe up and down IF you swiped for 100 times you’ll get 100 points tomorrow there are bonuses What it’s doing is it’s free it’s being paid by clients giving advertisements they’re showing us the advertisements What can you redeem here? It’s not battery consuming it doesn’t close It’s running continously it’s not battery consuming anyway i tried it already What can you redeem here? Prepaid load of 10, 50, and 100 The more you will withdraw the lesser points you will need these are what you can redeem load Sodexo mobile pass I am not really familiar with this You will get mobile points or mobile pass here you’ll be able to redeem it that you can use in this stores If you unlock it’s like this If you have internet you’ll get points when you unlock What if your wifi is off You’ll see the advertisements are there but once you swipe that you’ll not get points Needs to connect to the internet That’s the only downside I saw Comment down your referral I will make a comment for that Go to Playstore Pera Swipe Search it Install it wait for it to finish installing It’s done installing Click on sign up Agree No one reads that anyway Input your cellphone number Next It’ll send phone verification it’ll send a text to your cellphone number You don’t need to have the sim with the same phone you’re registering next Fill up your basic information Let’s fill this up Next Once you sign up enter a referral anyone even if it’s not mine if you know someone who has this use theirs If there’s none do not skip this you’ll get 500 points or 5 pesos for this If you didn’t put any here you get nothing Once you login, your points is zero you’ll get nothing Enter any You can also use mine if you ahve nothing huggy212 Next That’s it You’re now registered Just keep on clicking the next that’s a tutorial You’re now registered The application is now installed in your phone If you liked the video Please click teh like button If you want to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel and click the bell to get notified for new online jobs Thank you

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100 thoughts on “How to get free load in globe smart sun TM in Philippines 2017

  1. You can also use this referral code for a bonus of 555 points "huggy212"
    Comment your "Referrals" here
    Subscribe Here:
    Second channel: << check nyo 2nd channel ko Videos yan ng mga murang kainan + commute guide

  2. Guys pls use nman po my refferal: genian :para madagdagan nman points koπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. 1.) Download Freenet on playstore
    2.) Register your number phone
    3.) click the buttons on the upper left corner of the apk
    4.) click the input code
    5.) put this code πŸ‘‰PJKJKH πŸ‘ Parehas tayo makakakuha ng 100mb kapag naka 200mb or 300mb pwede mo i load ng regular 😊 share ko lang baka makatulong

  4. matagal palang maka 2,300 for just 20 load kala ko pwede tadtaren haha pero ginamit ko yung refferal code nyo na hubby212

  5. Gusto mo agad makakuha ng 555 points sa Pera Swipe just by SIGNING UP? Gamitin mo referral id ko na ironsmann at may 555 points ka instantly makukuha upon sign up!!! HAPPY SWIPING!!

  6. Hi friends πŸ™‚ Wala ka bang load at gustong magkaload pang internet or png txt at call for free? mag download nang "freenet" sa google play store at gamitin ang referral code na H2VEDP para makakuha ng instant 100 mb/points at mako convert na load for globe/smart/sun πŸ˜€

  7. Hello po, gusto mo po bang makakuha ng FREE 555 load gad just by signing up? Well, ito na po ang paraan. Use my referral code, stephting to gain it as soon as you sign up. Happy Swiping!

  8. First download freenet in playstore and put this code: D9USMP and get 50 php load in smart globe sun

  9. Idol james ikaw lang yung channel na walang bahid ng kasinungalinan at clickbait πŸ˜‚ more power sayo maraming salamat

  10. Idol bakit ganun nung una pag unlock ko ng phone ko lumalabas mga ads ngayon pag inuunlock ko walang lumalabas na ads at sa mismong app

  11. Sir James active pa rin ba yung Pera swipe and need ba true information yung ilagay ko sa registration? thanks.

  12. Try nyo SnippetMedia legit talaga, pag masipag ka lang mag invite makakuha ka 100 load sa isang araw or mahigit pa. Try nyo code ko 146626.

  13. Referral code: rn005
    Thank you dito! May free 555 points kagad! Easy to use 😊 tip lang bagalan mag swipe dagdag points siya!

  14. My code is "parzival13" when you enter with this code you can claim "1200 points"buy signinh in with with my perapals I'd.

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