How to Get FREE FLIGHTS Using This Easy Credit Card System

Hola amigos, Jim here
from Spanish and Go your resource for learning real world
travel Spanish. And today I want to talk to you about how to fly
for free like May and I have done 27 times in the last two
years. So that’s 27 plane tickets we didn’t pay a dime for
and I’m going to show you how you can do the same thing.
So let’s get started. So first off I just want to say
that this video is mainly for people in the U.S. so sorry
everyone else but the benefits that are going to talk about
here are aimed at legal residents of the U.S.. So I wish
I knew about the stuff I’m going to tell you today years ago
because I didn’t realize that I was leaving hundreds if not
thousands of dollars on the table. And that’s basically
getting a rewards credit card. Now if that freaks me out don’t
leave just yet because if you know how
to use a credit card responsibly you will pay nothing extra.
You will reap all of the benefits and pay zero
interest and that life is good. You’ll be flying for free.
So as long as you can pay off your credit card there are tons
of opportunities for you to gain lots of points either for cash
back or to use for travel. And I’m going to tell you
exactly how we do it. So there’s really three main
credit cards that we use where we get the majority of our
points. And there’s one other one I’m going to tell you about
at the end of this video. But strategically using these
three credit cards that I’m going to tell you about gives us
all of the points we need to travel basically anywhere we
need to go throughout the year. So the first two credit cards
I’m going to tell you about have no annual fee and you’re
literally just leaving money on the table if you’re not using
these. And the first one is the Chase Freedom card. Now this is
the first rewards credit card that I got and I was shocked
by how much cash back I was able to earn. It was literally
an extra free four or five hundred dollars a year just
by strategically using this credit card. Straight off the
bat, you get 150 dollars cash back if you spend 500 dollars on
the card in the first three months of getting the card.
And in most cases this is pretty easy to do. It really was for me
because I was able to put my cell phone bill on there and all
my groceries and that basically took care of the five hundred
dollar requirement. But beyond that this card will
get you at least three hundred dollars back a year for travel
if you use it correctly. So the coolest thing about
this card is you can get 5 percent back on the rotating
categories they have throughout the year. You can get 5 percent
back on gas part of the year, 5 percent back and groceries
and sometimes restaurants and other things as well. So
if you use this card strategically and you make sure
that you maximize the 5 percent cash back categories you can
easily get three hundred dollars back a year. I pretty much maxed
out the benefit of this card every year by spending at
the places where the category gives you 5 percent back. So
I highly recommend this card to anyone who can pay a little
closer attention to where their money’s going and what to use
the card with. Now you’re going to get 1
percent back on everything anyways which is decent
but it’s not as good as the five percent which leaves me to the
next card. So the second travel rewards card that I got and that
I still use to this day is the freedom unlimited. So this card
is a little lower maintenance you get one and a half percent
back on absolutely everything. No limits. That’s the unlimited
part. And you also get some of the same great benefits like
when you sign up for the card you get a hundred and fifty
dollars back as long as you meet the 500 dollar spending
requirement within the first three months. Which again,
is pretty easy to do if you’re putting your bills on your
cards. Just make sure that you never carry a balance
and you pay off the card and you’re good. You won’t ever pay
anything extra for having these cards. And you might be thinking
getting another credit card just so you can get that extra half
a percent more is a little ridiculous. Maybe it is.
Maybe that’s not what everybody needs to do. But for me I still
use this card even though I also have the Chase Freedom card as
well as one other. And you’ll see how these cards
end up working together in just a moment. The third card I want
to tell you about is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.
Now this is the first rewards card I ever got that has an
annual fee. So to make sure that you can offset that card I’m
mainly recommend anyone who travels maybe three times
a year or more to get this card now right away. You can get
fifty thousand point bonus when you get this card as long
as you spend four thousand dollars in the first three
months. Now that’s a lot of money. It’s a lot more than
the other cards I mentioned where you only have to spend
five hundred dollars in the first three months to get
the bonus. But if you strategize and only get this card
when you’re ready to make a big purchase it can really pay off.
Now there’s an annual fee of 450 dollars but if you travel a lot
the benefits outweigh the fee you have to pay with this card.
First off you get 300 dollars and travel reimbursed every
year. So as long as you’re going on trips the first three hundred
dollars of any flight you pay for or even transportation by
bus can be reimbursed. Three hundred dollars every
year. So that basically brings the annual fee down to 150
dollars. How do you offset that? Well, there’s some other cool
benefits like you can get Global Entry and TSA PreCheck
basically for free. They’ll reimburse you the amount
that you pay to get Global Entry or TSA Precheck. And if you’ve
never heard a Global Entry before I’m going to leave a card
up above where you can check out our video about the benefits of
getting global entry. If you travel a lot I highly
recommend it. So the other benefits with this card are
you can get three points per dollar on dining out and travel
purchases. For me that’s a lot of money that I spend every year
because May and I eat out a lot and we travel a lot. So
it’s easy to accumulate lots of points just by using
this card when we go out to eat or if we have to pay for a bus.
And another huge benefit of this card is that all of your
points are worth 50 percent more when you reimburse them for
travel. So that means I can move over the points
from the Chase Freedom card and the Chase Freedom unlimited card
over to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and all of a sudden
there were 50 percent more. So basically now anytime I earn
any points on the Chase Freedom or the unlimited I move them
over to the Chase Sapphire reserve and they’re worth more
and we’re able to fly farther. So you’re 150 dollar bonus from
the earlier cards is actually worth 225 dollars by the time
you transfer the points over to the Sapphire Reserve. So
if you’re just starting out trying to travel more. It can be
a tough pill to swallow maybe it’s not worth while to get
the Sapphire Reserve for you but for us it’s been an awesome card
to have an addition to the other two that we have. So there’s one
more card I want to tell you about. And we just got it.
But it’s been really helpful for us since we own a business
and it’s the Chase Ink Business Preferred card. Now there is an
annual fee with this card. It’s ninety five dollars and if
you own a business it can be really helpful because you get
extra points for common business purchases especially online
business purchases like what May and I run with this channel.
And you get three times the points on things like
advertising online. But the sign up bonus is 80,000
points. So if you’re able to spend I think it’s four
or five thousand dollars in the first three months
you get that eighty thousand point bonus and meeting these
bonus requirements can sound ridiculous. Like we’re going
to come up with four or five thousand dollars in three
months? All you have to do to meet these spending
requirements is plan ahead before you even get the credit
card. Figure out how you’re going to spend the money to meet
that bonus requirement to be able to get the bonus
for the Freedom card and the Freedom Unlimited. I’d say it’s
pretty straightforward. You can just plan to put all
your bills on a credit card and it’s fairly easy to meet the
spending requirement that way. But when you’re talking about
these bigger spending requirements like four or five
thousand dollars in three months you really have to plan ahead.
What we do is plan on getting the cart around the time that we
already plan on making some larger purchases.
Any equipment that we need we plan out in advance. Ok if we’re
going to get into the camera it might be two three thousand
dollars. Or a new computer. New computers for both May
and I. That basically meets the spending requirement rate there.
We just planned that out in advance and make sure we’re
able to meet the spending requirement to get the bonus.
And it’s totally worthwhile because 80,000 points can go a
really long way. So as I mentioned earlier
in the video May and I have been able to get 27 plane tickets in
the last two years just using points alone. We’re not rich.
We’re not super high income. We have pretty average salaries
or we did before we left are regular jobs and started this
channel. But I’d say most people in the U.S. can benefit at least
from one of the cards mentioned in the video. There’s many
benefits to using a credit card over paying cash or debit.
And as long as you pay off the account every month there’s
nothing to worry about. So if you think any of these
cards can help you travel more. Check out the links in the
description. If you end up applying for one of the cards
and getting it through the link you’re actually help our channel
quite a bit. So if you enjoyed this video guys don’t forget to
Like and Subscribe for more travel and Spanish tips.
And remember El Camino es el Destino. The journey is the
destination. So we’ll see eachother soon.

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