How to fix a computer that won’t start and gives 4 beep BIOS error code

hello I am Wanderer001 and as you
might have guessed from the title of this video I recently ran into the issue
of well my computer not starting so what I’m going to do is show you the steps
that I took in diagnosing what the particular problem was with the computer
so to start I’ll start the computer so you can hear and see what I saw and
heard when I first ran into my issue so * 4 short beeps * 4 short beeps what you see there is the computer
refuses to start and denotes a four beep tone BIOS code as well as it kicks the
fan up now step one you’re going to want to look up what that BIOS code is now
the problem is if you don’t have a smart phone or another computer to check what
the BIOS code stands for you’re going to run into a little bit of trouble now in
my case I know that this particular BIOS code is indicating that there is
something wrong with my RAM so what I have to do is turn the computer or close
the computer flip it over and access the RAM in to access the RAM in the back of
a laptop generally you’re going to have a large panel like this or maybe a
smaller panel to just access the ramp this is the Dell XPS 17 so I have a
single door panel with a single screw you’re going to want to get yourself
some like eyeglass screwdrivers in order to access I already took this off and
what you’re seeing now is with my particular computer I have two hard
drive spaces and here are the two RAM sets now what you’re going to do is
since it was telling you one of these RAM was not working correctly so the
easiest thing to do is first you take them both out and again your particular computer might
vary as to how you do this make sure not to touch any of the connections
obviously because what we’re going to do is once we take the RAM out we’re going
to flip the computer over again and try and start it up and make sure that the
BIOS code still says that it’s a RAM issue as opposed to a possible
motherboard issue alright so here I’ve opened the computer back up looked it
over I’ve left the door off because it’ll be easier for the next action as
well as this action so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to turn on the
computer and listen to the BIOS code * 2 short beeps * 2 short beeps alright and through my research before I
know that that particular code is indicating that it is still a RAM issue
does not motherboard issue so now we’re going to seat individually the RAM
sticks to see which RAM stick is giving us the issue what you’ll do next is grab
one of your RAM sticks and you will insert it back into the RAM slot ever so
gingerly or however your particular computer requires you to slip it back in
again the removal and insertion process will be slightly different based on what
type of computer you have after you have the RAM stick inserted you flip the
computer over open it up again and start it up in this case the particular ram stick
that i grabbed is the functional one as opposed to the non-functional one but
just to be sure you’ll let this fully boot up make sure that everything is
working check either your system settings or however you want to check to
see if the RAM is actually being read correctly so I know that I have two
separate four gigabytes sticks and you’re going to double check and make sure that
it is reading four gigs after that we’ll flip the computer back
over check the other Ram stick in the same slot and see if the BIOS code pops
up again I’m just being really lazy here and not using a screen capture just
using the camcorder checking in ccleaner I can see that it
is reading the full four gig of that particular RAM stick so I know that this
is a good Ram stick so I powered down the computer flipped it back over what
we’re going to do to make doubly sure is we’re going to remove this particular
bit of RAM and place it with the other RAM stick just to make sure that it’s
actually that particular RAM that’s okay and this is the bad one it just might be
the luck of the draw you might start with a bad one and have to find the good
one but we’ll find out in a minute okay just like before flip the computer over
and okay so we’ve located our faulty RAM stick now if you wanted to make triple e
quadruple assure you can take the good Ram stick and try it in the other RAM
slot just to make sure that there’s no issues there as well I’ve already done
that I know it’s not a particularly it is just a bad RAM stick next up is you
were going to have to replace the faulty Ram stick with one that actually works
now there’s always going to be some information on your RAM stick to give
you an idea of what you should be looking for in my case I was able to
you locating exact OEM copy of this guy here and I’ll be able to replace a
single RAM stick however if you’re unsure of your particular RAM stick it
is always a good idea to buy them in sets if you’ve got more than two if
you’ve got four you’re going to want to buy four if you’ve got like I do in to
you by two if you replace only one and they’re not exactly the same and there’s
a lot of things that would make it not exactly the same and this is not a video
for that you could cause more problems than you’re fixing so if you can’t find
the exact make and model that you have of the RAM stick get replace all of them
yes it might be a little pricey but it’s still going to be cheaper than buying a
whole new computer or taking it to Best Buy
so with that said we’ll replace the missing RAM slot here and show you the
results so here we’re looking at the new RAM stick which will install and after
we do that we’ll flip the computer over leaving the back cover exposed because
if this doesn’t work we’ll have to get a different Ram stick or we will have to
replace both the RAM sticks again I’m trying to cheat and got the exact same
specs as the currently working an old RAM stick hoping that I will not have to
buy two as I just need this computer to last me a little longer in one so leave
the back panel off in case we have to get back in here we’re going to flip it
over boot it up and see one if it turns on without giving us a BIOS beep code
and two if the computer actually registers that there are in fact eight
gigs instead of four gigs of RAM now all right and here is the initial startup all right so no BIOS beeps which is
always a good sign at this point I’m going to pause the recording and not
make you sit through the actual entire boot up so waiting for booting and it
does seem that the computer is hung up on this screen here I do have mouse
control however it’s not fully booting into Windows so we’re going to flip it
over and take a look at what’s going on okay so to save a little time I did not
reset the camera so you could see me fiddling in the back what I did was I
took out the existing good RAM stick just so I can test and make sure that
the new RAM stick that I got is actually functioning correctly so no BIOS beep
going to sit and let it boot up and we’ll find out soon enough if that was
the cause so what happened with that little black screen with it refusing to
fully boot into Windows that was not necessarily the case of theme was not
necessarily caused by the RAM itself I believe because this computer is on its
way out and has given me nothing but trouble since I’ve gotten it um it was
the computer hardware as opposed to the new RAM stick all I had to do was take
out the new RAM stick restart the computer in safe mode shut down the
computer put the new stick back in restart the computer and I’m brought to
the windows screen where you know it went through its full boot cycle it
logged in and once again being a little lazy but you can see there now that the
computer is registering eight gigabytes of RAM originally what I had and what I
was trying to get back to once you’re satisfied that the computer actually is
registering the new RAM all that’s left for you to do is turn the computer back
over close up the back panel or panels depending on your computer and you’re
good to go so hopefully you found this in some way shape or form helpful I
figured I would throw together a quick video as this happened to me and thought
hey maybe I could help somebody else out there who’s having similar problems I do
realize that the filming editing whatever it’s not gonna be great because
I just threw this out there as it was happening to me so this wasn’t
something that I set up for so if you have any questions or comments please
leave them in the area below I will try to answer them to the best of my
abilities I have been Wanderer001 thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “How to fix a computer that won’t start and gives 4 beep BIOS error code

  1. hi my Inspiron n7010 starts up it goes to the start up boot screen and when I press continue my computer Beeps one time and restarts

  2. Friend I have the same problem, ram memories that have the laptop put them on another laptop and they work without any problem, then the ram memories of the other laptop put it on my laptop and follow the same problem of 4 beeps, which can be the problem? I have with the problem more than 3 months and I can not repair it, please help.

  3. in my case my 2 ram sticks isn't working. i test my ram one by one and its still gives me 4beeps. how sad. 🙁

  4. Thanks Wanderer001, my dell xps desktop gave me this scary 4 beep tone without booting up, sending me into a panic. I followed your instructions by accessing the ram. Gave the inside a good blast of Dust Off to remove cobwebs and other unwelcomed hijibijis that took up illegal residence. Took out all 4 ram sticks, switched the comp back on, and got the 2 beeps this time. so i knew it was something to do with my ram sticks. Tested 2 at a time, and the computer booted, repeated the 2 with the other slots, and it booted. then started adding the remaining 2 sticks 1 at a time and it booted up, checked the system control panel and its now reading 16gb. Thanks, your clip was so helpful and solved my problem. Saved $ and a trip to best buy.

  5. First of all,thank you for the great video.My inspiron 3521 was beeping 4 times so I removed both rams from the slot. First time I turned it on it gave me 7 beeps . But after that it has given only 4 beeps with or without ram .
    Someone PLEASE HELP.
    Is this a ram issue ?
    Edit : I had opened it after more than 1 month , it started up and I was playing music but then switched off after 5 mins.I was not in the room when that happened , so not sure if it showed some error msg.

  6. that laptop is dell n411z/14z i have it too but i just want to know how to remove the bios system password so i can make it possible to sell it

  7. my friend's Toshiba satellite pro a300 does 2 medium length beeps when she turns it on and her cpu on it is constantly at 100% despite her not having much running. really need ur help as being visually impaired it can scare us if we don't know if it will do it.

  8. I have a Toshiba, its doing that same shit kinda. When it have the ram stick the computer turn on, does 4 beeps and turn itself off. When i remove both stick the computer stays on but no screen or anything, i imagine is bad ram but i dont have any other ram to test it with and both sticks seem to be mess up.

  9. My both ram stick wont work on first slot still beeping and on other slot no beep but still display doest turn on, Thank you

  10. Ok my laptop is new and anyway the charger us bad in the computer so it he cord is always in any way so I turned it on it went Beep loudly only one then shuts of and my charger is hot

  11. On dell vostro 1450 i was having a similar beeping sound ..just make sure that ram fits perfectly in its slot with a clicking sound it will work , service centre guy was asking a almost 25% of laptops current value for repair , all i did was as a final try pressed it hard into the slot it made a click sound , u know its a new slot so more effeort is needed to fit the ram there now laptop works like a breeze superfast ..

  12. my friend got this problem and just blew away some dust and then updated his computer fully becouse it ended halfway in an update

  13. I have a dell Inspiron mini 1018 it beeping like this 4 times but again I boot
    my laptop it working properly

  14. So I tried checking which is the bad RAM and when putting in the one it beeps four times still and when I try the other it only beeps twice and still doesn’t boot… any suggestions

  15. I’ve got a Fujitsu workstation and only 2 beeps- I heard that it’s probably because my RAM has been shot but I’m not sure ?
    And if so, what to do ?

  16. Best bet if it is a dell Throw it out a 5 story window LOL Dell is worst pc I ever owned, But 4 beeps is 99.9% likely is the ram issue and in my case I removed the ram and held power button 30 seconds and placed battery back in without any ram and powered it up and no beep, so I then placed the old ram back in to make sure it had a good connection with pushing ram stick in tight . In my case it booted up with no 4 beeps and so far running like it should. So try that before you buy new ram stick.

  17. Dell laptop not work 4 beeps. Went to tech and it starts to work. Gone to coffee shop and it embarrassed me with beep again.

  18. That fixed mine that had water spilled on it today I’ve dried it out took it apart and checked ram thanks for your help!

  19. My laptop during the night made a 4 or 8 beeping noise and i decided to fix it later, but when i started it up it suddenly started working again. How do i pervent this to happen again?

  20. Thank you SO much!
    This is a topic never mentioned, and it's so important to recognize those beeps, I had no idea!!

  21. Will the computer work with only the one working Ram or are both required? I'm just trying to extend the life a tiny bit longer and don't really want to spend any more on this computer. Thanks 🙂

  22. Thank u! my problem was also with the ram…
    I turned around the laptop took out my ram and put it back and it worked!

  23. I was bored so i drilled through my RAM, After i tried turning My project laptop on and it did this, now i feel like a retard for it

  24. Whats funny is as soon as the problem came up, his video came up & that's the same laptop as mine a Dell XPS L720

  25. Did you fixed that ?? Bro pls i need help, ich bought a new cpu and installed it. First it goes on and after 5 sek it goes off, ovr and over and over . After a few times it beeps 4 times but on the screen ist nothing. I did all kind of fixes but not even one of them helped me.

  26. Nigga I actually shit my pants when I heard my bepps 😂 it’s 3 in the morning and my lights where off

  27. Thanks alot I catch the problem because of you. My both RAM are good.
    But due toone of the RAM Slot my laptop not able to start and beeps 4 times.
    Please tell what to do ?

  28. I pressed and held the fn+D btn then the power btn. I saw a multi coloured flashing screen then nothing. After doing this 2-3 times I heard 4 beeps, tested 2 rams now beep is gone, but there is still a blank screen. Help please.

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