How to find Cheap Flights

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8 thoughts on “How to find Cheap Flights

  1. My credit card (referral link, thank you!):

  2. Thank you! I have to fly to Minnesota to visit family several times a year so I’m always looking for flying tips lol. But I’m moving to Duluth Minnesota next year! If you have any favorite Minnesota places would love to hear about it

  3. Be careful with hidden city ticketing (staying in layover city), airlines are really starting to crack down on it. You can lose your miles and status with an airline, and one airline actually took someone to court.

  4. warning about skiplagged……. if they gate check your carry on against your will, you are screwed because it will go to the final destination that you dont plan to go to

  5. You should do some vlogs about adventures around Minnesota! I would love to see those and your videos with Amber are always really funny too!

  6. I also use Google flights when I start researching for a flight, but then I usually skip to Skyscanner because Google Flights as you said doesn't show many companies.

  7. I know your videos are primarily about traveling, but (and this is totally my personal bias/preference – so take it for what it is) I find story-centered pieces more compelling (i.e. the market is saturated with travel bloggers as well as a ton of bloggers who talk about what "it's like" to live in a different country.) That said, I'm pretty sure there isn't a blogger out there who changes the spotlight from themselves to interviewing or collecting stories from people around the world who have created a life living nomadically or re-located to another country/culture. You started to do that a little bit and I think that's an interesting project b/c it's less dependent on you creating all this content out of your own experience and instead showcasing others' experience. If it took off – it would possibly enable you to travel to meet and interview these people – but starting with people who have moved from another country to Minnesota/U.S.A. would be possible too… You already have a massive network to do so… and I'm happy to give you some of my contacts as well :).). Just a random thought from that weird lady in New Zealand who keeps leaving really long comments ;).

  8. For youth (under 26) and students out there, there is a site called student universe that offers discounted flights. I got a flight from Omaha Nebraska to Luleå Sweden for $650. I am not positive, but I think you can also still get discounts if you are neither a student or youth, not confirmed though … I will find out in one month ^.^ …. :/

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