How to Clean the IDP Smart 50s ID Card Printer

Hi, I’m Nick and today I’m going to show you how to run an autonomous clean on the Smart 50s printer. All you need for this is the IDP Smart long cleaning card. For this procedure we’re going to keep the printer on. And now you’re ready to start the cleaning process. This is pretty straightforward as there are on-screen instructions and detailed diagrams showing you exactly what you need to do. When you finish each stage, press “next” be careful, as you should be ready for the next stage as soon as you do so. So don’t go making a cup of coffee in between this. First, we’re going to open the control panel on the computer connected to your printer. We’re going to go to devices and printers. Then select your IDP Smart printer. Right click on the icon. Click “printer properties”. Select the “services” tab on the top right hand corner. And select “clean printer”. So, now we’re going to open the top of the printer. And remove the ribbon cartridge. Now, we open the hopper. Take out the cards. So now that is done, we’re going to take the cleaning card out of the packet. And place it, in the card hopper. When the card is in all the way, close the top cover. You’ll notice that the cleaning card has got dark marks on it. This is a good thing, sometimes the darker the better because that means it’s been a thorough clean. Which means you’ll be able to print
to the highest quality, and hopefully extend the lifetime of your printer. So there we go. Please let us know how you get on in the comment section below. And please don’t forget to subscribe for more how-to videos. So it’s good bye for now, thanks for watching, see you next time. See you next time. Why do it? Why do that?! [You always ruin a perfectly good take.] [Shall we go one more time Nick?] NO! I demand that be kept in!

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