How to Clean the Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer

Hi, I’m Adam and in todays video I’m going to be showing you how to clean the Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer. For this cleaning cycle we’re going to be using the 89200 cleaning kit. Inside the kid, you’ll receive the cleaning instructions alcohol cleaning cards cleaning pads printhead cleaning swabs and the adhesive cleaning cards. To maintain a high quality print, Fargo recommend that you clean the HDP5000 on a regular basis. To prep the printer, the first task we need to do is to remove both the input and output card hoppers like so. Once the hoppers are removed we now need to remove the ribbon and film cartridges like so. First thing, open the panel at the front of the printer and press down on the blue button for the cartridge release. The next step now is to remove the adhesive backing from both sides of the card. If your printer has a magnetic encoder installed do not remove the small linear strip from the adhesive card. The next step now is to insert the adhesive card into the input hopper, like so. From your computer, go to devices and printers. Right click on the HDP5000 printer. Click printing preferences, toolbox. Then, click the clean printer tab and finally, click the clean button. We’re now going to use the non-alcohol cleaning card. The first thing we need to do is open the printer by pressing the panel button down, at the front. Next up, is to remove the cleaning card
from the packaging. Once removed, the final step is to insert the cleaning card into the cleaning rollers, like so. Fargo suggests running this part of the cleaning cycle every 3,000 printed cards. Now, keep hold of the cleaning card with one hand and with the other hand press down on the forward button for ten seconds. Continue holding the card one hand, and with the other hand press down on the backward button for ten seconds. Once completed, simply feed the card through the printer by pressing the
forward button completely letting go of the card. Keep hold of the forward button until the cleaning card completely exits the printer, like so. Now, for the printhead cleaning swabs. We need to disconnect the power supply to the printer. First thing you need to do is take the cleaning swab out of the packaging, and squeeze the tip like so. We’re now going to place the cleaning swab across the top of the printhead like so. Moving back and forth on numerous occasions. Before we give the printer casing a clean we need to insert the ribbon and film cartridges and also pop the input and output card hoppers back into place. When inserting the cartridges make sure they’re fully inserted until you hear the click sound like so. Once the cartridges are inserted simply drop the input hopper back into place connect the output hopper to the side of the machine like so. Next up, close the printer lid and remove one of the cleaning pads
from the packaging. Once the cleaning pad is opened up we’re now going to give the printer a thorough clean like so. If you have any questions, give our support team a call on 0161 475 5346 Or email; [email protected] Thanks again for watching, and see you soon.

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