How to buy NGC on NAGA WALLET (using Credit/Debit Card)

Good afternoon fellow NAGA Community,
crypto traders and investors. My name is Severyn, and I’m a part of the
NAGA Support team. In this video, I’m going to guide you through the process
of buying NAGA Coins on the NAGA WALLET platform. First of all you have to sign in to your Account, or register if you haven’t done so. On the Main page of Accounts, you will have two options: First, is to Buy NAGA Coin (With credit card or cryptos) Second – Changelly’s Buy BTC and Altcoins and +90 Tokens Select the first one, and press on the blue button – Buy Now You will have three options of how to buy NGC. First is: Buy NGC with credit card or debit card; second – Buy NGC with BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH or BCH; and the third is: Deposit NGCs from wallets/exchanges. Let’s click on the first one. A pop-up will appear, with basic information on buying NGC with a credit card. You will have two bars: First is: Your Funding Amount, You can select between Euros and US Dollars – I will select the latter. I am going to be spending $10 on my NAGA Coin purchase. The second bar, provides a current exchange rate, and it gives us the sum of the NAGA Coin amount, that we are going to receive for our $10 of investment. For $10, we will receive 25.6NGC When you’re happy with your amount – press the red Submit button. You
will be redirected to your personal information page, where you have to
provide your basic information, such as: your name, address, country, and the phone number. Let’s click on Next. We are redirected to an online payment form. We have to provide our
credit card number, Expiration date, Card verification value, as well as a Full Name on the Card. “You will be charged $10” Let’s press on Complete Transaction! Processing Transaction. Great! We have a message saying: “Hooray! You bought NAGA Coins!” “25.6NGC have been credited to your wallet” “That worked!” “Your
token will instantly appear on your NAGA Coin Wallet account!” “Refresh the wallet
page to be super sure” Press “Go to NAGA WALLET.” You can click on Transaction History. The top transaction is 10 USD; Method: Credit Card; Payment date: 11:47AM – two minutes ago; Status: Confirmed. I would like to congratulate you on our first NAGA Coin purchase through the NAGA WALLET! The process was very easy, and I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you guys, especially new crypto users, and new people to the NAGA Ecosystem! I hope this video was very informative! Thank you all for your attention and for your time! See you next time! Bye!

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