How to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card or Debit Card in Nigeria

hi this is Jude and in this video I’ll
be showing you how to buy bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria there are about
five exchanges to buy bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria and in this video
I’ll be showing you how to buy bitcoin with credit card on products step by
step I’ll give you an overview of other exchanges to which you can buy bitcoin
with credit card so let’s begin so buy bitcoin on products with credit card or
debit card the first thing you do is a sign up
I left a link in the description below through which you can sign up please
note that our link is an ugly thing which means that if you sign up using
the link we get small commission therefore we will appreciate if you use
the link to sign up once you sign up you may see verify accounts this push us is
simple of widows of walk you through that once your account is verified in
your log in what you do next is the click on wallet there are two major steps to buy Bitcoin
on peanuts first is the phone genera wallets and second is to buy Bitcoin or
any of these other currencies using the money in your narrow wallets
so go ahead and fold our wallets note that I have Superman are already mine
our wallets so I’m gonna add I’m gonna fund it with ten thousand there to do
this we click on deficits then you scroll down and click on car payments
note that there are other metals true chicken phone genera bullets
besides continents but for this video we want to know how to fund using car so
click on car payments there’s food and fear email address phone number and
enter the amounts you want to buy in Mara note that a minimum the minimum
amount is suit InDinero and the maximum is 10 million error per day so enter
$10,000 here and click on P so it shows in this summary of what I’m going to P
over P 10,000 114 earn the extra 114 error is process fee charged by the
payment processor in this case floats away I’ll go ahead and enter my card
number one sex is done I click on P then proceed this interface is to verify
that if an account belongs to me here I will have to enter a token number if I
have it had we’re talking excellent hardware if I don’t have it happens okay
and I wanted to consent to my phone number I select soft to him so here I
said let’s stop talking and I’ll click on generate so and click on Sonics thank
you for your payments then I will be redirected to play tax so you can see I
have funded my wallet with ten thousand air and the money has left my pocket
cards that is how simple it is to fund your wallets now the second step is so
bi bit confusing the money in my wallets you have to measure metals of mine be
point on Felix one is at an instant by itself the order is re exchanging at an
instant my cell you’ll be charged want the sense when you buy at the exchange
you’ll be charged 0.2% on your bar so I will right ahead
and buy other extreme how to exchange I come to right on site
and select Bitcoin again snare because I want to buy bitcoin with naira note that
I can buy Bitcoin I can buy key theorem or report lights of an era here so but
since wants buy Bitcoin expected coin again snare I did another video why
where I explain these things office and how to use it
I didn’t a complete overview a Museum of playbacks
I will also leave a link to that video in the description so that you can check
it out but in this case we are only interested in buying Bitcoin so I’ll
scroll down to where it says place order and select markets here how enter the
amounts of this one I want to buy in this case $10,000 because it will show
me the equivalent here to the point zero two seven five eight sixty I click on
buy became this a success as simple as that I have both big condo if I go back
to wallet now I will sit a bit coin in my Bitcoin wallets you can see here I
have 9987 error with a bit phone this is the $10,000 of Bitcoin – little point to
traverse on feet the point is about 20 there so – twin Tamera is what I have
here note that in the you know today I had about seven seven area
so this is simply how you buy ink on here I can now send with I can receive
Connie borders is my wallets or send Bitcoin to another wallets to to sell
Bitcoin and have the money and have the money in my bank accounts I just really
process the other way I go to the exchange or inside myself
sorry Bitcoin have the money in my naira wallets and we throw the money to my
bank accounts once I withdraw within one units at Lewis fry canoes I had the
money in my bank accounts this is how you buy and sell Bitcoin or pre-tax with
credit card there are other exchanges we can buy this corner pinnacle Nigeria
like I said I’m going to give you summary of them one of them which is
very similar so we Dax is Luna Luna was before withers was the process of buying
Bitcoin and Luna is the same as buying it cotton peanuts
euphonium our wallets with an from banana audits you go to the exchange or
instant buy sell and buy a Bitcoin me another exchange where you can buy
bitcoin with credit card is coin directs when you log on to corner X as I’ve
logged in here you should come you click on buy then
you select the card swiper using in this case I’m using the naira credit card I
enter the amounts in there if I ever $10,000 gonna give me this it shows me
the equivalents in Bitcoin then I click on buy what happens here is
that I don’t go to the exchanges I just click on by putting my car details and
the money will just up here in my Bitcoin wallets over here the same thing
goes for change the change Lozada is chained to a combined Bitcoin 30 degrees
credit card once I log on so friendly I click on buy a bit called credit card
protection to these points here I enter I choose USD in this case since Mary is
not supported here but your debits your narrative bit card can be used because
the money will be converted to the dollar equivalents I answer my vision
address here so I can go straight to you know pay tax Bitcoin dot info get my
people are dressed place it here click on continue and so my car details once
that is done the baseball is sent to my to the Bitcoin address that I provided
so these are the s changes where you can buy bitcoin with credit card in bacteria
they are so many other exchange rate impractical both not all of them are
sets dinero debit card so here I’m focused
only on the neurons debit card to sign up with a nervous test in this you can
use the link in the description below please know that that link is an
opportunity which means that when you sign up
I mind gets Commission this is how you buy Bitcoin
credit card in Nigeria if you have not subscribed to this content yet I
incorporated too soon because we put out on some contents like this and three
although week you can also check out some of our own videos see you in my
next video alright

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