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79 thoughts on “How I Use the Grace Period to Avoid Paying Interest/Push Payments Back

  1. hey dear missbehelpful question i have a500$ limit credit card and its my first credit card and thats the only credit card i have and i just wanna know that do i should apply for another one would that be help full for me to improve my credit score response will be greatly appreciated thank you.

  2. hi, I am curious on your opinion of David ramsay. he is not an advocate for credit cards at all and it seems like you are if using responsibly. would like to see if you can land a call in his show and debate about this subject. would be interesting and educational for myself and many others to make our decision on credit cards. thank you and great info.

  3. that don't sound right? my master card has 52 days interest free from day of purchase, so bi-weekly I pay between $800.00 to $1000.00. I use internet banking so once per month my minimum payment of $45.00 is cancelled by the payment mentioned above. I have automatic payments like insurance home and car plus health, taken from my credit card, so no overdue fees on my savings account. just a simple transfer every two weeks, interest free budget friendly banking. I also pay everything on card. every cent is itemized on my computer whenever I log into my bank. I use the banks money, my next payment is not due to next month, but I will be putting a $1000.00 in there next week. so like I never have to pay interest ever! and I never have to go without. its just common sense,

  4. So, we should let our billing period end with some balance left on it, THEN pay it off once the statement comes in? (Of course as long as we pay it off before the due date, just after we get the statement) in order to improve our credit score and show the bureaus we have history and are able to make payments on time, right? This is how I'm understanding it..

  5. I am sorry any confusion. I was asking what time or date of the month is best to have a due date. The 15th, the 28th, the 1st. Etc.

  6. Hi there, I just came across your channel and was wondering if you have any information on good agencies to consolidate your school loans?

  7. I have a question. If i do a purchase with a credit card today and payoff my total purchase tomorrow or that same day, do i still get credit?? Or should i wait a couple of days??

  8. I've  seen some videos and  some people  are saying  that  banks  are being  sneaky  and  saying  that  the  bill wasn't paid in full so there now  starting  to charge from  the whole bill x  interest rate  plus the next time  you use your card.

    So  how do you like  your Jet blue card?  do you travel on company business?

    I  applied  for my fourth credit card  Nov  the 4th  I  have the Venture card 2x on all purchases.

  9. How long into the billing cycle do you want to wait before you pay of your cc so that it starts to improve you credit score? Ty! : )

  10. hi. I got a question. let's say I purchased something during my billing cycle. I payed that off. but what happens if I make another purchased on the next cycle but it's not passed the due date on my payment cycle of my last cycle yet do I have to pay that off too.

  11. I just use my credit cards like a debit card by prepaying or paying purchases off within 24 hours. If I don't have the cash I don't buy.
    Never paid a late fee.
    I don't even know the grace period or late fee.
    And I own stock in Visa and MasterCard because of obvious reasons.

  12. if i spend lets say 200$ during my statement balace, and the day after my statement date i spend 300$…do i have to pay 500$ on the due date to avoid interest charges?

  13. My due date is on the 28th, my opening day is on the 4th, and my closing day is on the 3rd on what days do you suggest i wait to purchase something to avoid interest?

  14. Does the Grace Period also count money you get out of the ATM in Cash or only things you pay directly with your Credit Card? Thanks

  15. Is it just me or do these people on these vids talk too fast? Maybe just me but could you slow down???? Lol

  16. my statement came out on the 17th and on the 18th my debit post. for 169.00 and i payed off on the 18th will my utilization be high and they report on the 20th

  17. Well said, this was information I totally didn't care about when using my credit cards. I would just pay it in full a couple days before due date and never considered statement closing dates. I'm glad I found you, Your awesome with great financial advice. I will subscribe 🙂 Happy Holidays (: Ricky D

  18. What's the difference between the statement balance and current balance? I always pay my statement balance in full before my due date and the credit card company always charges me interest! Is it because I am only paying my statement balance and not the current balance before the due date?

  19. @missbehelpful Hi, I'm so confused. I've watched several videos from different ppl & even though you're the easiest to understand, I'm still lost. For an increase in credit score, do i pay the full balance: on the due date, on the billing closing date, a few days before the billing closing date, or, pay majority by the closing date and the balance by the due date???

  20. Credit card rules. 1. Always pay off in full. 2. Know the end oF your statement date because this is your true due date! 3. Paying interest is the worst. If you have a rewards card and you plan on taking advantage never leave a balance or else it will never work for you. 4. Never miss a payment! I'd rather not eat for a day to come up with the very least my minimum payment. 5. Read everything! They are banks! They are in the business of making money off you! 6. Reading and understanding the statement. 7. A dumb decision can ruin your adult life. That big screen tv will be cheaper 8 months from now. 8. Credit Reports are extremely important because it's used by companies to determine what kind of human being are you. 9. Never live beyond your means. Don't spend money you don't have. 10. If you got this far then you have a decent chance of living a good life.

  21. Maybe I've missed something, but is it better to leave a balance on your closing date or is it just as fine to show $0 owed by the closing date? My statement dates are from 19th of one month to 18th of the next and my due date is on the 15th so I'm a bit confused on what's better for my credit to maximize and when to pay it off exactly

  22. I’m confused.. mine says 5/28/18 to 6/27/18 and will be paid on the 27th of the following month. does it means the due date is on the 27th as well? I checked the cc provider site and it says that next payment amount will be confirmed around 7th of July. what does it means?

  23. I listened to similar videos about this topic from the BeatTheBush Channel (which isn't as easy to follow as MissBeHelpful:-) and everything explained here is definitely true BUT you must have no carry over balance before attempting to do this because it will mess things up. The whole idea of the Grace Period can be used to your advantage only when you have a zero balance on the card OR if you did carry over a charge to the next billing cycle, BeatTheBush channel suggests waiting 2 months to be sure after you've made these payments so the interest charged from the purchases aren't carrying over into your Grace Period. Simply put, try this with a brand new card or one that has a ZERO balance for at least 2 months:-)

  24. Yes because the answer that i have received was, (She is Dominican) Sounds like someone answered me on her behalf. Just saying ;- )

  25. Thank you my dear for clearing that out. By the way, your a nice smart and cute girl. I would love to have a conversation with you while enjoying a nice glass of wine. What do you say.

  26. I was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Brooklyn then went to Puerto Rico and now in Pembroke Pines FL

  27. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    That strategy is perfect if money is tight and you need an extra month, or if you have some investment that could benefit that money right away.

  28. How can you check to see if your credit card have a grace period? I have my card for more than one year the Chase Ink I don't know if I still have the grace period or not or maybe I never have them. Right now my credit card balance is $6500 and they charge interst rate more than $100 every month. I want to ask you that did they charge the interst based on my purchase or current balance or both? Thank you so much.

  29. wow, love your work sweety, all the way from Australia…..**checks my latest credit card bill using your principles! **

  30. Hi Yanely, my payment due date is the 13th of each month and my billing period is from the 17th to the 16th. So my most recent billing period is from 11/17/18 to 12/16/18. I just made purchase on 12/11/18 and 12/13/18 so I have to pay back the full amount on January 13th 2019 in order to avoid interest right? Thank you so much.

  31. I got it thanks 😊😊. What I did in order to understand was using the dates of my credit card billing cycle. 😊😊

  32. What she didnt mention is that some credit card comapnies only give you a grace period after you pay off your card 2 months in a row.

  33. If I have a zero balance at statement date but carry a balance past my due date which would be technically from the next billing period, would I be charged interest? If my bill due is zero but I have a balance for the next cycle? Thanks


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