How I Paid Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt in 6 Months

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100 thoughts on “How I Paid Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt in 6 Months

  1. SO EXCITED!!!! Finally made some serious progress 💘💘 hope this video is interesting or helpful!! TIME STAMPS BELOW:
    0:00 – intro
    2:01 – how I got into 10k of credit card debt
    5:30 – get serious and commit to a debt payoff plan
    6:30 – balance transfers
    7:23 – track your income and expenses & create a budget
    7:59 – pay more than minimum payments (debt snowball vs debt avalanche)
    9:04 – find extra money to use toward debt (cut your spending and/or make more money!)
    11:18 – I have definitely increased my income (+ my estimated total income for 2019)
    12:50 – what percentage of my income goes toward debt?
    14:35 – how much did I pay each month?
    16:40 – my debt payoff hype song lmfao
    17:36 – how do you resist lifestyle inflation / spending more as you earn more?
    18:43 – how do you stay motivated during debt payoff?
    19:57 – what was the most helpful way to think about the process of paying off debt?
    20:33 – are you saving while paying off debt?
    21:13 – what’s next? Pay off my student loans! + my current total loan balance
    22:49 – how has your credit score changed?
    23:24 – did you still use credit cards while paying them down?
    24:46 – what do you recommend for young people regarding credit cards and student loans?

  2. I have such high balances I would need two cards to transfer one high balance card over cause they only allow me so much credit. Is that worth doing?

  3. The whole concept of using credit cards and ending up with thousands is just too much to grasp for my European brain.

  4. Tiffany! I needed this to get me in the game of paying off my debts. I only had like 1100 in credit card debt thankfully and I just payed off 700 of it. I'll do the rest next month. I also I'm an "independent contractor" so all of my saving is actually for taxes which is a bummer but maybe once my credit cards are payed off I can actually start saving. I never really looked at the interest I was paying and on my Firestone credit card it was all interest basically so I payed that one off first. I have just under 3000 on my Sallie Mae loan and just under 30000 in Federal loans. Once my credit cards are payed off I'll tackle Sallie Mae. Let's go!!!!

  5. I’m your age and I’ve been doing the same thing, paying off my debt! So far $5000 in 3 month paid! Thank you for making this!

  6. This video made me take my financial issues more seriously. I hit rock bottom earlier last month, I hope I can build up from the start and prosper like you did soon.

  7. Hey can you do a video about the Girlbimbo, clairo, ur mom ashley style have? I have tried look it up but it seems it doesn’t have a name yet
    Like if you want to see this so tiffany sees it pleasee

  8. I loved watching your video because it's the first realistic one I've seen with the amount of debt you have in student loans and your income. Thank you for being real 👏

  9. This video was super inspiring! You always make issues really approachable. I’m very afraid of starting a budget bc I just hate looking at my bank account, but your success is motivating for sure!

  10. I just watched your last video, you had 299k subs and then clicked on this vid and u have 300k subs, woohoo! congrats <3

  11. For the question regarding how to resist lifestyle inflation: percentages! If you have a set percentage you want to set aside for savings and/or debt, that way you might have a bit more to spend, but you are also setting aside a bit more as well. I have a mostly fixed income, but if I was self employed, this would probably be my go to advice and strategy (it's worked well for me so far, since I've started using it). So yeah, percentages!

  12. Tiffany, you would love Graham Stephan I think! He also reacts to lot of the millennial money videos you mentioned and it's hilarious 😂

  13. on the topic about 23:40 ish, my dad always says not to pay off week by week (for new purchases) because it’s not being reported to the credit bureaus. so for example, if you’re starting at $0 on a card, buy some clothes, wait for the billing cycle to be over so that the expense can get reported, show up on credit, and then pay it off so your score gets random spikes every month. idk how much truth that holds, but it’s been working for me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Thanks for being honest. This video made me feel better. I basically have been doing what you said in this video and at least i know i'm not alone in this journey 💪

  15. I need help I have $1,250 in credit card Debt and I can’t pay it off and it’s been a year now 🤦🏽‍♀️ hopefully I can learn something here

  16. A big thing that helped me get my budget on track was to get a separate account for weekly spending. The problem with keeping track of my spending is that I'll see all the money in account and subconsciously spend more, even though I'm looking at bill money. So I opened a second account with the same bank and $75 gets moved into that account every week, that's my food, gas, and fun money. Keeping track of money is easier, convincing myself that I don't need that thing I want is easier. It also works for lifestyle inflation, since I started working two jobs I've been spending more too. But now I only spend that $75 a week, regardless of how much I make. I've still got a long way to go, but this has been a big help.

  17. Budgetgirl is who I watch. Sarah is great. one of the suggestions I like, is if you're on Amazon, put it in your shopping cart, walk away for at least a week. Then come back to it.

  18. I have been complaining to my bf that most YouTubers don't make content that I'm into, like life advice and discourse on current events/phenomena (not celeb drama) (though I can be a sucker for the occasional celeb drama) and them BAM I find this channel on a whim! I'm a happy new subscriber, looking forward to binging your vids tonight! I rarely give videos thumbs up but this one definitely deserves it, thanks for your work!!!!

  19. I just want to say how responsible it was for your disclaimer at the beginning that your situation is YOUR situation, and that nobody should compare theirs to yours. I appreciate the honesty that if you had a normal minimum wage job this wouldn't have been possible. Very responsible to admit your privilege.

  20. i feel slightly better knowing that someone like you who is such a deep thinking and charismatic person was earning a low salary like me, it's definitely inspiring to see that you pulled out of debt! congrats

  21. Hi. I’m a college student and your videos are RELATABLE to the problems many college students go through! Stay relatable and genuine please haha

  22. what does it mean when all these American people get credit card debt? like??????? what even is that? how can it happen?
    Like… just dont spend money you dont actually have right now ???

  23. I'm a senior in high school and I'm so glad a found a video like this before moving away and going to college.

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