How I Cope with Stress (Student Loans, Career, Toxic Relationships)

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. I’m actually in the process of editing a video, but I just thought I had to like make this video right now for some reason and I want to talk to you guys about how I cope with stress. I was talking to my friend the other day and she’s in her last semester in college and she was telling me about how stressed she was and how she’s visiting like a psychiatrist and how she’s being prescribed on sleeping pills. It just brought me back to when I was in my last year in college and I was literally scared about everything. Stressed out about all kinds of things like the future, career, graduation and all of that stuff. So I accumulated some tips over the years that really helped me cope with stress and I am someone who stresses out about everything. The small things, the big things. Really the unnecessary things. I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you some of those tips that I’ve learned to help cope with my stress So tip number 1, write it all down on paper. I would say this is like the starting point. So whatever is on your mind, spill it out on paper. When I’m stressed about one thing, really, find myself being stressed out about 5 million other things. That I really shouldn’t be worried about. We sweat about the small things without really realizing it. So just write it all out and then cross off the ones that really don’t need our attention. Toxic relationships, bad friendships are all things we really don’t need in our lives and it’s completely ok and healthy to just cut them out of our lives. You want to surround yourself with positive inspiring and real people and I feel like the people you surround yourself with really influence your energy. So it’s really important to just detox the people who are really just bringing you down. So once you have all the small things crossed off, blacked out, so that they’re non-existent. Probably now left with the major issues. So these are the issues that really need our attention. This could be anything like student loans, career decisions, that one person you absolutely despise at your office. It could be like a health issues, family issues. So on and so forth. So now you need a game plan and you can’t be lazy. You can do this. You want to strategize. If it’s a student loan you’re trying to pay off, I feel like a really smart way to do so is to create an excel sheet or manually log your finances down on paper, so you can keep track of everything and you know exactly how your money is being spent. So you want to figure out how much you want to allocate each month to pay off your debt. So you have to be disciplined and create a healthier relationship with your money. Once you have a game plan and you know exactly what you have to do in order to achieve your long-term goals, a heavy weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you’ll feel so much better about yourself. If it’s a health-related thing, same thing. Have a plan. You can start by implementing small changes in your life. For example, going to the gym everyday for 20-30 minutes. You just want to create a healthy habit. Next tip pamper yourself. You’ve worked hard and you’ve absolutely earned it. So don’t forget to treat yourself. I personally have an extremely hard time sleeping when I’m under a lot of stress and I cannot explain to you how important sleep is. It affects our health, our performance, our attitude, our energy, just everything. This could be anything you like. It could be a mani-pedi, a massage, getting your hair done, going to the movies, anything. I’m personally not going through the best time right now. So what I’ve been doing every single night is throwing on one of my glam up sheet masks, rolling up in bed with a snack and watching my favourite show on Netflix. It’s my absolute favourite way to wind down it helps me relax and just get way better sleep and plus it doesn’t break the bank either and the reason why I mentioned glam up sheet masks is because they’re affordable than most other masks. So I don’t feel bad when I just use them up every single day. This is a supreme set and it comes in a set of twelve and usually I keep them on my bedside as you can see. Right here, you use that one yesterday. They all have different names with different properties, barrier function, wrinkle care. So it’s just fun going through each one and picking out which ever one you feel like your skin needs. I think I’m gonna go with intense moisture nourishing shea butter. A lot of people ask me if it’s okay to use sheet masks every day. I think it just really depends on the ingredients. The great thing about these glam up sheet masks is that there are no harmful ingredients. So it’s okay to use them every single day and also it’s cruelty free. So for those who are on a tight budget, but you still want to pamper yourself, this is a way to go. So the next tip is, for someone who is living that hectic busy life. If you’re someone who’s always busy and just stressed out all the time, I think it’s really important to just take a moment for yourself and breathe. You can go hiking, you can drive out of the city for a few hours, go on a walk. I think this time is super important because it just helps you detach yourself from everything. All the things that you’re worried about, all the distractions. This time really helps me to just clear out my mind. So and then when I come back to reality, I just have a stronger mindset and I feel like I can tackle more tasks more efficiently. In Korea, my favourite way to just kind of escape everything is going on a walk and I love the Mapo bridge and it’s just so beautiful. The view is insane. So this is one of my favourite places in Seoul. I always feel so good, whenever I come here. They have words of encouragement all over the bridge right here. This was to help reduce the suicide rates. Every time I walk across the bridge, I feel so empowered. So if you ever come to Seoul, I would definitely recommend you to visit Mapo bridge. Another quick way to just release some steam is to work out and I know a lot of people hate working out and I completely understand you because I’m right there with you and really honestly think that the hardest part about gymming is actually getting yourself to the gym. Once you’re at the gym and you’re about to workout, it’s completely fine but it’s from your house to the gym, which is the hardest part. You’ll come back with your head feeling way lighter. So yeah, maybe try that out. Anyways, these are my tips and these are the tips that really helped me cope with my stress and I know some of these might just sound really obvious but you might have just needed someone to remind you of them again. So here I am reminding you guys to take it one step at a time and don’t sweat the small things. So now I’m gonna get back to the editing, thank you you guys so much for watching my video as usual and I’ll see you guys in my next one. Byeee

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100 thoughts on “How I Cope with Stress (Student Loans, Career, Toxic Relationships)

  1. currently stressed with college, i wasted 2 years on a degree that i hated and now im doing some classes at home to get a degree at the end of the year ( im on my 2nd year ) and be able to start my Licence next year but it's hard and idk if i've made the right choice and if i will have my degree, i still don't have my driving Licence when im 21 and can't find a job cause i live in a city that sucks and that doesn't offer much for students and young people ( im from Europe ) so yeah that's hard, im growing old and im so stressed about everything

    Thank you your video was very helpful 💞

  2. Hey Michelle, you mentioned you don't feel too good at the moment..I hope you'll feel really good soon! Great advice and I love your epic snacking with mask on! :p
    For me, I'm very disciplined when it comes to fitness, so I'm just wondering what would help you and people like you to get to the gym/home workout? Is it watching others do so or what could it be? Having a buddy probably works? Just curious 🙂 

    <3 Dawn

  3. I’m in school rn and I’m super stressed because I have to make an essay for my Japanese class and my brain is literally about to implode fam😭

  4. Can you do a more in depth video of how to pay off student loan? Like how to plan and what not. It sounds stupid but I’m so lost on this.

  5. michelle, this really hit home. left a little something on your instagram dm, not sure if you'd read it or not but i hope things will get better ❤️

  6. this video is so helpful since it's my last semester in college & last semester is full of stress & paper works😭😭

  7. Michelle you are very different from other vloger . You know why you always give positivity and you found happiness from small daily things. can you tell me can I used collagen or peptide creams. Is it harmfull or not . Plz reply 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😄

  8. it's nice to know I'm not the only who's stressed out about school and career choices. I'm in my last year of University and realized I didn't want to do something related to my degree… and I feel like I just wasted 4 years of my life for nothing. I live in Canada so University isn't expensive and I don't have any loan thank god cuz otherwise I would be even more stressed out than I am now. But my career choice is stressing me out like crazy. I never really knew what I wanted to do in life so I decided to go see a career counsellor. I know it's stupid but I thought in my head that, if I go see her a couple of times I would automatically find a job I like… boy was I wrong. Instead it made me realize that I have absolutely no idea of what I want to do in the future! I know I will have to get another degree but I just don't know in what! Like, there are a lot of jobs that look interesting, but I don't see myself doing for years and years. I've been looking at so many different jobs like translator, art director, video editor, music producer… but nothing feels 100% right and it is stressing me out more and more everyday… I'm trying to relax and do meditation everyday, especially at night because it helps me fall asleep. I think meditation is a good tip to relax and there are many different apps for that so that's nice.

  9. You’re honestly one of my favorite youtubers. Your videos are always so…calming and just nice to watch. They always help me calm down and it really feels like you’re actually speaking to me?? Kind of like a friend.

  10. thanks for this video! do you happen to know the name of the expense planner/organizer that you showed for a moment? looks like a super helpful thing

  11. I really want to thank you for your tips. I'm only 16 but I started working one year ago, and it's hitting me hard sometimes. I overwork myself and together with my exams and dance lessons and all kind of stuff I'm burning out sometimes. I always try my best to find a way to fight against this, so thank you for once again reminding me of how important some things in life are. 💜

  12. our bby, hope you can go through this stressful time, we are always here for you, oke?
    you light up my mood every time you post a video

  13. Hey! Just wanna share my experience about life experiences. There is an app called “wally” and i write down every penny I spend and my allowance and how much i want to save. Really useful you can control your spendings

  14. I wish I could go back to when I was 15 and so positive, strong and happy even though I was being bullied, I was really grateful for the things I had.
    I‘m 20 now and over the last year I started getting bitter and hateful, not only about others but also myself. It’s gotten so hard to appreciate things and remain positive. It‘s hard to go back to my old mindset but I‘m starting by watching lots of self-help and self-care videos and yours definitely help!
    Thank you Michelle! ☺️

  15. Michelle, thank you for posting this wonderful, encouraging video! It's humbling to know that even the people we look up to and are inspired by go through hard times too. Life is hard and all of these tips are amazing. Everyone likes to wind down differently – I have personally found that nature really calms me down. I think God created nature not only for Himself, but because He knew we would need a place to get away, breathe, listen to the birds and just appreciate how beautiful and refreshing nature is to our soul. Also I totally do the same as you at home! A face mask, Netflix & a snack, and also taking a nice warm epsom salt bath is so relaxing. You are a gem Michelle and I am so happy to see you in your videos! Come to Austin Texas one day and do a meetup!!! 😊
    Much love, Hosanna 💗🌸

  16. i’ve just recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and this video really hit me.
    i’m super stressed and i got to a full time ballet school so it’s not a very stress free environment!!!
    i’ve been very sad lately so this really helped me, thank you michelle ❤️

  17. I know people always preach about negative people and getting rid of them but how to do that when those exact people are the ones you HAVE to work with on your team in a job? Or a better question is more.. how do I get away from that energy when I have no other choice but to deal with it

  18. thank you so much for this video ❤️ you're very sincere and down to earth, it feels like youre my older sister haha
    i'd love to hear you talk about how you deal with comparing yourself to others, especially now when youre at an age where after graduating people get jobs, some get married, move out etc..i havent even graduated college yet but im still always comparing my progress to others 🙁

  19. I think this is my most fav vlog of Michelle so far. The vlog just speaks out for everyone who are going through the same thing. So happy you're the first vlogger I ever followed 💕

  20. I totally agree with writing your thoughts down and working out and I do them myself. Whenever I workout I feel so much better and it keeps me going no matter what I'm going through. It just helps!

  21. The simplicity of the video is intimate yet informative. the irony is that I find is everyone seems calm and put together with their face glued to the cell phone in the streets but we're a furball of chronic stress with hiddden mental issues.

  22. Im recently going through stress due to my family issues.due to that im just having trouble with my weight my sleep my eating habits my relationship like everything
    Stress is really horrible can someone suggest me how can i manage stress 😣

  23. being a medical student is literally so stressing, whenever i'm stressed out i break out then stress out even more and get so frustrated with myself, writing down things and negative feelings or even talking out load with myself helped a lot to organize my thought, thank u a lot 💜

  24. Thanks for making this video. I am currently dropping out of a college program because its something I dont want to do and I just lost all motivation for moving on. I thought I'd feel really stressed about the situation but I never felt so relieved

  25. Whenever I’m stressed I always sleep or just have a mental breakdown because of how tired I am. It’s odd because it’s not usually under my control of sleeping my body just automatically falls asleep.

  26. 💕 how do you surround yourself with real honest loving people? I feel like I keep giving but people take advantage of it. I’m always down to help, but only a few are there when I need it?

  27. I'm halfway through watching your video and I just have to stop to comment and tell you that you're really well-spoken, Michelle! I love the way that you speak and express yourself. You speak really eloquently, and I just connected with you instantly. I'm glad I found you today 💗

  28. I dont know why, every time im watching Michell video i feel peace and comfortable warm kind vibe, omg i hope god blessed you always pretty❤️

  29. Thank you for this video, It has helped me a lot♥ I'm sorry for not expressing so much, I'm still learning English. Greeting from Perú xoxo

  30. Thank you sooooooooo much for making this video. I'm in my 2nd year of high school and let me tell you (well technically you already know but still) I stress out everyday throughout the day and its very unhealthy and I know that and my mom tells me that the things that are out of my hands are out of my control which I totally 100% agree with. It's just hard because for me personally, I feel like if I don't stress out about something for school, family, isolating my self from friends because I like my alone time, it won't get accomplished or done and the end result won't be good. By the way, YOU WERE WATCHING DYNASTY ON NETFLIX WEREN'T YOU!?! lol

  31. And again , i cant stop watching your videos. I assumed its the content. If it aint attractive, i wont be here after i've watched the full video. You've done great sister! Its amazing how u could share with others your life concern.

    And for those who clicked dislike , get a life.

  32. it was so comforting to listen to your advice when i really needed it <3 you are an inspiration love you and your videos Michelle <333

  33. Thanks Michelle. I've recently been having a hard time with all the stuffs about the future and your video helps me get them out. Staying motivated is the most important thing to cope with stress! I'm Korean as well so your video is so helpful for learning English as well Lol

  34. I just subscribed to your channel a couple days ago and I love all of your videos. I love how honest and real you are. You motivate me to work hard and do what makes me happy 💗 thank you

  35. OMG u r my favourite 😍 most honest n inspired in every video of urs.i fell in love with every😘new fan from India.

  36. Thank you for sharing this strong and helpful advice on topics that majorly affect peoples lives. Using your advice by making a game plan on how to fix the problem and sticking to it, instead of stressing about it, can really change a person's life and help them live full out!

  37. 1. Write it down (what stresses you out)
    2. Plan it out (paying for loans, studying a course)
    3. Treat yourself (you worked hard, you deserve it)
    4. Slow down, and take a moment to breathe (for all of you living a hectic life, go for a walk, read a book, go to the gym, etc.)

  38. I totally agree with everything she said! Been through it. It takes one to known one! Btw before I even watch this I’m on my cheap pampering mode lol 😂! So yah! It works. 😂🤣 Hi from Seattle 👋👋

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