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20 thoughts on “How Do I Get A Perfect Credit Score? – Credit Card Insider

  1. John is the go-to guy for all credit questions,, and he makes some very good points in this video. If you have scores in the upper 700's, you should focus more on keeping those scores in that range by practicing the good habits that got you to that level in the first place. Continue to pay your bills on time, keep your debt-to-credit numbers low, and avoid applying for credit you don't need. Scores in the upper 700's are already considered top-tier credit.

    Another good point is the age of your credit report. If you're young, you definitely have an advantage here. However bad your scores are at this point, begin (and continue) practicing good credit habits and let time take care of the rest.

  2. thank you for all these videos .takes about 10 years of credit history to get up to a perfect credit score. that is if your good enough with credit to be worthy of that credit score! but thanks to these videos people can learn how to someday get super high credit score.

  3. Okay so I have a question. I have an excellent credit score (750+). I took out an auto loan in 01/2013 and got a 0% APR, for a term of 66 months. Since I am not paying any interest, I just pay the amount due every month and do not pay anything more. Will this have a negative impact on my credit report? Do you advise me to pay more than what is due every month even though I will not be charged any interest?

    Thank you for you're time.

  4. I wish I could close my oldest credit card because they won't lower my apr from 23.9% even if my credit score is excellent. Any sugestions? Thank you for the great video.

  5. How much do you reduce your credit score by opening a credit card account. I had a 860 in August 2015, and also got a mtg on a vacation home. Finished my car payments and my score went down to 790 – why? None of my credit cards have a balance – they are paid off before months end. I don't understand why my score dropped so much – please explain.

  6. excellent i love the web site and youtube channel, i have learned a lot, by reading and watching all the videos, i have learned almost all from these videos from zero to now, and after watching them i tried to consider what was told to do, i did and i raised my limit of both cards
    one from $500 to $1500
    second $ 1000 to $ 2000
    and not only this, they responded to all my questions and help me to understand much more than before,
    even now i had helped my friends and family to learn more and they all were also benefited from the same.
    PLZ NOTE :- this for the people who watch this video and read the articles, i am just a person who read and watched and i am sharing my experiences, so the way i got help how to learn and make my credit good you all should get the same, i am not working or getting paid for this. but yes i also like to help ppl by sharing my side.

  7. I have a credit score of 660. I have 3 credit cards 5000 total credit together. Cards are paid off. Owe nothing. I have two vehicle loans for 9k each. What could I do to improve my score before I apply for a mortgage. That's for your time.

  8. This was very helpful. I was wondering why I can't get close to 850. I usually hover between 780 and 800. Now I've learned that my credit report is just too "young." Thanks!

  9. hey there I want this to be clarified for me. it's 2 month since I have got credit card and it says there is no APT until the end of 15 closing date, when I pay the first month amount due there was no interest but now for the second one which is on 08/16/2017 it charges me $1.50 and when I see it says this
    Interest charged on direct deposits and check cash advances is the sum of interest on your credit card account for direct deposit and check cash advance transactions. For detailed information, please refer to your interest charge calculation on your monthly statement.
    I don't understand why I pay the interest can you illustrate that to me ? Thank you

  10. Is it possible to get to 800 or more credit score if you’ve already messed up and in the process of rebuilding your credit? Or will past mistakes always haunt your credit score

  11. Im just a regular guy . I pay my bills on time for 15 yrs. My TU score supplied by credit karma canada. Is 899

  12. Sir thank you so much for all of your informative videos, you're honestly helping me so much. I don't understand why common every day things like credit, loans and even things like investments are not taught in school.

  13. Hey john I have a question
    I got a latter in the today from from a collection agency
    Saying I owe $542 to comcast
    I called all three credit Brurals
    They already deleted that account at comcast
    Does it mean its deleted and not pay any attention to the collection agency?
    Please help thanks

  14. I am 22 years old and am building my credit i have 5 credit cards and I just got a car lease and was wondering if this will this help my credit score, 4 years is my oldest account but average age of account is 1 year. Am I doing everything right? I heard that a car lease will help the mix on my credit report

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