How can you access Direct Debit?

People often think that accessing the Direct Debit system is difficult. And not so long ago, this was true. But with the arrival of companies like GoCardless Direct Debit is now far more accessible for companies of every size. So how can you access Direct Debit and which method is best for your business? In this video we’re going to talk about three ways of accessing Direct Debit directly through your bank through a bureau or through GoCardless. So firstly accessing Direct Debit directly through your bank. This option is usually taken by larger businesses who are looking to manage all of their Direct Debit payments in-house. The process involves applying for your own Service User Number (SUN) and then Bacs will assess your application and they may ask for a bond to cover their risk this can be up to £100,000. The process takes time and it can involve set up costs of around £15,000 including the Direct Debit management software you’ll need to store and submit your payments. You’ll also need to make sure that you have enough people in your team to manage the process. When you are set up and ready to take Direct Debit payments transaction fees are typically low at 5 to 50p per transaction depending on the volume. Secondly, accessing Direct Debit through a bureau. A Direct Debit bureau is a third party who processes Direct Debit payments on your behalf The bureau will handle your Bacs submission and will email you with details of any failed payments. Compared to Direct Debit through the bank a bureau is cheap and quick to set up. But bureaus do typically charge for some or all of the following set up, monthly usage, per transaction, per submission, and per mandate. They may also charge penalties for failed payments. And finally, accessing Direct Debit through GoCardless As a dedicated online Direct Debit provider GoCardless handles the whole payment collection process on your behalf and you can get set up online for free within minutes. Like bureaus, GoCardless handles your Bacs submissions and also offers realtime status updates on your payments via our simple online dashboard, our API or through your billing software through one of our integrations. We charge 1% transaction fee which is capped at £2 and there’s no hidden fees for failed payments or new mandates. If you’d rather have your own Service User Number you can upgrade to our Plus or Pro packages. For more information on accessing Direct Debit through GoCardless visit our website at

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