HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL, SARTANA WILL PAY [Gianni Garko] [Full Length Spaghetti Western] [English]

(Laughter) (Gunshot) (Gasps, groans) (Gunshot) Hey, Jake! Look at this nugget. Pure gold! Let me see it. Hey, give me it back. Hard luck. You shouldn’t
have poked your nose in this. Better pray for your mortal soul. I’ll pray for yours. (Gunshots) HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL, MY FRIEND…
SARTANA WILL PAY (Gasps) (Woman 1) My God.
The cart’s loaded with dead men. – Who are they?
– Damned if I know. We’ll find out soon.
Here comes Mr. Hoffman. – What’s the banker got to do with it?
– Shut up and listen. (Man 1) Why, that’s Joe Benson! Do I have to remind you, Sheriff,
that Benson was a friend of mine? He could also have been your enemy.
I’d still hang the ones who’d done it. Of course. If you capture them. Actions speak louder than words,
Sheriff. Indian Creek has been a town where you
could raise a family in peace and quiet. Now, we aim to keep it that way. (Man 2) Mr. Hoffman’s right. (Overlapping chatter) Benson. Is that what you said? Yes. They say he was a bit crazy. Course he was a prospector. But then I suppose all gold hunters
are a bit crazy. Not all. Hope I haven’t offended you. – You’re hunting gold?
– Yeah. Only I don’t need to dig it
out of the ground. “They’ll be in a hurry to pass on.
Wait till I’m back.” Hmm. A funny man, our body snatcher. Howdy, Mr. Piggot. What are you doing in these parts? Mighty nice flowers.
Who paid for them? This burial’s a real genuine
deluxe one. Yes siree! Why, that wreath alone’s worth
at least $20. I wanna know who paid. When anyone buys a high-class casket
and lays out silver dollars, it don’t matter what his name is. Don’t give me that! (Groans) Who paid for this funeral? I swear I don’t know his name.
Oh, please! Come on! I want the man’s name! I tell you, I don’t know. (Overlapping chatter) Just a moment. Hm. Packing any other guns, mister? That’s right. A cannon. But I left it out on the stoop.
It’s too wide to come through the door. (Dealer) Cards. (Overlapping chatter) (Dealer) Place your bets, gentlemen.
13. 19. – See a run of bad luck like that?
– The bank wins. I know. If this keeps up much longer,
I’ll be cleaned out. You’re not the only one.
We can’t quit now. The bank wins with 21. Oh, no! You just can’t win
when the cards are running against you! The cards are only falling… …the way the dealer wants. – I’ve been cheating, you mean?
– (Sartana) Exactly. And now, mister,
I’m gonna give you two minutes to return every penny
you swindled them out of. Half a minute. One minute. I’ll give you just one second
to apologize. (Gong strikes) Let’s us confer. I wanna hear what you’ll say to him. But pistols are checked at the front door,
Mr. Piggot. Did you forget that? People with short memories
have brief futures. But… you and I are partners. Were partners. That’s a curious watch,
and it is not real silver. Well, this one’s made of lead. A silver one’s for formal use. Hey. Truly, Piggot was surely
a great bottom-card dealer, but, you see,
you who caught him at it would have to be
an honorable card shark yourself. So I challenge you to play a hand. I’m all out of cash. That is unless you can break this for me. It’s a letter of credit. For the amount of 20,000? That’s how much poor old Benson
wanted for that land of his. You’re really intent to pay for that land
the price that madman had put on it? $20,000? (Chuckles) “He who buys sand
does not build ramparts of stone,” so says Confucius, the all-wise. Just ’cause he’s wise doesn’t mean
he knows about things like real estate. Hm. Your credit rating here
is equal to this figure, honorable sir. (Glass clinking) Tung is dangerous, Sheriff.
I mean, real dangerous. He means to make a lot of trouble. You ought to run that card shark
right out of Indian Creek! Pipe down! Nobody tells me
what to do in this town. Get out! I haven’t finished my drink yet. Finish it somewhere else, Piggot. Out! All right. Tough guy, eh? Be seeing you. Why didn’t you let him go on? A drunken Piggot. Before you arrived,
he was referring to a funeral. Yeah. Well, everyone knows
there was a funeral. Them gold hunters. But he was talking about the other. The funeral of the ones
who killed those prospectors. Not too bad for a beginner. One more hand? You’re on. It’s your deal. Bet 1,000. Another 1,000. You challenge me. (Chuckles) 5,000. That’s a little bit rich for my blood. But that letter gives you plenty
of credit. More than you may need. I’m short one. (Tung) A king for you. A ten for me. It’s your privilege. Bet 1,000. (Chuckles) One… …plus ten more. No. It’s your pot. Take what I owe,
and send the rest over to my hotel. Hmm. (Chuckles) Confucius say, “Who visits you to bring you rice
and flowers, is your best friend.” “He who sells much rice
hopes to have a bigger harvest.” And it wasn’t Confucius who said that. It was Sartana. (Sartana) Shame on you. You’re about as sad a gunman
as you were a crooked blackjack dealer. What’s going on? Mr. Piggot’s leaving town tomorrow. He thought the occasion
called for a few fireworks. You decided it’s best to leave? I decided. You’ve advanced any money? (Tung) $12,000. But to a man of your wealth,
that’s only pennies. You can be thankful it wasn’t a lot more. You wish to say this is false, huh? I must say it was a clever fraud. There’s no doubt that
the fellow’s a confidence man. You say he was negotiating
with Benson? Presumably for the purchase
of that mining property? He said so. The fact is Benson simply didn’t own
that property, though he said he did. He put the deed in his niece’s name. A young and pretty schoolteacher. Anyway, that’s the way
Benson described her. By the way,
she arrives today from Wichita. (Sartana) Say, how long
before the stage gets here? Ought to be here any minute now. Eh, you reckon Piggot’s gonna leave? Couldn’t say. – I think I ought to go pay a call on him.
– Pay a call? It might be real edifying
to hear about his problem. Yesterday he had a chat with you. My turn today. Some chat that was. Wow! Hey. Hey, you. – Which house is Piggot’s?
– Third one down. You weren’t too stupid, Piggot. Only someone was obviously smarter. (Horses’ hooves clopping) – (Hoffman) Miss Benson?
– Yes. Permit me.
I’m the banker, Hoffman. You’ve heard my name, Miss? Your uncle was my best friend. He was? Uncle Joe? You’re saying he’s been killed? If you like, I’ll unpack you. No, thank you. I prefer to be alone.
Excuse me. I sympathize. If you need anything at all,
be sure to call me. (Sniffles) (Sartana) Smoke bother you? Whoever you are, get out of this room
before I start screaming. Now, that’d be a mistake. You don’t have so many friends here
that you can afford to throw one away. I don’t know you. I was Benson’s best friend. Another. Well, you’re the second
I’ve met since I’ve come here. Everybody liked old Joe around here. Not quite everybody
considering the way he died. There are bad folks as well as good ones among friends, too. He had only enemies in Indian Creek. You’re smart, trusting no one. However, in case you’re interested,
I’m not from around here. I only came to the funeral. My uncle’s funeral? Not his. His killers’. I execute ’em and so I have to bury ’em. I have an old habit of doing that. – You took revenge, didn’t you?
– Hardly. They were only hired to murder Benson. Before you can take revenge,
you’ve gotta find out who paid them. Mm. – Is that what your intention was?
– Now you’re here I have a different one. Well? – I aim to help you.
– And what makes you think I require it? Shh! Oh, I brought you tea. You’re more than kind. – Weren’t you speaking to someone?
– No. You’re imagining things. Have a cigar, Mister. It may be the last you’ll ever smoke. (Groans) (Sartana) Hands up! And don’t move. I’d say that was a big mistake. Don’t shoot, Mister.
This wasn’t my idea. They paid me. – Who?
– If I tell you, promise to let me go. (Grunts) (Groans)Amigo,that was a real old trick,
but it don’t work. – I’m Colorado Joe.
– (Sartana) Never heard of you. This is your last chance… …to get to know me. I got you trapped.
There’s no way out of here. (Explosion) My dear Abigail,
you’re young and you’re pretty. Indian Creek, I’m afraid,
has little to offer you. I’ll be frank.
The southwest is not for you. Meaning, I’ll never get
any return from that land. I’m surprised your uncle had led you
to believe otherwise. Oh, no. He kept saying in every letter
the wisest thing would be to sell. – What price?
– He never mentioned one. Then he telegraphed me
to hurry to Indian Creek. I must say that
you’re a very fortunate girl. You’re the proprietor
of nothing but acres of sand. However, since those acres
happen to adjoin my own, I’m willing to take them off your hands. And in consideration of the deep affection
I felt for your uncle, I’m prepared to pay
a rather exaggerated price. $10,000. Which is three times
the real value of the land. – Oh, I…
– Don’t bother saying thanks. No, no. I was thinking he must be crazy.
I mean, if all… If he really meant it,
he’s certainly crazy. – You’re referring to?
– A man called Sartana. Made an offer to pay 20,000. Hmm. 20, he’ll pay, eh? An impressive sum. I’m not surprised. – You know Sartana?
– Well enough to be on my guard with him. In case he decides to pay you
with a letter of credit, you bring it to me before you decide
to put your name on it. What do you mean? I know that piece of paper. (Horse neighing) Say, Undertaker. What do you charge
for a real nice funeral? $10. That’s the lowest-cut rate. – Each one I mean.
– I’ll give you 20. Each corpse. For the best funeral. Pretty flowers. – Fresh ones?
– Fresh. And plenty of ’em, too. Mighty generous,
you burying those fellers, yeah. But you gotta prove to me
they was killed, legal like. The proof is in your office. May I? All right. Blackie, ever see any of these three
in Indian Creek before? Not me. Here’s the proof, Sheriff. Looking on brighter side of things, the bounty money will go a long way
towards recouping my expenses. Including the three funerals. Old Harry, $500. Fred Dwyer brings 1,000. Sydney Bert, another 500. Colorado Joe would mean
2,000 more. What a pity…
Too much work to dig down to him. (Creaking) Do you always come in
through the window? Doors are too noisy. You have to knock on ’em. No one who saw her with this… …would consider Abigail defenseless. Still, I’d hate to do
without the assistance of a real man. I mean, you. But I can’t help wondering
why you bothered. I already told you. A memory of a dear friend. How strange. I thought you might’ve had
quite a different reason. You’re not far wrong. I’m doing it for a friend,
but also for you. The more I think about it,
the more it’s for you. This unworthy one has totaled
the night’s receipts, if honorable master wishes to check. (Sartana)
Take good business this evening, huh? If you’re here to collect
the rest of that 20,000, you’ll do better
if you are to pay me back my 2,000. The banks don’t pay
on letters of credit that are false. – So says Confucius?
– No. So say Hoffman, the banker. I thought you were a smart man. Suppose he really does
want to buy that land. In refusing to accept the letter of credit,
he eliminates his rival. Hmm. What would a banker want
with a sand pile, hm? Well, those who don’t want to build
grind bits of stone. (Both chuckling) Here’s your 2,000.
Please, I’d like that letter of credit. False or not,
I’m anxious to have it back anyway. The three you brought in yesterday, eh? (Driver) Yah! Yah! Must have overlooked the flowers
for that funeral. Not a single flower! (Overlapping shouting) Hah! Yah! Yah! (Sighs) Hah! Hah! Come on! Come on!
Start shooting! And hurry! Yeah! Damn it! I’ll kill him! (Gunshot) (Sartana) Blackie? I promise you a funeral, too. A real one. – Oh, Miss Eliza.
– What is it? Blackie’s hiding in the storeroom. – Wants to see me?
– Mm. He recognized me. Sure as shooting. I ain’t staying in Indian Creek. What are you telling me for?
Expect me to turn your star in for you? What I need is money to get
as far from Indian Creek as possible. No. If you don’t want Sartana to take
your scalp, you better kill him first. And after you’ve done it, you’ll have money enough
to make it worth taking any risk at all. Blackie? Well, that boy’s one of my deputies. No witnesses outside of you. That ain’t real evidence. Then don’t take my word. But before you swear in a new deputy,
you better check his references. Hey, barman. Pour me a Drambuie. Yes, sir. – Wouldn’t the rye go better at this hour?
– You heard me. Extremely refreshing. Do you have a match, fella? (Breathes heavily) (Creaking) (Thudding above) (Sartana) Psalm 49. “For he seeth that wise men die. “Likewise the fool
and the brutish person perish, “and leave their wealth to others…” Let the 49th Psalm be a warning to you. And you should give thanks, too,
Blackie, ’cause you’re still alive. But perhaps not for long,
unless you talk. Blackie! I want the name
of the men you work for! Go to hell, you bastard! You got time for contemplation. While we wait, let’s have some music. (Tolling) Please! Please! Stop it! Stop it! I’ll tell you everything you wanna know. (Screams) All clear, but hurry. You’ll have to show me proof
that he tried to bushwhack you. If you expect to beat
the hangman this time. I needed him alive, not dead.
Bad luck for me. (Chuckles) Now, this funeral I don’t pay for. “My humble abode,”
in the words of Lee Tse Tung. – Who?
– He’s a Chinese gambler, who’s a bad copy of Buddha. Meaning he’s very round and fat. – Anything to report?
– No. Doesn’t it make you nervous
surrounded by such men? This is pretty rough country, my dear, and even hard cases like them
are needed. I know, Abigail. Of course Sartana’s proposition
intrigues you. And I can understand how,
although you know he’s a swindler… – Now, wait, Mr. Hoffman…
– No. You don’t owe me an explanation. The land is yours and you’re perfectly
free to do whatever you wish with it. However, I don’t want to risk
having that individual as my neighbor. Meaning that I’ll pay you
the same price he offered to pay. $20,000. The difference being
that my offer is a legitimate one. – It’s much too generous.
– Don’t mention it. I’m sorry, but I… I have to tell you
that Sartana has withdrawn his offer. Withdrawn?
Presumably a shortage of cash? No. Because the gambling-house owner,
you know who… Don’t you recall?
You mentioned him a while back. – Lee Tse Tung.
– Right. He made an offer on the land, too.
Twice as much. – How much?
– $40,000. It’s like a million in my opinion. Ha! You are a genius. Or perhaps a witch who casts a spell
over every man you meet. I offered ten to begin with,
but Sartana then doubles that offer, and now the Chinese comes along
and doubles that. My dear Abi, my only hope
at this point is to beg you to put your money
in deposit here in our bank. Hey, boys, these dice are loaded. (Overlapping chatter) They did feel kinda funny. (Man 3) You can tell they’re crooked
looking at them. – Here they are.
– You was cheating! Put ’em to any test you want. I wanna test the dice
you switched on us. – These are the same dice!
– Then he must be lying. Ben, he called you a liar. Get out! (Overlapping shouting) (Gong clanking) I’m afraid I’m unable to resist
the chance to sound the gong. (Shouting) (Gulps) Miguel… Get those guys out! All right, all right. It’s all over.
Come on. Get back to your table. And don’t come back! (Dealer) All right, gentlemen,
there won’t be any more interruptions. Now we’ve got rid of those drunks,
play is resumed. All tables are open. Place your bets, gentlemen.
Place your bets. The cashier will change
your money for you. Those dice are not loaded,
whether you believe it or not. My cards are,
but not for cheating purposes. The deal is strictly on the level.
All you have to do is turn up your card. But what card? I am talking about that one. (Man 4) Get up, you. Evidently, I owe you my life. What would Confucius say about this? The great one has said, “The cat that saved the mouse
from the claws of the tiger was famished.” – Not as famished as the tiger.
– True. You know what to bring, Chung. Now the hyena will tell us
who is the tiger. This is known as the Chinese shoe. The wearer can’t normally bear the pain
for more than a few minutes. It means of course that you are
crippled for the rest of your days. Fix him up and get rid of him. He doesn’t know near as much
as I can tell you about this. (Grunts) This’ll surprise you.
That land is the cause of it all. – Shave and a mustache trim?
– It was too close a shave last time. You know my motive
in bringing you here to the bank? I can imagine why. Perhaps I’m wrong. I owe you an apology, sir. I committed an error,
and I wish to rectify it. I refer to that letter of credit,
which was brought to me by Lee Tse Tung. – That was yours, wasn’t it?
– It was. I didn’t pay it
because it appeared to be false, and frankly I made an error. So now I’m ready to pay. Hmm… There’s sure to be a condition
attached to this. One only. You leave Indian Creek
immediately upon receiving the money. Looks like it’s your error this time.
This is not the same letter. Whatever makes you think that? The amount. $100,000, this stipulates. The letter brought me by the Chinese,
the amount was 20. That was the one I meant to cash. You’re trying to say that the other
was genuine and this is false? That’s not the point, sir. You see, the truth is our total deposits
hardly reach that figure. I’ll call you. If this letter of credit is false,
then the other must also be false. And that one, if you’re interested,
has been cashed by the Chinese, on condition that
I remain here in Indian Creek. In which case,
there is no more to be said, Sartana. Wrong. There’s still one thing. And you’ll find it… …in the Bible. “Likewise, the fool
and the brutish person perish, “and leave their wealth to others.” Ha! Read this. The Bible seems to be
giving me warning. That man’s beginning to terrify me. What’s the use of trying to hide it?
I know you’re afraid of him, too. Was it our brave sheriff who’s been filling
your head with these idiotic notions? I’m not afraid. But I’m not crazy, either. You must beloco
if you think you can buy Sartana off. Did he agree? Tell me! – His price was much too high.
– You should’ve paid him off! And should I have paid off Benson? Benson was no Sartana,
that poor old vulture! Fancy, all you had to do was
fill his pockets plumb full of lead! But Sartana, oh, no. How many have already tried?
And where are they now? Big Red? Colorado? All the others? Sure, I’m scared of Sartana! I admit it.
He’s a whole lot smarter than we are. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have found out
there’s gold on Benson’s land! The two of us, we’ve had enough of this.
We’re all washed up! Him and me, we’re getting out
while we’re still alive! Use your head… Touch her again, there’ll be trouble. Are you, by chance,
forgetting I’m the boss? Too many have been killed already,
and for what? You made me pull the trigger on Blackie.
You made me blast Sam Piggot. So they paid.
And what did it buy us, you bastard? – Nothing, that’s what!
– Quiet! You better stop behaving
like a hysterical old woman, Sheriff. I’m getting pretty bored
with the two of you. It’s my own fault… …taking those partners. Now, you listen to me. So far, Sartana’s had
incredibly good luck. Meanwhile, the two of you have shown
yourselves to be totally incompetent. So now I’ll tell you. The best way to rid us
of this individual… …and make sure that
this time you don’t fail… …you must send word
to those brothers of Piggot’s. The Piggot outlaws? Just say it was Sartana
who murdered their brother. They’ll take their revenge. (Women screaming) Sartana! Sartana! We’re the brothers of Sam Piggot! (Sartana) May he rest in peace! – Where’s Sartana?
– He’s not here. You’re wasting time. – I wanna see his room.
– You’re making a mistake. Watch the door. The horses! Ralph! Jim! Frank! (Horses whinnying in distance) (Sartana) They lied to you.
I didn’t kill your brother. (Groans) Ralph! Ralph! (Screams) Sartana, you bastard!
Where are you? Don’t shoot! It’s me! Hold it, Elmo.
We’ll be killing each other. What a wonderful idea. Give Sam my regards. Four, $20 each makes 80.
Why are you giving me $100? I need an extra coffin to give away. Extra one? Yeah, the extra one’s
gotta be first-class. Make it shine like a mirror,
and make the handles brass. Mahogany without knotholes. Lined in pure silk. I’ve got the very box
you’re dying for, Sartana. It’s not for me. Ah. The man that brought it
said it’s a gift for Mr. Hoffman. You had to put the damn thing in here. Tired of giving funerals
to Punch and Judies? He’s only tired… …because he can’t arrange funerals for
those who maneuver the Punch and Judies. – That’s what he means.
– Speak for yourself! – We stopped being partners.
– As of when? As of now. I only came out here with you because…
because I wanna get what’s due to me, or I’ll be forced to use pressure. You intend to skip town, Sheriff? Why should you? After all,
Sartana sent this amusing gift to me. Yeah, yeah. But with all the mistakes that are
being made, I might even wind up in it. It wouldn’t really be a mistake. – What’d you say?
– Hmm… Nothing, nothing. Only that you’re right. It’s better that we don’t take any risks. I know it would’ve been smart, but I don’t keep firearms in there. Here are the detailed accounts
of our partnership. Everything is listed,
right down to the last penny. I knew that this must happen, Sheriff.
Sooner or later. (Gunshot) You ba… (Groans) Yes. Inevitable, I’d say. Yes, it was bound to happen
sooner or later. That girl, Abigail Benson?
She’s not here any longer. She left town. You’re absolutely sure she’s gone? ‘Course I am. She said she was pretty disgusted with
the violence that goes on in this place. This morning, she left for Wichita. (Door unlocks) Well, Abigail, have you reconsidered? I never imagined
you’d adopt such methods, Mr. Hoffman. Do I have to remind you again
that I’m acting only in your interest? It’s obvious that I’m your prisoner! Prisoner?
That’s a brutal way of putting it. I only wanna keep you out of the claws
of those vultures surrounding you. Now, you must sign this bill of sale. Once you’ve signed it,
naturally you may go. But not before. You’re not taking into account
the big risk you run, while the land remains yours. Only I’m not gonna let happen to you
what happened to your late Uncle Joe. In my opinion, it can’t be that dangerous
being the owner of some desert property. But it isn’t for you,
because you’re safe here in my house. Please, Abi. Take all the time you need
to think about this. And should anyone molest you… …he’ll be caught and hung by the neck. (Grunts) (Footsteps, door unlocks) You’re no longer using the windows. Well, they’re being watched
more carefully than the doors. We gotta get you out of here.
We haven’t much time. Now, listen, the sixth time I fire
means the coast is clear. – (Gasps)
– Don’t worry. He’s only sleeping. Down there, at the end of the corridor,
there’s a door, opening out on the rear of the house. Before you go out,
be sure to wait, like I said. – You’ll leave with me?
– Nope. I still have your hotel bill to settle. – Who’s doing that shooting?
– Sounds like it’s coming from out there. (Gunshots) (Flares whistling) (Explosions) Hey, what’s happening there? (Indistinct shouting) (Overlapping chatter) – What the hell’s happening?
– Let’s go outside and see. (Flares squealing) (Explosions) Fine bodyguards you are!
A bunch of nitwits! But we’ve been following
your orders exactly. Silence! Did I order you
to let yourselves get tricked? They must still be on the grounds.
Check the stables and search the gardens. Boss? Stop right there.
And don’t reach for that pistol. If you’re planning to follow anyone,
I’m afraid you’re a little too late. The important thing, in my opinion,
is that you arrived punctually. You, search him. Leave us alone. My guest and I are gonna have
a very private conversation. Oh, one moment. If you hear me fire,
don’t let it worry you. I wonder if I could presume on you
to move that screen. Your present came in handy. Though it’s too good for him.
He was a hyena. The two of us are
in perfect agreement on that. The murderer of Joe Benson
can be laid at his door. Don’t sound right to me. Naturally, it’s not true, but… But I’ll say that in my testimony. As I’ll also say that having learned
the sheriff murdered Joe, you planned to avenge the crime
because old Joe was your friend. So I killed the sheriff? No, I would say that he drew his gun
and killed you, before you could go for yours,
so I shot him down. – The things people say.
– What do you expect? Let’s see.
The sheriff killed you, I said. But he failed to settle accounts with me,
and I was also a friend of Benson’s. You obviously decided
to avenge Benson. And I avenged you. I rest my case. I’m impressed.
The perfect crime, hm? Do you mind if I smoke this? Please do. Would you have me deny
anyone a cigar when he’ll never smoke another
after this one? Thanks. You believe
that story’s gonna take anyone in? I’m quite sure they’ll buy it. Provided you have the time to tell it. That trick won’t ever work with me. Oh? What a pity. You won’t shoot me. Because I won’t bend down and get it?
I’m not that lazy, Mister. No. But neither are you that stupid. Can we do business at the figure
we spoke about this morning? Been a lot of water
over the dam since then. Then I’m ready to double it.
200,000 be more like it? – Not hardly.
– All right. I’ll go up to… Oh. I see what the point is. You’re a gambler and that’s something
I know very well how to cope with. You’re going to be my partner. Half will be yours. You know, it’s funny.
I have a feeling you’re bluffing. No! No, I… Look, I’m ready to turn my cards up.
I’ll show you. Come over here. I had an arrangement with the sheriff. – A kind of partnership, you could say.
– Partners in crime? In any case,
the profits were considerable. It’s all written down here. Would you mind moving your elbow? One moment. – What’s the idea?
– Did you or did you not say I should look at the account books? Listen to me. You’ll never be able
to understand if I don’t explain. In… in this book,
there are only the daily accounts. Not worth bothering to look at. The book with the… with all the details, like the cash position, is kept in the wall safe. I’ll get it for you. (Groans) (Gun clicks) (Scoffs) Ingenious. – And so?
– I can only repeat what I’ve been saying. I won’t discuss selling to you
without Sartana present. Ah. “When the sage is misunderstood,
he’s less than nothing,” says Confucius. I have already explained that
we have no need to discuss, but only to sign names here. The price I offer is a handsome price. Hm. You mean 10,000? That’s a price I can easily refuse
without Sartana. Uh, a young lady alone, it’s difficult. A proverb of our people says, “The wind caresses
the willow that yields, “and breaks the oak that resists.” Be very careful.
The next one goes to the throat. – Confu…
– (Sartana) Forget it! Confucius won’t get a word
in edgeways this time. I’m talking. If you’re about to use that argument, it means that you’re even greedier
than the banker was. Although you know the true value
of that land better than anyone else. Now I’m gonna force you to buy it,
even if you don’t want it anymore. Also, you are a sage
worthy of Confucius. I think I should point out you’re… …missing one zero. You mean 100,000? For that land which is only desert sand
and will never be productive. Now you may sign, Abi.
And you’ll pay her. Don’t trouble yourself, I’ll help you.
I can count to 100,000 by ones. I’ll join you in a few minutes. I still
have something to say to the Chinese. All right. Don’t be long. (Sartana) Tell the truth. Do you
really think it was such a bad deal? – No.
– That sure takes a weight off my mind. Even Joe Benson would be
satisfied if he was here. – Your friend?
– Not a bit. I was hunting him down
for a man he defrauded. I wouldn’t have killed him, but he sure
would’ve learned a lesson, that’s certain. What are you saying? That he was a big crook. May he burn in hell. He was the biggest confidence man
the West has had the bad luck to attract. He specialized in selling off land
that was really worthless, after faking evidence that there was
a rich lode just waiting to be mined. What’s that? What you say? I’m not saying anything. You’re the one who kept on saying
it was a sand pile and nothing else. And you were perfectly right. Look… This is a sample of the gold
that cost Benson his life. (Screams) And I thought you were an invalid. No. It’s only that I’m a lazy man. Confucius say, “Cut down the tree
that makes blackness at home, “and the sun will return to the hearth.” Confucius in your place
wouldn’t waste his breath. (Screams) You’d better rest.
You’re kind of beat down. – I wouldn’t do that if I was you.
– Why not? Mainly because
you don’t really wanna kill me. Hm, what else…? Simply that I don’t let myself get killed. Oh, honorable master. While Sartana was here talking with you, that young lady, Abigail, bought a horse
and rode off with all the money. (Guffaws) (Chuckles) What are you laughing for?
That was my 100,000 that’s been stolen! Only I may laugh, you hear? (Guffaws) – Wanna eat, ma’am?
– Yes. – And please water my horse.
– Yes, ma’am. (Door creaking) A Drambuie? Try it. You’ll need it. It might sort of sweeten the pill. – Those dollars are mine.
– They’re partly yours. – What did Benson promise you?
– Half. Unlikely. Even his wife, his sisters,
his cousins, his aunts, all together, they never got more than 10%. So why would he make an exception
for a niece, Abigail? 10%. – Which way are you headed?
– That way. Yeah? Well, I’m headed the other way. Abigail! – Take it. Another ten, Abi.
– They’re torn in half. Who’d cash ’em? All that money’s gonna burn holes
in the gamblers’ pockets. When I’m clean, I’ll come looking for you
with the other half. Wait for me. (Chuckles)

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