Haneul doesn’ bully anymore! [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2020.02.25]

(How to love the right way) Can you stop Mango from sitting on your lap? If possible, could you stand up? (Hyungwook is very strict as he blocks Haneul) (Help me) Don’t let her come to you. You can walk away from her. (Don’t let the dog get near you and avoid it) (Where are you going?) Don’t let her follow you. Try doing this. When she gets near you, take a step towards her to push her away, and when she stops, take a step back. Again. Don’t let her get to you. Very good. Not bad. You’re telling her, Stop running around everywhere and trying to dominate others.” You’re using body language. I bet Haneul is confused. Of course. I bet she’s confused. Don’t let her get near you. Very good. Just take one step. Excellent. Very good. Even now… Right. (Haneul tries to approach Mango) Right. Since she can’t get to you, threatening Mango is how she gets you to come to her. (Whenever Haneul attacks Mango) Get away! Hey, hey, hey. Stop. (The owner held Haneul) You get close to her to stop her from fighting. So if you won’t let her near you, she gets angry at Mango. Don’t let her get near you. It’s okay. (Mango senses danger and runs to hide in the room) (Haneul) After you bring Mango back out, please close that door. (She goes to get Mango for training) (Haneul is still after Mango) – Did you close the door? / – Yes. (I’m scared) Put her down next to me and take a step back. – Mango? / – Yes. (Haneul) (While Hyungwook focuses on blocking Haneul) (Mango seems uneasy) No, no, no, no. It’s okay. Just stand there. Don’t hold her. Just stand there. When you get in between them, keep the attacked dog behind you and the attacking dog in front of you. Haneul is back there, right? Haneul is right here. Mango is back there. (The students are all focused on the training) This is what I want to teach her. Even if you aren’t apprehensive or ostracizing others, this home will be just fine. I shouldn’t be the one to do this. You should do this. No! Get away. That hurts. Sorry. I used to live happily with just you, but what can I do? I made a mistake and have lots of dogs now. I’m sorry. This is our life from now on. It could’ve been just you and me, but I made a mistake. Let’s just live like this. You have a dream? Well, forget about it. We have to give up on that dream.” I’m sorry for saying all this to you, but that’s what the situation is here. (She accepts this reality) Gosh. This is heartbreaking. This is the way it has to be if you want to raise a lot of dogs. When it comes to generous people like you who do great work like this, a part of me is very thankful. But another part of me… I’m sorry. I really hate it. Because what about your first dog? She trusted you and lived with you since she was a pup. I don’t like doing this kind of training either. Because she’s just doing her best at life. I hate myself. (She feels so bad that she can’t stop crying…) (Hyungwook doesn’t feel good about this either) Because of me, Haneul got hurt the most. My greed caused me to adopt all these dogs. But you still did your best. Because you made this decision, these guys can all live in a warm home and eat good food. They ended up with an owner when they could’ve been alone their entire lives. If it wasn’t for you, they’d never get to enjoy these benefits. But when you do work like this, it can affect your first dog. She thought you’d only be her owner, but you became an owner of many dogs. Imagine how upsetting that is for her. Living together peacefully could take some time. It might not happen during Haneul’s lifetime. You have to train each one and walk them separately. Let’s make that your goal. As you can see, she’s too close to you. Don’t let her get near you. (Why do you keep picking on me?) I know it’s heartbreaking, but you have to do this. I’m sorry. Don’t let her get to you. Push her away. (I have to become stronger!) Well done. Now take a step back and wait. Don’t let her get near you. Take a step towards her and wait. Now step back. This isn’t all there is to this training. We’re laying down the foundation for her to improve gradually. You have to be clear and abrupt with your actions. You have to wait now. I’m sorry. Yes, well done. Rather than acting angry, just be like, “Stay away, please.” (Concise) Then you hold still, and when Haneul steps back or sits, you take a step back. This is what she did to the other dogs. I don’t belong to you. I protect this home. I’ll solve the problems in this home.” That’s all you need to do. (Sits) Oh, wow. She’s really improved. – She got better. / – Indeed. She’s being doubted and is starting to lose her role here, so she’s not doing anything right now. Once your relationship with Haneul gets better, she’ll attack Mango a lot less. Don’t worry. Just trust me. And to show that this way of life is okay, this won’t be the only training. You’re going to walk your dogs and let them run and play. You can be affectionate with each of your dogs. Don’t be affectionate with them at home. Show them a lot of affection outside. Got it? (Haneul needs to rest too) Does she have her own home? She sleeps in here sometimes. And sometimes, she sleeps in our room. This is what I want to tell you. Don’t sleep with her. (Don’t sleep with Haneul!) It’s good to sleep with your dog. It proves to them that you’re together. But in this home, you don’t need to do that. We can all be like strangers, but let’s try to live without fighting.” That’s what we’re going to teach her. Is there a cushion for her? Can you lay this out over there? (The cushion will be a calming space for the dogs) Okay, just come back to me. (Haneul) Not bad. I want you to walk around here. Do this with your hand. Hold your palm out towards your dog. Very good. Good. Stand up straight. (Getting a bit bored) When she tries to get off that cushion, get close to her and teach her not to follow you. Very good. Okay. Don’t pressure her too much. Very good. All right, with your other hand, just hold it out and stand there. Just stand there. Now look at her and say, – “Are you okay?” / – Are you okay? “I’ll do this.” I’ll do this. Deep breath. 1, 2, 3. (It means she won’t let Haneul’s aggression get to her) One more time. (Since the owner is relaxed, so is Haneul) Take a step back again. Now that the cushion is in here, you’ll notice that Mango is getting closer. Yes. Mango is sneaking in there because she feels safe, but that doesn’t mean she can go wild. She’s out now that she feels safe. She needs to be careful though. (Get over here) (Nope) Well done. Okay. (Successfully stops Haneul) Well done. You’re doing great. Mango is feeling confident and getting closer. She can sense that Haneul is being controlled and that the rules she had made are collapsing, so she’s getting closer. But I’m sure Haneul is unhappy about this. Don’t ever forget this. Her behavior up until now was just her trying her best at life. She tried her best to do what she could, and it was the role she could think of. She wouldn’t be such a ruthless dog if she was the only dog in the family that got all the attention. It would never happen. Don’t make this training a punishment out of anger. You know what you should do, right? You can clearly emphasize the rules without getting angry. You can tell they’re going along with the rules, right? Yes. Just take a step towards her if she moves. (Mango) (Haneul and Mango are showing improvements) (Or so we thought…) (Geez, I’m so angry) She’s digging like that because she doesn’t know how to relieve her stress. (I want to avoid this situation) And she wants to avoid this situation. I want to dig a hole, hide in it, and be alone.” So this is when you’re going to take her outside and let her urinate. Let her drink some water. And when you bring her back in, she’ll be a lot better. Just keep doing this, and that’s how you’ll train her. (I give up) Gyeonggyu, she’s being still. She didn’t even lie down earlier, but she’s still now. – Mango is acting cute. / – Look at Mango. For Mr. Kang. Gosh, look at you, Mango. (Finally realizing Mango’s charm) This Cocker Spaniel here… Most Cocker Spaniels… (This one stands out) She has her face right in front of the camera. She’s the most dignified. Let me ask you this. How are things now? Peaceful. It’s pretty nice, right? (Things were so noisy in this house…) (Silence) They’ve never been this quiet before. (Mango was always a target for attack…) Mango seems a lot more comfortable. Mango looks relaxed. Mango! Mango looks peaceful. (Haneul was always disappointed in her female owner…) I bet she’s upset. I bet. I’ve had her for 11 years. This is her house. Once a dog gets old, they have trouble meeting new dogs. That’s probably why she kept barking at Mango. I bet it’s ridiculous to Mango too. Right. She was always the one being attacked. Shall we make a memorandum? “I will never get another dog.” – Got it? / – Yes. That’s 100% relatable. – She shouldn’t get another dog. / – Indeed. I should’ve… He should’ve told me to get that memorandum. He does all the fun stuff. But Gyeonggyu… Yubi and I do everything. I could’ve gotten a memorandum from her. Let’s make a promise. Here. No more new pets. – That’s 9 pets including your cats? / – Yes. Let’s stop at 9. You’re going to do a good job. Dogs are not toys. You should only get one if you’re ready to be responsible for it until the end. Yeah, dogs. It’s my life. ♪ It’s my life ♪ (Sangyeol can’t end on a serious note) That’s enough. (Please stop…) (Kicked out for the first time on the show) Gyeonggyu. – Stay out. / – It’s almost over though. (Oh, this pose…) Yes, that’s right. Keep the attacked dog behind you and the attacking dog in front of you. Yes, that’s right. Hey! Hey! (Ji Sangyeol, age 48, entertainer) Get away! So this is what can happen on our show. Thank you. (We hope to see dog lover Sangyeol again) (We got some news a few days later) Gucci will be sent to the countryside to stay with my friend. We’ve been planning this for a while. She wants me to bring her. And for the rest of my dogs, as you know, they’re pretty old. So I’m going to do my best to live with them peacefully.

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  1. You don’t even know how to protect your dog when the dog is attacking seriously every minute that passes while watching this video I want to commit suicide

  2. That’s like telling her to watch her weight, you know she’s not gonna listen, who cares pinky swear, pinky toes swear it’s not gonna work

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