Full-Reserve Banking or the Future-Proof Bank

I am Arnaud Salomon, the CEO of Mt Pelerin and Mt Pelerin is a project to build a bank in Geneva based on blockchain where the first aspect, the crucial aspect, is to be full-reserve. So what does that mean? It means that with us your money will always remain your money we will never gamble it on the market, we will never risk your money we will never loan it out to someone else. We want to be a future-proof bank. We will never be subject to bank run if 100% of the clients wants their money back at the same time, we will always be able to deliver it because simply, we will have zero maturity reserve. This is quite unique and important so of course, you would ask me, how do you make money if you refuse to yourself the privilege to do on-balance sheet credit? Well, this is through the form of marketplaces but this is for another video to be explained in more detail. We believe that liberty is the condition to prosperity. And with us, you will always be free. Thank you Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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100 thoughts on “Full-Reserve Banking or the Future-Proof Bank

  1. I am feeling this a very good project. Your company team members are looking very good and strong and the price of your coine goes up too much Thanks.

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