Francisca Kyei (’21, Ghana) | The Mastercard Foundation Scholar

There are just some things that are similar, because I came here and realized Belize has the same Anansi story like the one we have from the Ashanti region, and even in Haiti they have the same Anansi story It’s the exposure that you get, it’s not just knowing about different people, what has changed my way of thinking When I heard about biogas production, I thought it was something for rich people this huge technology that nobody had ever heard of So when I came here, I was in a small farm working with a family in La Argentina and then I realized that anybody can afford it I was like, wow! I realized how ignorant I was, so I decided not to be that ignorant again I want others to know about alternative sources of energy Fotovoltaica, eólica, trabajamos con un poco de hidrógeno, y algunas otras energías alternativas, además de biomasa también Aquí se llama Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Energías Renovables Tenemos una gran ventaja aquí en EARTH al tener este laboratorio con todas las energías, y los estudiantes no solamente se instruyen como ingenieros agrónomos, sino que también tienen la posibilidad de tener un laboratorio como este y aprender para llevarse este conocimiento de las energías renovables al exterior y aplicarlo Es un lindo sentimiento, cuando ellos están aquí haciendo trabajos aquí en el laboratorio I have always wanted to do something to change the environment in which I live I really want to change my community, the village where I grew up, through agriculture EARTH is just a heaven for agriculture, a heaven for students to feel very welcome, very much at home

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