Flexi Loan for Business

A bulk order today a new tax regime
tomorrow a machinery breakdown today a cash crunch tomorrow. Are you supposed to
take a business loan every time something like this happens? What if instead you could get access to money that you can withdraw, repay, withdraw
again and repay again whenever needed It’s the Flexi Business Loan by Bajaj
Finserv A never-before-seen way to borrow money in India. When you take a
flexi business loan you get the highest possible loan amount based on your
credit history Withdraw as much money as you need as many times as you need and here’s the best part You pay just the interest on the borrowed amount as your monthly EMI which reduces your EMIs by 45% from what it is in a term loan Here’s an example to show how When you take a term loan of rupees one lakh at fifteen percent interest your EMI is Rs 2489 but in a Flexi Loan of Rs. 1 lakh at fifteen percent interest Your EMI is just Rs. 1292 which is 45% lower Use the money you save on EMIs to boost your business, upgrade its machinery,
increase working capital or lease a better office place. So when you need finance choose a Flexi Business Loan it’s the new way to keep your business
in business. Think it. Done with Bajaj Finserv

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