FIX- SIM card removed error- Android/Galaxy Note 4. #28

Here’s one that will probably help somebody
out. At this point in time, this could apply to any version of Android. A week ago, my
friend started getting this error message popping up several times a day, every day
after his system software upgrade. His upgrade was from Android 4.4 up to 5.1.1. His phone
by the way had never done this before the upgrade. I suggested to “wipe the cache
partition”. Here’s how for the Note 4, power off the phone, then press and hold volume
up, home, then the power button until the phone boots. You’ll see this message on
the top of the screen, and you may see this message installing system update. Just ignore
that. The system cache partition stores temporary system data, that is supposed to allow the
system to access apps more quickly and efficiently Sometimes though, things get cluttered and
outdated especially when a software upgrade is performed which can cause problems. This
by the way does not remove any important data from your apps or device, so don’t worry.
Now once the phone boots up to this screen, using the down volume control button, move
the selection down to “wipe cache partition”. Execute by pressing the power button. Then
when complete, press the power button to reboot and try that. This procedure by the way should
be done every month or two, and especially after a software upgrade is performed. Oh,
by the way, how to check for a software upgrade? Here’s how. Once your phone is booted up
connect to your WiFi, go to settings, which is the gear, go to about device, software
updates, and update now. Make sure you are on Wifi when doing this.
If you did have this problem, please let us know if it helped you!
Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out my channel!.

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99 thoughts on “FIX- SIM card removed error- Android/Galaxy Note 4. #28

  1. Hello I need your help I just got a Msi ge72 Apache 6qd for Christmas everything's fine except when I'm playing a game randomly airplane mode turns on by itself or when I'm just doing anything it happens idk what to do its Windows 10 and it's not my internet

  2. Thanks for this. I have been having the problem ever since Android upgrade. This took care of the problem. Easy fix!

  3. My Note 5 was having the same issue randomly but it's been a month now and no error. Super simple fix. Thanks for the video!

  4. Thank you! This definitely helped! I have a Galaxy Note 5 and kept getting the error message. It was extremely frustrating.


  5. Everytime my phone is restarted, it has a message no sim card is inserted. If I turn off the phone, take the sim in and out and turn on a few time (wish for luck, of course). Then it would find the sim card and work fine. AT&T did send a message saying that I need a new sim card. This Note 4 is brand new, I only had it for 2 days. The sim works totally fine with my Note 2. Please help. I just want to know if it is the phone's problem so I can return it or I just really do need a new sim card. I tried your technique and it did not work. Thank you so much.

  6. I tried all the other solution first and none of them worked, this worked and has been stable since, thank you very much

  7. Thanks for the informative video. I tried it on my Galaxy A5. Everything went as described in your video, but the problem was not solved. As soon as I rebooted the system, I got the message again. I have not updated my Android recently (only the installed apps, not the OS itself). When I boot up in safe mode, it is fine for a few minutes, but then it comes back again.

  8. Thanks! Will this also help with the Bluetooth disconnecting constantly from my Auto since the last update?

  9. It did work for my Note 4, but as soon as I connect to wifi or mobile data the same problem occurs. The phone also gets very hot and uses a lot of battery life. Seems the problem started after I installed latest updates for the phone. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

  10. IMPORTANT! Please update ALL your apps on your device in the Google Play Store. More than once this "sim card removed" error or "sim card not detected" error was fixed by updating a buggy app. Remember to reboot your phone afterwards.

  11. this helped me !! everyday I was getting an invalid Sims card. restart phone and it would hangup on people when I was on the phone with them. I had to keep restarting it. thank you ! it completely changed my phone πŸ™‚

  12. As to date, I've updated all my apps before doing this fix, but it still occurred. My next move was to take the sim out and with a pencil eraser I rubbed it over all the contact surface of the sim and put some sticky/cello tape on the back of the sim to just slightly increase the thickness of the sim to add more pressure to the contact pins, and so far so good, no resets……

  13. i had thos problem with lg g3 and noticed that it only did that when i used a specific battery. (i have 3) i threw that battery away and have been swirching the 2 batteries i have right now and havent had this happen anymore.

  14. It worked for me!! I've had this error multiple times a day on my Note 5. Thanks to this cache wipe the error is now gone for 4 days!!

  15. Wow! Thank You sir! Worked for me too! I just had an update a couple of weeks ago and this issue suddenly appeared. Thank you for such a simple fix!

  16. I've got the same problem. I've had S4 and it says that no Sim inserted. so I need to update all my apps then reboot then wipe cache ? then after that I need to update the software? I'm confuse. please help me. thanks. I think it happen when I update the software.

  17. same problem ,at the top of the screen on my note 4 there is writtten "no sim card/emergency calls only " and my phone needed restart. i did what you say on this video , updated all my apps from google play store but it still not fixed , please help me if u can . my android version is 6.0.1

  18. Unfortunately this method didn't work for my Note 4.
    I got this phone half a year ago and everything was running fine until I performed an update yesterday. The buildnumber is now: MMB29M.N910FXXS1DPJ3
    Since that I get this "sim card error" message every 5 to 10 min and have to restart the phone

  19. i did that but the problem still appear in my note4 and makes my phone keep restart more than 15 times on samsung logo and then turn on . this happen after that message . the problem in hardware or software or bad connection between simcard slot and motherboard? this happens once everyday

  20. still early, but my Note 5 wouldn't run for 5 minutes. Started out of nowhere… did it like 5 times in a row. I cleared the cache…. 2 hours running normal. I will respond again should it fail eventually. THANKS!

  21. I'm having the same problem all a week now and I just watched your video and I have try it and isn't working

  22. Was so worried cause my note 4 wasn't detecting my sim card . Caught up to this video and did the same steps you did . It didnt worked but then scrolled down the comments and there you also had mentioned to re-installing the sim , I did and yay it worked . Thank, you very much sir .

  23. bhai mera bar mobile me sim aa Raha h Lekin jab mein Android mein Laga Raha hoon toh sim not fount aa Raha h please help me

  24. Thank you very much! I still get the error, but much less ! Actually, i noticed that i didn't updated the OS since 2015, when i bought the phone. The phone actually asked me to install the update several times in a row (maybe 3 or 4 times), so i was a bit confused thinking that it couldn't update well… but in the end it was finally well updated to the latest Android version for my phone, and even if i still get the SIM card error, it's sooo much less than before! When i think that the Customer Service of Samsung directly told me it was the motherboard's problem and i had to change it (half the price of the phone when i bought it) or get a new phone… i'm quite disappointed ! Thanks again, i can still use my phone! πŸ™‚

  25. Just performed this. So far, so good. πŸ™‚ update the next day – sorry but I got "SIM card removed" again today. Dang. Was hoping for a fix. πŸ™ Any update?

  26. This just started happening on my Samsung J7. I bought this phone 9 months ago, but just took it out of the box and activated it 8 weeks ago!!! It's a relatively cheap phone as far as cost($120), but I LOVE it!!! Hopefully I can resolve this issue on my own… ??? Has anyone had any luck with this?

  27. I have a note 4 and it says no sim card all the time. I can go a few weeks without it doing it. Then it'll start doing it again. Sometimes multiple times a day. Then it might go a few weeks without doing it again. It gets very frustrating.

  28. My phone Galaxy Note 4 SM N910T with Android 6.0.1 was fixed with this procedure on January 2019! The error was restarting my phone 2 to 3 times an hour and now it is working fine. Thanks for your kindness by making this video.

  29. I performed it on grand prime but it does not work at all . Whereas it clear cache partition . . Again show msg sim card removed ?

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