FileMaker Credit Card Integration

Hi, I’m Marc Larochelle from Productive
Computing. Thanks for taking a moment to watch this video. We’re talking today
about the FM Credit Card plugin. Now, we created this plug-in several years ago
and we created it for one special reason. The reason is – customers would call us and they’d give us credit card information over the phone and we had to then go to
a third-party program or an application to put that information in and it was
never in the places we needed it. We needed it in FileMaker. That’s where all
our customers are stored. That’s where our whole system is run from. So we
created the FM Credit Card plug-in. Today we simply put in the credit card number
click a button and it off it goes to Authorize.Net for processing. Now, we
don’t store the credit card information in FileMaker once it’s processed, but we
do store the fact that the transaction happened and it’s all very convenient to
do it by way of a plug-in and a button like that. So we’re now in version 2 of
the plug-in and we’ve got a lot of new features, a lot of cutting-edge features
that I want to talk to you about today, and with a few more minutes of your time,
let’s go through those features now. Thanks for watching!
Okay, feature number one: FileMaker 16 compatibility. Although technically we
are compatible with earlier versions of FileMaker and we plan to be compatible
with future versions, the important thing is that we are FileMaker 16 compatible
both 64 and 32-bit on Windows and of course 64-bit on Macintosh. Next feature,
and this one’s a cool one, because it goes along with the first one,
FileMaker 16 Script Steps. You might have caught a video that I did where we
talked about all our plug-ins are now compatible with FileMaker 16 Script
Steps, which means you can program your plug-in from the script level and not
simply at the calc level. So it gives a unique and easier way to program your
plug-ins. Feature number three -Gateway Compatibility. Fully compatible with
Authorize.Net, PayPal and we are also compatible with any Authorize Net
emulation. All right, feature number four – Transport Layer Security. That’s fancy
for heavy duty security. We’re compatible with version 1 through version 1.2. 1.2 is the latest version here in late 2017. Feature number 5 – Card Present Transactions. That means if you actually have a physical credit card in hand the FM Credit Card plug-in can process those transactions. Feature number 6 – Server-Side Compatibility. Perhaps one of my most favorite features,
because this allows you to program your solution in such a way that you can
perform those scripts on the server. Meaning you can have FileMaker Go
on your iPad or iPhone or iOS device or WebDirect or Custom Web Publishing all
processing credit cards without actually having to have a physical plug-in
installed on that local device or on the web. So, server-side compatibility is
definitely a cool feature. Feature number seven – Free Updates. What do I mean by
that? Well, the plug-in is purchased yearly. You pay yearly for the plug-in, but with
that you get quite a bit. Any change in FileMaker version will be covered by
that yearly plan. Any change in the operating system, be it Mac or Windows,
will be covered in that plan. Any change in the mandates that Authorize.Net or
PayPal should happen to invoke, either due to security or other ways they
architect their systems, all of that will be covered. So that one fee covers you
for all of those potential incompatibilities and, of course, bug
fixes along the way and any new features we come out with you’ll be able to take
advantage of those as well. Save on merchant account fees. Okay, so we have a partnership with a company that can save you money on your merchant account fees and we say that, because we are using the same company. We’ve been in business for 21 years. We’ve had merchant accounts nearly the entire time. We’ve negotiated
several different merchant contracts over those years and up until recently
when we formed a strategic alliance with this provider we are now in a position
to confidently say we are saving a lot of money on our credit card merchant
fees because of that. So if you’re interested we can put you in touch with
this company and get you connected. Alright, feel free to contact us. You can
reach us directly at You can send us an email [email protected] or call our number. I’m Marc Larochelle,
thanks for watching.

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