Fiance Visa vs Marriage Visa: Two Paths To A Green Card Through Marriage (Part 2)

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3 thoughts on “Fiance Visa vs Marriage Visa: Two Paths To A Green Card Through Marriage (Part 2)

  1. Question: when would you suggest preparing for a Marriage US Visa?
    A little background: planning a marriage to a Cambodian woman in July. I live in the USA (California) – She lives in Cambodia. Due to difficulty with getting non immigrant visa to the USA, I travel to visit her in Cambodia and countries where the visa process is easy (mostly in SE Asia).
    It is important to her culture to have the marriage take place in Cambodia. My family will be traveling to participate in our marriage.
    I am collecting information that will be required for the "Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative" = such as addresses she and I have lived at for last 5 yrs; work/employment/school; our parent information; etc …
    I am planning to get services of an attorney to assist with creating the required forms, but want to start collecting the data as we can to reduce the stress and ease the process as much as possible.
    Do you have suggestions for when to start getting data gathered + what kinds of data (photo albums + letters/emails/text chats + birth certificates + health records/immunizations + etc) to gather?
    When is the best time to get the services of an attorney?
    How can we make it easier for our attorney to work on our behalf?
    Thank you,

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