FATCA letter from the bank

My name is Loyd van de Berg, 55 years old born in Glendale, California. My parents immigrated during that time to America and I Iived there for four or five years After that we returned Actually it began when the banks sent a letter: about nationality, if you have a double nationality. and that you have to file a FATCA declaration and you think okay I will fill in the forms. I am American and then bank services are cancelled which they are no longer allowed to offer. I remember I had an investment account
and I had to give it up because my nationality was American. I thought no problem, it will work out I think I had around three months to close it. I thought :I am not going to do it just let it be All of a sudden the the money I had on my investment
account was transferred to my savings account and the
bank closed that account. That did it: oh boy, something is going on. And then the shock came when I discovered I was obligated to file taxes in America. Naturally I first thought there is no problem. I pay my taxes here. I have nothing to do with America. It could not be possible that I have to pay double taxes in America as well. But it’s not fair and that gets to you the unfairness. And if you don’t know what the future brings if you know what I mean And then you become afraid and freeze And now it’s been two years and you are afraid to undertake anything
because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

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