Extreme Money in the Bank Ladder Match moments: WWE Top 10, June 9, 2018

[MUSIC] Rollins is there,
Rollins a fingertip away from winning Mr. Money in the bank.
>>Honestly, he couldn’t be stopped.
>>Through the ladder, my lord.
>>Look at that.>>Are you kidding me? [SOUND]
>>No, you gotta be kidding me.
>>My god.
>>Ho ho.>>57 years old, the [INAUDIBLE], my->>The ladder, the ladder, the back, the lower back, the kidneys. My god, we’re making trophies. No, no, no, no.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Banks go through a ladder.
>>What?>>[APPLAUSE]>>Certainly, no mercy was shown there. Now, the upstart Neville looking to rally. Uses quickness.
>>Uh-oh, uh-oh. But there’s the power of reigns. Yep, didn’t.
>>Look out, Colby, get out of there.>>No.
>>No.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Roman’s stacking them up like cordwood.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Now, Sami Zayn and Ziggler left all alone.
>>Styles hammering away.>>And don’t forget it. Reaching up for the briefcase. The contract inside awaits.>>And he’s wailing wildly. You just got to get your
hands on that briefcase.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And he saves it. He’s got something else in mind. Demi on top here.
>>My god.>>Now, look at this. A power bomb from the top of the ladder.>>[SOUND]>>No, wow. No, no, no. Kevin Owens.
>>Looking to get somebody hurt.>>Kevin Owens with a hold A J Styles.>>Styles knows how dangerous this is.>>Uh-oh.
>>My God.>>Up on the shoulders of Styles. Full alarm, off the ladder.>>[APPLAUSE]>>There are ladders of all safe, Sizes, stood everywhere around the ring.
>>Sheamus caught somebody not paying attention. Sheamus-
>>He’s not gonna do that.
>>My god, through the ladder.
>>My god.>>That steel ladder was bent completely in half.
>>Good night, Sin Cara. [SOUND]
>>Shelton’s up there.
>>Here we go. [SOUND]
>>No, no, no.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Lord, my god. [SOUND]
>>Is going up top. For some reason or another.
>>There’s no.>>Out there.>>[APPLAUSE]>>But the fans wanna see it.>>God, an anvil from the top of a ladder. [SOUND]
>>From the top of that ladder, so high above the floor. McIntyre is in trouble, he hasn’t moved.
>>No, Tobby, do not do this.
>>Tobby, don’t take that. [NOISE] The bow drop from the top
of the rope to the table.>>My god.>>No, come on.
>>Get the ladder. No.
>>No.>>Jeff Hardy sitting with Donald Steel Wrestlemania. You’ve got to be kidding me. Mighty. Lord.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Now lying there, broken hand. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “Extreme Money in the Bank Ladder Match moments: WWE Top 10, June 9, 2018

  1. 0:22 Ric flair is probably the greatest seller of all time. He really bought me into thinking he was badly hurt

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  3. Why would you ever do such a thing if you was you won that fell then you will be dead 😷🤕☠️ not very nice rilly rilly will pain you brayced a ladder

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